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Cakes and pastries never fail to impress the family. These sweets liven up a weekend or a holiday. If you want to learn how to bake delicious cakes and pastries that will have your family rushing home to your dining table, joining Keikos-Cake is a great idea. This membership website is run by Keiko, who is a real professional patissier and pastry teacher. Here you will learn how to make perfect cakes and pastries, just like Keiko’s real-life students. Plus, there is a ton of resources available to you, so you can quickly hone your baking skills and share delicious desserts with your family.

As a member of Keikos-Cake, you will get downloadable eBooks with step-by-step baking instructions. These eBooks have about 1,000 pages of PDF content, and are regularly updated. Aside from these eBooks, you will be able to watch Keiko in action through recorded baking videos, which will show you the exact techniques Keiko uses in making her specialties. The video library has more than 7 hours of videos, and it is still growing. Aside from these resources, you will be able to join the community forum, where you can exchange ideas, recipes, and baking techniques with other aspiring patissiers.

Some of the pastries you will see inside Keikos-Cake are Pistachio Mousse Cake, Souffle Roll, Raspberry Mousse Cake, and Truffles. These are all done Keiko’s way, so you are sure to get delicious and unique sweets to serve for your family.

Through your delicious cakes and pastries, you will brighten up your family’s day in an instant. They will definitely love you even more everytime you bond over your baked goodies for the weekend.

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This is the best cooking course online
Lian Cramer (from Brackney, USA) posted this review on May 2, 2014

I attended a short course for baking, and I met Laura there. She’s one of the instructors, and she’s really amazing! She knows so much about baking. The only problem is that she charges too much for her courses. After finishing the beginners’ course, I chose not to go on to the intermediate course because of the cost. Laura told me about Keiko’s course because they know each other personally. She told me that Keiko’s course and recipes will help me improve my skills, and she’s right. This course is complete, although I’ve already learned some of the basics from Laura’s course, I still learned some additional techniques from Keiko. Of course, the recipes are amazing. It’s not usual that you get a course this complete from the Internet, especially because it’s so affordable compared to offline courses. The only thing here is that you have to have your own equipment in the kitchen. I had to buy some tools for baking, but that’s fine because I really want to take baking seriously. Keiko’s course will be a great addition to any collection whatever level you’re on, but I think this is best for beginner to intermediate baking enthusiasts, like I was when I started using it. Everything’s explained step-by-step anyway, so even beginners will find it easy to follow along.

Delish cakes and pastries
posted this review on March 31, 2014

I made all the cakes for my son’s 1st birthday. I got the instructions and the recipes from this website. My sisters and my mom were shocked when they tasted my work. They’re all heavenly. Before getting married, I cooked only instant food and I lived on fast food. With Keikos-Cake, I learned the best baking tips and tricks. I started with the most basic recipes, of course, and then I slowly started working on more complicated ones. Right now, I have mastered 11 recipes from here. When I hit 20, I will start my own cake and pastry biz.

I love this website!
posted this review on May 5, 2013

Keikos Cake is amazing! The recipes are unique, well, most of them. There are twists to most of the classics they included here as well. You’ll get almost any kind of cake and pastry here, from beginner level to more advanced ones. Their Mango Mousse Cake is heavenly, I would die for a slice of their Linzer Torte, and oh their Nougat Glacé! Don’t be intimidated by the names of these cakes and pastries, they’re actually simple to make once you have the instructions in front of you. You will also get alternatives for each recipe. And the recipes are updated each and every month, so you get new sweets to serve your family all the time. And for beginners, for newbies in baking, there are videos as well where you will see Keiko baking in action. You will learn all the skills you need to learn in baking. See, unlike with cooking other foods, you can’t just throw your ingredients together, and expect them to be delicious cakes and pastries. How you mix, fold, and beat your ingredients matter too, so that’s what Keiko is going to teach you. I skipped this part because I’ve already been baking for a few years before becoming a member here, but it’s important for beginners. I don’t hangout in the community forum often, but I also get a lot of useful tips there from time to time, and I also share what I know. There are a lot of people there who are really passionate in baking.

So many recipes and new techniques to try!
posted this review on December 8, 2012

I got ecstatic when I read Keiko’s eBook and watched her videos! She’s really great! Her techniques are different from others I’ve watched on YouTube, and her recipes are also unique. There may be some that are a bit common, but she always puts Keiko’s touch in them. The baking instructions included in the package weren’t that useful to me because I’ve already mastered the basics, but the intermediate and advanced techniques Keiko shares are great! She’s also regularly updating her materials from time to time. I think she makes sure to share each new technique she learns to her members. As for the forum, I’m a regular contributor there. It feels great sharing baking ideas and techniques with people all over the world. The community is great! They’re all really nice fellows and the more advanced students always help intermediate bakers like me. They even share lots and lots of recipes! All in all, Keikos-Cake is THE website for aspiring bakers! It really helped me a lot in improving my skills. My parents have told me how much better my baking has become, and that’s all thanks to Keiko!


I cannot praise Keiko and her site enough...

I joined in November 2010 and can absolutely say ‘How lucky I am to have found it’! I had my misgivings at first, wondering if it was genuine or any good, and by golly, not only is it the best site for teaching-and-sharing-our-views/work/difficulties in baking, we are taught, through both e-books and videos (BIG plus for the videos!), by a first-class master patissier and pastry teacher in very simple and clear steps. She makes very professional-and-complicated-looking cakes and desserts look easy and achievable in our home kitchens! Exactly what I need.

Also, there is something for every one on this site – from the new to the ambitious baker. And all questions, even extending to general questions on baking, ingredients, techniques, etc., are answered fully and promptly.

Honestly, I cannot praise Keiko and her site enough. I wanted to write this testimonial because my own patisserie problems are being met on this site, and I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better teacher than Keiko!

Mrs. H. Godwin,
London, England

I have learnt a lot about pastry and cake baking...

Since I have joined Keios-cake club, I have learnt a lot about pastry and cake baking. I always make my own cakes, and they have never taste this good before! I am a stay at home mum, and learning how to bake cakes this way is really easy, at my own time, my own pace, and most important, a teacher who can illustrate the important technique, and also can answer my questions or help when I get problems.

Helena Coulson,
Sydney, Australia

A real life-saver! is a real life saver to someone who lives out in the middle of nowhere. I have some basic skills but with this website I have been able to expand my knowledge and expertise with the videos and forums. Money and time well spent!

Darlene Smith-Gianelli,
Glenns Ferry, Idaho USA

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