Things you'll need when buying a new puppy

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    This list is for people who are thinking about buying a dog (or just got one), but don't know much about dogs. The first thing you'll need to do is choose the right dog for your family. And I'm not just talking about the breed here. No, there can be huge differences between individual dogs even withing the same litter. Then, once you've chosen your dog, you'll need to learn what to feed him, how to housetrain him, teach him all the basic commands... I hope this guide will help any new dog owners.
  1. by Shannon Emmanuel
    (9 votes)
    Choosing the right dog is the first (and probably the biggest decision) a new dog owner will have to make. You should choose a dog whose character suits your lifestyle - if you are very active and plan to go running with your dog every day, you should choose the kind of dog that will enjoy this. If you have children, choose a dog that gets on with them.
  2. 7.39394
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    Once you bring your dog home, you should start housetraining him immediately. This will be the first activity between you and your dog. Make sure you do it right, so that it brings the two of you closer and establish that first bond you can later build on. If you don't know what you're doing, it’s so easy to mistreat your dog or he may grow to resent you right from the start.
  3. by
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    Your dog will have a couple of 'accidents' before he's housetrained. This will tell you how to remove the unwanted smell.
  4. by Sharda Baker
    (8 votes)
    Some dog food (yes, even the kind that you can buy in a store) can harm your puppy. You should learn all about it right from the start.
  5. by Maggie Rhines
    (14 votes)
    A lot of experts are recommending a raw diet for dogs - that is after all what they ate in the wild. If you decide that that's what you want to do I would really recommend that you buy this book. Also, in this case, you don't need the Dog Food Dangers.
  6. by Andrew Jones
    (25 votes)
    This is the BEST book on dog health. Get it, read it, follow it! ...and you'll have one healhy and happy dog.
  7. by Daniel Stevens; Kingdom Of Pets
    (5 votes)
    This is the best dog training book I ever read and I read a lot of them. If you have a dog that listens to you and obeys your commands, both of your lives will be much easier. Believe me. I know it will take some effort and some time, but dog training is a must for every responsible dog owner.
  8. by Bill Keene
    (16 votes)
    If you are a DIY kind of a guy than building a dog house might be a great project for you.
  9. by Amy West
    (20 votes)
    Grooming your dog can be fun! It really can. It's also a great bonding experiance.
  10. by Zoe Gan
    (33 votes)
    And this is one book I just couldn't resist putting on the list. It probably seems like a silly idea, but once you become completly crazy about your dog you might actually consider it.