InstaHeight Super-Massing

by Deavon Stollar & Harry Pope,

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InstaHeight Super-Massing is a system that will increase your height a minimum of one inch per month permanently. This is an absolutely safe and natural method developed by the Chinese government to make their soldiers taller, bigger and stronger. The program works by activating human growth hormone (HGH). Certain foods and exercises force the brain's pituitary gland to secrete HGH, causing noticeable growth even after the end of puberty.

InstaHeight Super-Massing Method is healthy and easy. You don't need any drugs, supplements or steroids. You also don't have to worry about special equipment or an intense exercise regimen. You need to do 10 to 15 minutes of strenuous movements daiiy, which is designed to shock the body into producing HGH. You can eat as much as you wish, but you must maintain the level of vitamins and nutrients needed in your blood after the shock movements. 

By following the system outlined in InstaHeight Super-Massing Method, you could grow 5 to 7 inches. Please be aware, though, that this system is not suited for everybody. The exertion required may be difficult for people who are severely obese or wheelchair-bound. You must be healthy and in good physical condition.

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Insta height
posted this review on March 23, 2014

I tried using this product for just a month but grew only half an inch. I am an asian and stopped the program for a few months due to very stressed at work. I am planning to give it another shot and hopefully i will gain even 2-3 inches. Well anyway, is it possible to combine this program with a growth hormone pill? Will it be helpful? Anyone out there who can advised would be a great help. Hope i can get better results this time. Any important tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

I probably got an inch a month
posted this review on October 10, 2013

InstaHeight Super-Massing got me an extra 3 inches in just a few months. I lost track but it’s about 3-4 months. Probably got about an inch a month from here.

Takes work, but effective
posted this review on July 12, 2013

I found out about this through a friend. It worked for him. Gained him about 3 extra inches in a few months. I don’t remember the exact numbers, but it’s about that. We used to have about the same height, but when we saw each other again, he was already a few inches taller than me, so I asked him what he did, and I managed to squeeze this out of him. I tried it right away, of course. Right now, I’ve gained almost an inch. It’s just a bit over a month. I know that I’ve gained because I measure regularly. From now on, I think I’ll just measure once a month so I don’t get bored. The methods take some work, so I’m doing my best to keep motivated. Yeah, if there’s one thing I don’t like about this, it’s the amount of work the methods require.

I have high hopes in this program
Earnest Adams (from Johnsburg, USA) posted this review on June 29, 2013

I don’t believe their Chinese soldier story on the website, but the program does work. My height used to be 5’7. I was the smallest in the family, and my younger brothers used to tease me for that. Our youngest is at 6’1 now, and he’s just 16. At the age of 24, I thought I had no chance of growing. I tried this program because one of my basketball buddies told me how it helped him. He said he was 5’4 before, and it’s only because of this that he got to 5’11. Right now, I’ve already gained an additional 3 inches in 2 months. I’m still pushing it. I’m hoping to reach at least 6 flat. The HGH boosting techniques here require some work, though. You really have to get your ass moving, and you really have to discipline yourself.

An extra 3-5 inhes isn't bad
posted this review on May 11, 2013

I have recently gotten my ideal height. I got 3 extra inches from InstaHeight Super-Massing. I don’t know how tall you can go using this program, but I know that you’re gonna get a few inches from it for sure. My friend wanted 7 inches taller but after the 5th inch, he wasn’t seeing much improvement anymore so he stopped. But you can get a good 4-5 inches additional height from this, or maybe more if you got tall genes.

got me 3 inches
posted this review on April 27, 2013

I don’t know about the China story, but this did work. It’s got me 3 inches in 2 months. It depends on your makeup how many inches you’ll get from this. My cousin tried this too and he got only an inch in 2 months. I don’t know if he’s being stupid and not following everything right. It could be based on your genes or how well you follow the program or both.

Simple yet effective exercises
S. Pollers (from Thornton, usa) posted this review on February 10, 2013

The exercises in InstaHeight Super-Massing are very simple. I’ve been doing them for 3 months now, and I’ve gained 4 inches in height already. I’m not sure how it will work for others because I’m only speaking from personal experience, but the approach is really scientific. You’ll get explanations for why you should take each step. My sister is currently trying the program. She’s already grown an inch and a half after a month of using it. I think the growth rate varies from person to person, and it’s also based on how well you stick to the program, and other contributing factors too I think.

