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Naked Beauty is a physiology-based program teaches you an effective, hassle-free and inexpensive way to get rid of cellulite. It introduces a 22-minute home exercise routine that will help you get rid of your cellulite permanently regardless of your age and genetics makeup. With this program, you won't need to change your diet and you won't have to use gadgets or dangerous machines.

This home exercise program guarantees you'll be cellulite-free in 24 days. Naked Beauty will show you how to tighten, lift and smooth the skin of your buttocks and upper thighs. It will teach you a form-tempo-sequence formula, 4 simple moves you can do at home and an easy-to-follow prevention and maintenance schedule to keep your skin smooth and tight forever. You'll look and feel great naked.

Naked Beauty includes an e-manual and a streaming online video of the program. If you grab the "Success Story Offer" for this product, you'll also receive your personal cellulite removal exercise schedule, a top secret anti-cellulite cardio, a 9-minute video featuring a tummy tightening exercise, an 8-minute video featuring an exercise routine for tightly toned arms and much more.

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Highly-effective anti-cellulite program
posted this review on July 1, 2014

Naked Beauty is a highly-effective program for getting rid of cellulite. The program isn’t that easy but it comforts me knowing that I’m doing something to look my best self. I don’t have to be a beauty queen, but as long as I know that I’m doing my best to become the woman I’ve always wanted to be, I’d be happy. I know that a lot of women are looking for an effective anti-cellulite program, so I decided to write this short review to help them decide on this program. This is the only program that worked for me, and I have a feeling that this will work for other women too.

Effective but you need to invest some time here
posted this review on June 17, 2014

Naked Beauty really helped me get rid of cellulite! It’s fantastic because it’s all natural, but works even better than commercial creams and other stuff you will see in the market. It’s also cheap since most of the stuff you need are readily available. But you have to invest some time and effort in this to make it work.

My husband is happy with the results
posted this review on June 7, 2014

This is definitely the fastest way to get rid of nasty cellulite. I used to have a lot after giving birth to my first baby, but now, I look a lot better in shorts and miniskirts. I’m so happy to have been given the chance to get back the sexy legs that I had when my husband first met me. He’s so happy too that he can now see almost the same legs he fell in love with. Naked Beauty is definitely something worth checking out. Strongly recommended to women all over he world!

Happy with this!
posted this review on May 27, 2014

My trainer in the gym told me about Naked Beauty. His wife uses the same program to get rid of her cellulite, and I’ve seen her in a bikini before, and her thighs and legs were just perfect! That’s why I tried this too, and I’ve also seen some amazing improvements in my thighs and legs since I tried this. It takes a bit of discipline in what you eat and your lifestyle in general, but it’s nothing too difficult especially for me that I’m already used to the gym routine. Happy with this! Very happy!

The only sustainable ant-cellulite cure I know of
posted this review on March 23, 2014

Having cellulite is in the genes. My mom have had it since she was young, and my sisters and I all have it. We’ve tried a lot of techniques. We share anti-cellulite techniques with each other, but none of them worked. One of my sisters even went to Asia to get hers “melted” through massage and a special instrument but that didn’t work too. The most extreme one I tried was a spa treatment. There was this capsule and they put me inside it, and I had to wait for some time. It was painful. I got this stingy sensation all over my lower body. It did help in getting rid of the pockmarks but only for a short time. About a month or two after I finished 10 sessions of the treatment, I got the cellulite back.

I decided to go for this natural treatment because I’ve read a lot of good stuff about this on the Internet. I joined this forum of cellulite sufferers and read plenty of good things about this program. Right now, I’m already seeing some results, but I gotta admit that the methods aren’t easy. If you want it you have to work hard for it. Maintenance is also key. There are some tips here to maintain your results, but of course, it’s still up to you to follow.

Generally, this is better than any other cellulite treatment method I’ve tried, mainly because it’s the only one that worked, and it’s the only one that’s sustainable.

This worked for me perfectly!
Gina Verns (from Brackney, USA) posted this review on September 22, 2013

Naked Beauty is great. If you have tried a lot of anti-cellulite treatments, but you can’t find anything that works, then this is for you. Naked Beauty is more of an e-mag, so it’s an entertaining read. You will get step-by-step instructions there for getting rid of your cellulite. You will feel the changes right away. Your buttocks and thighs will be a lot tighter, and you will also feel your skin smoother. But of course, it comes with a lot of sacrifices. You might have to shake up your lifestyle a tiny bit, change your diet. There are a lot of things you might have to change, but when you see your body looking awesome, it will be worth all the trouble.

