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For tattoo enthusiasts looking for great tattoo designs, LA Ink Tattoo Designs is the perfect resource. When you sign up as a member of this web site, you'll get access to more than 30,000 amazing tattoo designs, sorted into 60 categories so searching will be easy for you.

You can search for color or black and white tattoos and designs in different sizes. Whether you're looking for abstract tattoos, Asian or Japanese tattoos, Native American designs or anything else, you'll find what you're looking for on the LA Ink Tattoo Designs web site.

You'll also get access to LA Ink Tattoo Designs video library, which includes tattoo TV shows, tattoo care videos and much more. Plus, you'll get access to the learning center where you'll learn how to choose a tattoo design, the meaning of tattoo symbols, how to choose a tattoo artist and more tips.


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Unique designs that don't look like they're 20 bucks
Bernard Grader (from Riverside, USA) posted this review on October 22, 2012

The designs in this collection don’t look like they came from a 20 dollar package. They’re of high-quality, and one of my tattoo artists even asked me where I got the design I was having made. They’re unique. Not the ones you’ll see coming out of a google search. It’s something you should spend money on if you’re having something drawn permanently on your skin.

A rocking resource for tattoo addicts
posted this review on September 10, 2012

It’s got a lot of designs that are of high quality and it’s really cheap. There is also a wide variety of designs available, unlike others that has got only one theme and that’s it. This one has plenty of styles available for different themes, so I like it. there are also explanations of symbols, like their meaning and stuff, so you really can choose one that speaks about yourself and first your personality. Also the designs are really detailed. I’ve already picked out three designs I had done on me, and my girlfriend picked one for herself, so we really got our money’s worth in here. That’s a total of four designs for just 20 bucks! There are also entertaining videos and helpful tips in it that you won’t find anywhere else. It’s generally an awesome resource for tattoo enthusiasts!

Cheap and the designs are great
posted this review on August 4, 2012

This has got a great collection of tattoo designs for the budding tattoo artist and the professional alike. I’m still learning so I needed to have access to something like this, but when I showed it to my friends who do tattoo for other people, they said it’s awesome! They are offering some of the designs to their clients now. This is really worth the money. it’s so much better than buying different tattoo design books. The best way is to choose the best designs here, and have them printed. That’s less of a hassle and much cheaper too.

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