Junk Removal Profits

by Carlos Parraga, www.junkremovalbusinesscoach.com

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Former real estate agent turned successful business owner Carlos Parraga reveals his knowledge about junk removal business in Junk Removal Profits. In this video course, you will discover how easy it is to start your own junk removal business and make money from it even if you haven't ran a business before.

The complete Junk Removal Profits course is divided into these 7 modules:

  1. An Overview: This module will teach you everything you need to know right away to get your business launched, including what you must set up so your business will be protected and the ways to find scrap metal and landfills in your area.
  2. Getting Customers: Inside, you will learn how to turn your truck into a moving billboard, the best method for targeting people that are in the market for your services, and more.
  3. Foreclosure Cleanouts: Here, you will discover how to find foreclosure realtors in your area, the types of insurance that you need, etc.
  4. People Moving In And Out: This module will show you the types of business owners you should be networking with, where to find local networking opportunities, and more.
  5. Working With Remodelers: In this module, you will learn the best remodelers to work with and how to screen potential clients.
  6. Keeping Records: Here, you will discover how to track your income and expenses effortlessly, keep an organized job schedule, create a virtual file cabinet using Quickbooks, and more.
  7. Final Word/Putting It All Together: This module will teach you the most important thing you can do for your clients, Carlos' recommended books and resources, etc.

You will also receive personal one-on-one coaching via email, one 20-minute session with Carlos on Skype, and lifetime updates when you download Junk Removal Profits.

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Glad I found a real junk removal guide
F.Tarren (from Quebec, Canada) posted this review on December 10, 2013

My first junk removal project was a disaster. I barely earned anything from it and I got through a lot of trouble getting everything done. After that it took 2 months before I got another project. This time I followed the techniques in this book and that made all the difference. After that project turned out really successful, I used the marketing strategies in this guide to reach more possible clients. I’ve 4 regular clients now, and these are big companies. I also have some new clients coming and going. The money is good now but I think it will take a bit more time to get my business known. I’m just happy I found a real guide for junk removal.

Turnig trash into cash
Mark Seldo (from Yuma, USA) posted this review on June 10, 2013

Junk Removal Profits is a complete business plan on how to turn trash into cash. This isn’t some internet business scam. It’s a real business model you can use off the internet. It requires real work, and you really need to take this course seriously if you want it to work. Yes, you will have to spend some money, but that’s smaller than what other people spend for their businesses. Here, I learned whether or not a junk removal business is feasible in my area. I learned the research and testing process from this guide. When I came up with the conclusion that a junk business might be profitable in my place, I proceeded on preparing everything I need, including the legalities, which I also learned from this book. When I got everything prepared, I started using the marketing plan here, both for getting junk and for selling junk. It worked great! I’m now gonna be in this line of business for as long as possible. It’s really easy money, and yeah the money is good.

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