Well-written book but not Detail enough
posted this review on January 9, 2013

I have a few questions for you guys about cartilage stimulation. Could you Email me [email protected] . I will very appreciate your help.

-) If it only one until three "almost unrecognized" Twitchiness in the muscles (Back / Leg / Butt muscles), is that a sweet spot? I only feel very recognized twitch in my back muscle in the day  after I break my fast. It feels like a frog want to jump out from inside of my muscle. The rest twitchiness just like only 1-3 minor and almost unrecognizeable.

-) At what dosage level the Glucosamine, Chondroitin, and MSM will be effective? Currently, I take Glucosamine: 500 mg; chondroitin 400 mg and MSM 83 mg ( that's 1 pill). If I don't feel any sweet spot, I don't take any pill. Should I take it 3 times a day, even if I don't feel any sweet spot? So it will be a total of 1500 mg glucosamine; 1200mg chondroitin and 250 mg MSM.

-) About the cartilage stimulation: it said Squat and Stretch in the book. So, I do the HEAVY squat if I feel any sweet spot, and after that I take the pill, and right after that I stretch and hang for 7 minutes. Is it right? Or should I do only squat and then right after that take the pill, and not doing any stretch? Or should I only doing squat if I feel the sweet spot. But do the stretching exercise as a matter of routine (like before and after sleep?) every day and then I take the pill after my each exercise?

I have been in this program for 1 month, but I think I haven't gained any significant height increase. I wonder what's the missing puzzle. I keep focus only doing the cartilage stimulation because I believe this is the key to grow taller faster.

It's TRUE, that we can feel the sweet spot (The twitchiness in the muscles, especially in back/butt/leg muscles, if you guys do the Squat). I always squat heavy (about 5 sets of 5, also I variate it and add some weight so I can only do 2 reps). In the past month, after doing my squat, I do the stretch stimulation, then I take my glucosamine chondroitin and MSM. So, I don't do any stimulation (squat and stretch) and NOT taking any glucosamine,chondroitin,msm pill unless I feel the twitchiness. But after 1 month of hard work, I haven't gained any centimeters.

So I decide to make change in my program and this is my first week. Right After I squat, I Take the GCM pill (glucosamine, chondroitin,msm). And right after that, I do hanging exercise for 5 minutes, and then walking for 15 minutes with perfect posture, after that I eat beef, rice, and take my protein shake. And still the same, I don't take any pill and do any stimulation if I don't feel any sweet spot. But I do stretching for 7 minutes right before and After sleep. I always reach high thing, like want to take something from the sky, also I maintain perfect posture.

Well, this is my detail program. Hope you guys, can help me to correct my mistake ( if I have it). Thanks!

Effective methods and well-written book
posted this review on January 4, 2013

It’s true that you can grow an inch a month using the methods in InstaHeight Super-Massing. My first three months with this, I grew almost 4 inches. That’s without any kind of drug or supplement. Completely natural methods. Now I’m on my 4th month it kinda slowed down because I’m not following it religiously anymore. I got only half an inch now or maybe less. Doesn’t matter because I already reached my dream height. I’m also lenient with myself now when it comes to the lifestyle changes suggested by the book. The height increase is permanent, so there’s no reason why I should still follow it after reaching the height I wanted. I think this deserves a really high rating and lots of recommendations. It’s not just effective, it’s also well-written. Better than most other ebooks I’ve read. I really suggest you try this if you’re a few inches short of your dream height.

It does work like magic!
Lenny Borter (from Trion, USA) posted this review on December 6, 2012

There’s  a really good reason why they call this program InstaHeight. It’s like a power workout system for height increase, and it’s the best thing that I’ve ever tried for this purpose. I gained 2 inches right away in the first month. It’s true that 1 inch is just the minimum if you follow the program religiously. The program is so effective because it targets the hormones, and not the physical body. The hormones then kind of tell the body to grow taller. From what I understand that’s how it works. It’s indeed an easy to use program because everything is laid out in the book. You don’t have to wonder what to do next. You just do everything it says, and you should be ok. There are absolutely no drugs needed here, so I think it’s safe enough for everyone.

