Interviews With Naturals

by Brad P.,

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Score: 8.3/10 ( 4 votes)
Score: 8.3/10 ( 4 votes)
Score: 8.3/10 ( 4 votes)
Score: 8.3/10 ( 4 votes)

Interviews With Naturals is an audio program for all of you men eager to learn the natural art of attracting, dating and seducing multiple women. You'll learn from some of the "naturals" in this area who were interviewed by top pickup artist Brad P.

If you want to learn to be a natural with the ladies, then you need to walk the walk and talk the talk. That's exactly what you'll learn to do in Interviews With Naturals. You'll also learn why some guys have it and others don't, the psychology of being natural, how to be sexually confident, how to develop your own style and much more.

Along with Interviews With Naturals, you'll get 3 free bonuses, including 30 days of access to the 30/30 Club.

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Find Brad P. if you need help with your game
On-Site Review

Since working with Brad P on natural game (two weeks ago), I have had 1 blow job (first night with the 10-minute seduction technique w/ Brad P.), 2 girls pulled out of venue and in my car giving me at least a handjob, a 2 minute full close, and a 1 hour seduction. In addition to those, I've had numerous make-outs I don't keep track of anymore, and have had good success pulling girls out of venues + make outs. Find Brad P. if you need help with your game. You won't be disappointed!

Scotty Flamingo

These interviews really rocked
On-Site Review

These interviews really rocked. Before I heard this, I thought Natural Game was about getting rid of all routines. I tried that and my game got way worse. That was a total drag and it wasted about 3 months of my time. Now I see that it's all about the vibe and you just have to model someone who already has it. I'm really happy that Brad went and found these guys and interviewed them. Most naturals don't really want to share their secrets.


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