Netcom 3 Internet Security Suite

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When it comes to internet security software, Netcom3 is easily recognized as one of the global leaders. With more than 8 million clients worldwide, Netcom 3 has the ability to effectively control adware, spyware, trojans, worms, viruses, dialers, and a host of other electronic parasites that can dramatically reduce the speed and efficiency of your PC.

We all know that a reduction in PC speed means a reduction in our efficiency and productivity. That is why it is so important to use a product such as Netcom3, in order to effectively remove all the barriers that prohibit you from utilizing your PC in a 100%. It will cleanse your system and provide you with a full internet security suite that will eliminate and prevent attacks on your computer that would otherwise deteriorate speed and invade your privacy.

Netcom3 is Windows ME, 2000, XP and Vista ready and the experts agree the detection, removal and blocking abilities of the Netcom3 Internet Security Suite will have your PC debugged, protected, and running like a new one in no time at all.

Netcom 3 is trusted by many industry leaders, including Oracle, AT&T, Verizon and eBay.

Trial Offer: $4.95 today + $49.95 (after 7 days)
We are offering you a chance to try out the Netcom 3 Internet Security Suite for 7 days for just $4.95. If you like it and decide to keep it, you will be billed additional $49.95 after that time. On the other hand, if you decide that this product is not what you're looking for, simply opt-out before the trial period expires (you can do so via e-mail).
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It works for me.
goverman (from colchester, uk) posted this review on June 26, 2009

I've been using Netcom3 for the last 18 months and have had no trouble at all. I use it regularly and it keeps my computer running fast and smooth.

TWO Trojan Horses
chuck (from Palm Springs, United States) posted this review on March 22, 2009

In one FULL SCAN my "Malwarebytes" a marvelous anit-virus, malware / spyware program that was and IS highly recommended, found TWO imbedded TROJAN HORSES in Netcom3 on my system, that I had no idea were in my system. And Netcom3 didn't even recognize them. I have to agree wholeheartedly, there is virtually NO customer support connected with Netcom3. They just DON'T respond. And when they DO, IF they do, it's so vague and contrived, one wonders if they even care. I should ask my bank to chargeback the price I paid for this highly ineffective and extremely inefficient destructible product.

Lack of backup
agartala (from Oxford, UK) posted this review on February 25, 2009

I have several times your engineer address about a failure in the product. None have received ab acknowledgment, much less a helpful answer.
John Tremayne

Terrible does not work purchase something else
MDman (from Columbia, USA) posted this review on August 20, 2008

Product does not clean registry does not remove spyware or virus. Support is terrible and it is over priced! I am sorry I ever tried it, buy something else

sonny (from dun eideann, scotland) posted this review on July 21, 2008

According to a market leader Anti Spyware THIS Is crawling with SPYWARE and will do more harm than good!

What is the explanation I ask?

It will probably be removed and rendered inoperable as has mine a few times

Hopeless Product Support
AY100002 posted this review on June 27, 2008

This product is not what its advertised by Netcom and further the after sales support is horrible.

After purchasing Netcom3 online I have been trying to engage their so called 24x7 support for over a month. Its extremely perplexing that either they dont respond or the emails are responded with a standard respond "How can we help you".

Though I have provided problem screen shots and other details but have not been able to solicit proper resolution response. It is very obvious that his company doesnt believe in after sales support and dont have any associates to help the customers in time of need.

Any potential customer should be aware of these issues when purchasing Netcom3 products as I will absolutely not recommend it due to their very poor support services.

A very frustrated customer.

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