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Instant Hypnosis com offers a large selection of instantly downloadable hypnosis sessions. They have almost 300 hypnosis titles, which are available in mp3 as well as CD versions. Additionally, Instant Hypnosis com provides a series of hypnosis courses that are delivered via e-mail over a period of a couple of weeks. Each session in these courses moves you closer towards achieving your goals, much like one-on-one hypnotherapy sessions, but at a fraction of the cost.

When you download a hypnosis session from Instant Hypnosis com, you also receive free mp3 player software. They also offer multi-purchase discounts, which means that the price per session goes down when you buy more sessions at the same time.

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MP3 download of a single hypnosis program will cost just $12.95, while a CD version costs $25.95.

Price: $12.95
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Excellent quality and priced just right
M. Bailley (from Frisco, USA) posted this review on April 1, 2014

Love the hypnosis audios here. Excellent quality and priced just right. There is also a wide assortment of audios. You get almost everything you need in one place. I only download my audios from here. I tried downloading from other websites before, but the audios weren’t good. They had low quality and I didn’t like the voice of the narrator.

Everything I got from here have been great so far
posted this review on March 16, 2014

This website has so many great reviews, not just on this site but also on other review sites. They really have high quality recordings. It’s true that a lot of people lose interest in hypnosis because the first few ones they get to listen to are from YouTube and other free download websites, and they’re not helpful. They’re just pure crap recorded by some morons who want to make a quick buck. I also did that mistake when I was getting started with hypnosis. It was post-divorce and my buddy who went through the same thing suggested that I get into hypnosis for stress relief. I was rebuilding my life from scratch then and missing my kids terribly. I really needed help. I had a session with the shrink, but I didn’t like it at all. It was too uncomfortable for me. That’s when I decided to really try hypnosis. I got the YouTube ones first, and then I realized they weren’t helping, so I did a bit more research on this website and on others. I’ve checked out a lot of other hypnosis download portals on this site, but this is the best so far when it comes to quality. I already have several audios from here, they’re all great. They also help. If you’re still doubtful of what hypnosis can do for you, go check this out. For me, it’s been greatly helpful for my recovery. Much better than that whacked out session with the shrink.

Amazing collection! Superb quality!
posted this review on February 1, 2014

The audios here are amazing. I’ve tried a lot of them because my sister is also into hypnosis and we usually trade audios. They’re great. You really feel calm and composed after listening to their calming audios, and upbeat and lively when you listen to their action audios. I’ve also tried a lot of specific needs, and most of them are great too. There are some that are mediocre, but so far, comparing to other audios online, most of their products have great quality. I think this is the perfect website for those who are just getting started with hypnosis and hypnotic audios. I strongly recommend trying them out on the trial period, so you can still return them if you’re not satisfied, but I bet you’d be really satisfied with every single one you download.

I'm a big fan!
posted this review on January 12, 2014

I’m also a fan of this website. I just thought I’d share some of my favorites so others can try them. I really like their concentration, wit, and self-esteem audios. I have a lot but these three are my top three. There are so many others that are good, and maybe you can also try ones that fit your situation.

Very specific audios for every need
Frederick Cornwell (from Kingwood, USA) posted this review on August 14, 2013

I don’t think this website needs another positive review, but yeah, lemme just give you my 2 cents. The thing that makes the hypnosis audios here so unique is how focused they are. There are a lot of other hypnosis downloads from many different websites that aren’t so effective because of their broadness. For example, they cover health in general, or how to have a good life, or how to overcome fears. The hypnosis audios here always consider what aspect of your health you want to improve, what fear you want to get rid of, how you want to improve the quality of life – you get very specific audios for your needs. Razor Sharp Wit and Feeling Youthful are my personal favorites from this collection.

Most of their hypnosis audios have good quality
posted this review on June 6, 2013

It’s indeed a large database of hypnosis audios! They all vary in quality. I’ve tried more than 10 audios from the collection. I was introduced to this website by my friend who once had problems with grief management. Her husband died, and after that she became so scared of death, and she was getting depressed. She said the Fear of Death audio here helped her recover from that fear, and another audio helped her recover from sadness. I bought their Self-Esteem & Confidence audio, and after that, I couldn’t stop buying more. My favorite is their Procrastination audio. I’m quite a procrastinator, and this really helps me get into action when I listen to it before starting my day. It’s definitely  must-try for workers!