The right lifestyle for gaining height
posted this review on November 13, 2012

This is obviously a healthy way to gain height because the exercises do not strain the muscles, and the suggested diet is packed with nutrients. Not all nutritious diets are the same, and this one is made specifically for height increase. As the description in their website says, it features the right combination of exercises and food, so you can get the height that you want in the shortest time possible. At first I couldn’t condition myself to do the intense exercise routine because I’m not into fitness regimens, but after seeing some results the first month even if I’m not sticking religiously to the program, I got more motivated to do it. After the second month, I checked and I’ve gained 4 inches! I only need 2 more inches before I stop. There are other health benefits of the program too like more energy, better mood, those normal things you enjoy when you live a healthy lifestyle, they’re all in this program.

gained mass, but haven't gain height
posted this review on November 10, 2012

Guys! I have a question about the exercise program. :D

it says that we can grow our cartilage, muscle and bone. By doing abs and neck workout (for muscle), squats and physical stretch ( for cartilage ) and running (for bone). Should I combine all of the stimulation in one week, or should I mix them up in one week? EG:Sunday: I do muscle stimulation; monday: I do cartilage and back workout (should i just do the cartilage stimulation without mixing it with the back workout?), then tuesday, I do bone stimulation and whole body workout; wednesday: I do cartilage stimulation, back and chest workout; thursday, I do the muscle stimulation again. After that, Friday and saturday : I do the fast (not eat any foods for 48 hours), so friday morning i eat breakfast at 7 am, then I eat again at 8 AM in sunday, then I do muscle stimulation again.I haven't feel any sweet spots? could you help me to notice it?I always provide the prescribed nutrition.And last question, Should I break the 48 hours fast with cartilage/bone stimulation, and after that I eat my foods? Or should I eat after 48 hours to prepare for my muscle stimulation workout?I always eat meats to break my fast for the last 3 weeks.I also follow all of the steps except the "SWEET SPOT" step. I also increase my weight for the next exercise.please contact me :), I will be soooooooo grateful!!! :Dor could you send me the email address of the instaheight users, or the maker of instaheight (like deavon stollar or harry poppa's contact).

please email me: [email protected]!

I got better results than promised
Liam Morgan (from Clearwater, USA) posted this review on November 7, 2012

I got 2.5 inches from this the first month. The program says it’s just an inch a month, but I got better results from it! Maybe the gene factor affects it too because my brothers are tall. I’m the only one in the family who’s short. I think this program gave my body the boost it needed to gain height. I thought it was impossible for me to gain height past my shooting up years, but the exercise in the program made it possible for me. I also followed the suggested lifestyle changes religiously, and that must have shot up my growth even further. I was really surprised when I found out I gained more than an inch because that’s more than what the program promised. It feels great knowing that my efforts are worth it!

Additional 4 inches in 3 months!
posted this review on November 3, 2012

The moment I saw that it tweaks hormones, I knew I had to get it! I come from a family of short people. My dad is small, and my mom is half Malaysian, so she’s small too. This is the program I’ve been waiting for all my life. After 3 months in here, I’ve gained 4 inches. Beat that!

About an inch a month with conscious effort
posted this review on October 22, 2012

I’ll just give a quick review on this product. I’m not giving a guarantee that this will work for everyone. We all have different genetic and body structures so the effects on me might be different from the effects on you. This is basically just my experience with the product. So, I got this about 4 months ago, after I stopped using a different program I also got off the internet. The first month of hard work, I didn’t see any results, so I was about to stop using it then. I just continued using it because I haven’t purchased another one to take its place (yes, I’m that determined to gain height). The second month however, I noticed that my pants, my uniform at work, have slightly become shorter. That’s when I measured, and I gain an inch. That made me even more interested in this program and I worked doubly hard on it. I gain about an inch every month, not exactly sometimes more, sometimes less. It depends on many factors, I guess, but it’s basically the idea, I was gaining height. I’ve to tell you that it’s not that easy though especially if you work in an office like I do. You really have to set aside some time for it, and follow the instructions hard as you can. I wouldn’t give it a perfect score simply because it requires work, but all the 9 stars I will give it are for its effectiveness, which I haven’t seen in any other program online and offline.