It's natural, but not so easy
Jacqueline Hayes (from Queensland, Australia) posted this review on May 29, 2013

Get rid of cellulite is natural, so it’s perfect for me. I’ve been using the cellulite treatment procedures in this book for almost a month now, and I’ve already noticed cellulite reduction in the butt and thigh area. It’s not an easy technique, but I’m positive that it’s permanent as long as you follow the prevention tips as much as you can. It’s got some exercises included in the program, so you have to be prepared to leave your couch or your desk for a few minutes every day and get your booty moving. Been looking for the perfect cellulite cure for years, and now I seem to have found the closest thing to it.

It works but can be difficult
posted this review on February 25, 2013

This isn’t as fast as I expected it to be based on the reviews, and it’s also not that easy. I’m a lazy bum and the included exercises here are a pain for me. The other lifestyle and eating changes aren’t problems but gosh the exercises are a pain! Also took me about a month to see chances on my thighs, but the effect on my tummy is faster for some reason. Well, I guess you just gotta try this for yourself because people have different reactions to it. I think there’s no problem in trying this because there’s a moneyback guarantee anyway, and it runs for 2 months.

You will be able to get rid of cellulite if you follow this
posted this review on January 14, 2013

It’s hard finding a resource like this, so I think I’ve been really lucky to have discovered it. I’d like to share my discovery with you through this short note. This isn’t paid. I’ll just try my best to convince you to try this because it worked for me. I started getting cellulite when I was 26 years old. I gained weight then because I got a home based job. I would sit all day and munch at junk food while finishing my paper work. I noticed that I was gaining weight a few months after I got that job, but I didn’t mind because I was really thin before. I was so thin that I could use some meat on my arms and legs. I got the meat I wanted, but cellulite came with it. I tried many different techniques to get rid of my cellulite. Some I’ve tried over and over again. None of them worked permanently. Some diminished my cellulite slightly, some get rid of them for a short time, but they always came back with a vengeance. Finally, I found Naked Beauty. I was stunned at first because it has some pretty strict rules, some lifestyle changes and some exercises that I needed to do to get rid of cellulite. But after a month of doing everything, I noticed that my cellulite has faded. I kept going until they’re completely gone. There is no cellulite on my body anymore, and I’ve kept it this way for more than a year now. This stuff is real and it will work as long as you follow it!

It's effective!
posted this review on December 26, 2012

This is definitely a must-read if you want to look hot naked! My husband’s been teasing me about my cellulite, so I tried different ways to get rid of them. Like most women, I fell for creams, coffee, teas, and other products that claim to get rid of cellulite in a few days. They didn’t work. Luckily, I found Naked Beauty. It took time to get rid of my cellulite completely, but now my body’s already getting smoother and smoother.

Yay for Naked Beauty!
posted this review on December 23, 2012

Yay! Naked Beauty helped me to finally got rid of cellulite! I’m a 36-year old momma, who’s always been troubled by nasty cellulite. It wasn’t like that before, but I think pregnancy caused it. I already have 3 kids, so that could have caused it. I always pestered my husband to help me look for cures because I really felt ugly with them all-over my butt and thighs. I think if cellulite could grow on the face, it would have grown on mine! Some of the things I’ve tried to get rid of it are spa treatments, sauna, creams, massages, and a hell lot more! I’ve also bought a bunch of products from eBay claiming to get rid of cellulite overnight. And then Naked Beauty came along! It took some work and some time to get results BUT the techniques are absolutely effective! I’m now 100% cellulite free, or maybe 95% at least. My legs and butt are so smooth now, and husband is so happy!

A scientific way to get rid of cellulite
posted this review on November 26, 2012

This one has a scientific take on cellulite, so it’s more effective than most others you’ll find in the market.  I’ve had cellulite for as long as I can remember, and I just learned to live with it after trying so many cures, and not getting results. I’ve spend a few thousand dollars on spa treatments, but still nothing! I’ve already heard about anti-cellulite programs, but it’s just now that I tried it. My friend told me how much cellulite she’s lost since getting started with this, so I gave it a try. Surprisingly, in 2 weeks, I already saw results. My legs became smaller and smoother, and my butt less dimply. I’m about to finish my first month 2 days from now, and it’s become a LOT better! It’s unbelievable!