All of those I've downloaded so far are great
posted this review on April 15, 2013

This website has hypnosis audios for almost every problem you can think of. I’ve been with another, more popular hypnosis website before, but when I downloaded one of the audios here just to try, I never went back to that other website. There are so many audios here, and they all have good quality so far. I’ve already downloaded 8 audios from here. They’re Magical Charisma, Reinvent Yourself, Super Self-Confidence, Self-Esteem Booster, Develop a Great Sense of Humor, Feeling Youthful, Love Yourself, and A Great Listener. Most of these are from the self-improvement section. I’ve always had low self-esteem, but this is helping me cope now. I’m feeling better about myself after just a few months of being on these instant hypnosis audios. I’m also more open to trying out new things and meeting new people. The benefits of having these audios are awesome!

I'm a big fan of this website
posted this review on March 10, 2013

The audios I got from Instant Hypnosis are better than the ones from another hypnosis download website. I tried downloading some audios just to try because their ads are everywhere, but they’re nowhere near as good as the ones I got from Instant Hypnosis. I’m a real Instant fan and I’ll never trade it for other bigger, and more popular hypnosis download websites.

Unique hypnosis audios
posted this review on February 2, 2013

I used to download audios from another hypnosis website, but since I found Instant Hypnosis, I transferred here entirely. I’ve been into hypnosis audios for 3 years now, so I’ve tried a lot of different audios from different companies. The most popular hypnosis website these days is ok, but Instant Hypnosis has better quality. And the audios here are refreshing because they’re unlike others. Some hypnosis audios sound almost the same, and only the messages are different, soa they can get quite boring. The ones in here are unique. My favorite from this has got to be Coping With Menopause. It’s the only menopause hypnosis audio I’ve seen on the internet so far, and I’m so happy that it has good quality. I have more or less 20 other hypnosis audios from this website, but this is my favorite because it’s the most unique and it’s exactly what I need at this point. It really eases my anxiety and opens my mind about menopause. It’s a very helpful audio that’s worth paying a few dollars for. I bet this will be a classic in the years to come.

Great collection!
posted this review on December 30, 2012

This is an impressive collection of hypnosis audios. I’ve long been a collector of hypnosis audios, so I know what’s a good one and what’s not. I’m impressed with this because it covers a lot of categories, and the audios are very effective. They’re all of high quality. I’m quite OC when it comes to the kind of audio I use. The soothing audios in here are really soothing, while those that energize do a great job too. As for life improvement audios. Most of it still rely on the person, but they help. They inspire and they motivate. The ones for medical treatments, I don’t entirely trust unless you are really a hypnosis master, and you can tap into the power of your brain to get your cells at work. I personally am far from that. I only use hypnosis, to soothe, energize, inspire, those things. The more advanced ones I have yet to master. But in general Instant Hypnosis is a good website to find some high quality audios.

My number 1 favorite hypnosis source
posted this review on December 28, 2012

Instant is an excellent website! It’s got hypnosis audios for almost every need from remedies for different fears to self-help and confidence boosting hypnoses. You will surely get something you need from the database. There are also special audios for athletes and for those who have special needs. My most favorite audios here are the ones for curing diseases. They’ve worked twice for me. I’ve tried the one for colds and flu first, and since it made me feel better, I also bought the one for fatigue. They’re not really meant to heal you on their own, but they hasten your healing, and make you feel good right away. I now buy hypnosis audios by bulk so I can get the discount. I think I’ve really found my “home” hypnosis source. I’ve got so accustomed to their audios that they seem more effective for me. Plus, the audios here are much much cheaper than others, so there’s really no reason to try others.

No crap in here!
posted this review on September 2, 2012

I’ve downloaded so many audios from this and most of them are awesome. It’s my only source of hypnosis downloads as they’re really soothing, and they definitely have an impact. Just try one, I’m sure you will download more.

The only hypnosis website I trust
posted this review on July 27, 2012

I trust only Instant for all my hypnosis needs. I’ve been interested in hypnosis for years, so I can definitely tell a good one from total rubbish. Some marketers online scam people who are new to hypnosis by selling worthless narrations by some person with a good voice and call it hypnosis. It’s so much more than that. That’s the reason why people get disappointed with hypnosis. They think they’re not effective but the truth is that they just don’t know where to find the good ones. If you are new to hypnosis and are looking for some effective audios you can find them all here. Don’t risk buying other products. They are either overpriced or trash. The ones here are reasonably priced, and they really do what they say they will do,

fantastic site
JimDerby (from Derbyshire, UK) posted this review on December 13, 2009

i've already purchased about a dozen sessions from this site -- brilliant customer service, the sessions do exactly what they promise, amazing results too. definitely a fan a+++++

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