It may be slower than the usual, but it works great
Derek Flinn (from Pembroke Pines, USA) posted this review on October 15, 2012

1 inch a month may be slower than other product’s promises, but it’s true. I got a little more than an inch the first month, and another like that the second month. The third month I got less than an inch because I didn’t have much time for the system. The exercises are very simple, and anyone, even those with health conditions will surely be able to follow them. There are no drugs or magic potions needed to get height results. The system is all-natural, so it’s guaranteed safe. You just need to follow the suggested diet and do the exercises. The more strictly you follow the program, the better results you will get. Like for me, when I was following it strictly I got more than an inch, but when I relaxed it became less than an inch. There’s definitely some work involved here, but at least it’s safe and natural.

Darwin Lucas (from Terrytown, USA) posted this review on October 12, 2012

I’m also naturally short. My sisters are too, but I guess it’s fine because they’re women. I love playing basketball, but my height keeps me from going serious with it. Recently, I shifted to soccer because height isn’t much of a disadvantage there, but I still want to play basketball, and I really want to gain height because I think it’s not nice being an athlete and looking too short. Plus, I look quite good and it’s such a waste that my height isn’t anywhere near the average. Right now I’m on this program, and I’ve gained a little more than an inch in a month. I know it isn’t much, but as long as it’s working, I’ll keep going. I need 4 inches more, and I hope I can get it in 4 months more. For now, I’m very happy with this and I’ve already proven that it works. My sisters are also trying it. I’ll give an update if it works on women too.

I'm sure this'll work for everyone
Rupert Poppa (from Santa Ana, USA) posted this review on August 13, 2012

I didn’t get the full one inch in a month, but now after 3 months on the program, I’ve gained about 2 inches. I don’t think that’s bad, since I really thought I was hopeless. I’m 24 yrs. old, and from what I’ve been told over and over again, growth stops at 18 years old. Also, my parents aren’t tall. They’re not too short, but they aren’t tall either, so there’s really no reason for me to expect to be tall. I tried this system, just because the methods are natural and guaranteed safe. I didn’t really expect to grow a few inches. Now that I’ve seen results, I’m keeping at it no matter how long it takes for me to get my desired height. I need 3 inches more for that, so that’s probably 4-6 months more.

If you’re busy, don’t worry I am too, but once you see the results, I’m sure you’ll find time.

Works for people who have short genes
Alvin J. (from Cleveland, USA) posted this review on July 6, 2012

I came from a family of small people. With my horrible genes, science is my last hope in achieving the height I need to play basketball. I’ve tried a lot of product before like those foot patches and those height enhancement pills in infomercials but none of them worked. I even took some of those Chinese herbal capsules that other people rave about. I did not grow a single inch from those.

When I bought this book, I really wasn’t expecting much. I just thought I’d give it a try, since it’s a lot less expensive than the other products I’ve purchased before. 2 months into the program and I’m already an inch taller. If it goes on like this, I’d reach my desired height in less than a year. The methods in the book are really effective. I also started feeling more energetic since I got into the program. I think that’s a side effect of all the exercises I’ve been doing.

Insta Height
posted this review on May 19, 2012

I bought it 3 months ago.I was expecting 3-4 inches height..But till now no gain in height.

But I feel body muscle grown and penis size increased by1 inch.

I will continue this for anothr 3 months so that I may gain height.


Working system

I bought the course for my husband who was nearly 5'8 but he didn't like my gift because he thought I didn't like his height, but I only got this for him because he once mentioned he wished he was a few inches taller. Anyway, this led to his rejection of my gift and not even reading the instructions, but I read them and applied the simple steps. After work each night I went to gym and kept it up for a full 6 weeks before I started to notice, low and behold, my body was growing height! I showed my husband mark and he was amazed. He has since started doing the 10 steps too and we have both gained nearly 5 inches each. Tall couples really do get more friends laughs.

Alene Howard
Roseboro, Nth Carolina, United States

I can't believe it

WOW can you please explain to me why science has never shown this or discovered it or whatever before. I just didn't know you can keep growing even after u finished puberty. I really can't believe it. My family can't believe it and my friends can't believe it. I am now nearly 6 foot tall and my life is totally different. I often suspected that my height was the problem, now that I am a much more acceptable height, I am amazed how people treat you so differently.

Jose Marino
San Jacinto, California

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