My HG anti-cellulite program!
posted this review on September 27, 2012

I’m not fat, but my body has so much cellulite. It doesn’t look good especially my thighs and my butt area. Even my tummy has a lot. I haven’t given birth yet, so I have absolutely no idea why I have this kind of body. My friends told me it could be because of my genes or something. I usually go to the sauna to combat cellulite, but sadly it didn’t work for me. I then bought some of the machines that vibrate on your skin to break down fat cells, but they didn’t work for me either. When I got this program, I was worried that the exercises might be too difficult for me because I’m really a couch potato, but they’re just fine. I easily slipped tem into my everyday routine, and now I’m doing maintenance and prevention which is even easier. I’m definitely in love with this program, and I won’t try other more expensive cellulite treatments anymore. I’ve found my HG anti-cellulite program!

I'm not sure how quickly it worked, but it worked for me
Kelly Harper (from Conowingo, USA) posted this review on August 21, 2012

The 24-day promise I’m not sure about, but it did work for me. I wasn’t psycho about my cellulite so I don’t inspect them from time to time. I just kept doing what this book said to do, and observed. I noticed about 2 months after being on the program that my cellulite was gone. I’m not sure when it started taking effect, but as far as I know it showed results in less than a month, just didn’t totally remove my cellulite that quick. The methods are easy to do anyway, so if you really want to get rid of your cellulite it shouldn’t be an issue. It’s also safe for all ages, sizes, and body conditions, so I’m sure this book won’t go to waste. To give you an idea, I’m 42, my body’s pretty good, but I have kidney problems, but my doctor said the methods in the book are ok. So there…

Chubby, but cellulite-free
Felina (from Thornton, USA) posted this review on July 15, 2012

This worked for me. My cellulite was really bad since I’m a chubby girl. I used to envy plus size models who are plump but not dimply. Now I’ve achieved the same kind of body. This is great for women who are on the heavy side. I think you don’t really have to be thinner, as long as your body looks firm it’s ok to have a bit of extra cushion. I look good now, even better than my thinner friends whose got ugly legs and butt.

Just Purchased online
posted this review on June 26, 2012

So I am a petite girl about 5 ft. and I weigh 105 lbs.  So I wasn't really looking for a plan to lose weight, I just needed to tone my lower body and use a system that would help me eliminate my cellulite in the back of my thighs.  I have tried many different things for cellulite: creams on the market, dry body brushing, drinking 8-10 glasses of water a day, changing my eating habits, etc.   Although I must say since doing the dry body brushing I did start to see some difference but not all cellulite was eliminated!! So I decided to do some more research, when  I saw this online and decided to give it a try....I have only done the workout 2x now so it is too soon to see results. The video is very boring but Joey is very informative and it only takes about 20 minutes of your day.  Some of the moves I have done before in other workouts but never consistently day to day as Joey advises.  I will come back to post after 30 days to let you all know my results.  FYI: I also took before pictures and will take after pictures and post.

I am only giving a rating of 6 stars, because I don't know what my results are, but I can tell you that Joey Atlas is informative and you can email him for questions and tips!


My lower body is tighter and has much less cellulite...

I have been doing Joey’s program for almost 1 month now and, YES, I have noticed a dramatic difference! His simple techniques give every woman hope, and proof, that they do NOT need to buy expensive cellulite creams--his way is the answer! It is also so important to know that we don't need to be in the weight room to see great results!

I have been exercising, probably all my life, but I've always had to work really hard to keep my lower body trim. I've tried many anti cellulite creams, etc..., but realized they are useless...

With Joey’s sequence of exercises using only my body weight, I noticed that my lower body is tighter and has much less noticeable cellulite. I'm definitely going to keep practicing his exercises and stop purchasing the creams!

Deb Menard

...I started seeing results within 4 sessions. FAST and surprisi

Several years ago, at 43y.o., I joined a HUGE Gym in Orlando, FL. I had a GREAT trainer, she got a LOT out of me with the upper body. But nothing worked I mean NOTHING for my lower body...

That is, until I started Joey’s program. The lifting and toning moves have really helped with reducing the cellulite. I had muscles that were in atrophy, and it caused my skin to sag. ...I started seeing results within 4 sessions. FAST and surprising to say the least... then in the third week I REALLY started seeing results.

I was afraid my legs would get HUGE, but they got more toned and smoother! Older (and younger) people need to know that there is something they can do about sagging, dimply skin on their body!

Marie R.

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