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If you're looking to make real money on the Internet, you can sell resell rights and PLR products. It can work for you regardless of your experience, design skills, and technical knowledge. And to help you with that, there's Mega Package. This membership website/package has a huge collection of products with resell and private label rights (PLR) that you can use to start your online business.

As a member of Mega Package, you will be entitled to a lot of benefits. This system offers free membership, but with its Gold membership, members can download hundreds if not thousands of videos, e-books, software products, graphics, templates, articles, and many more. With it, you can earn more, work less, live your dream lifestyle, and achieve financial freedom…without having to create your own product. You also don't have to spend a lot of cash on products that you can sell on the Internet. This website/package, you will have the tools that you need to start making cash right away.

With Mega Package, you will get access to 3,092 e-books, 626 software and scripts, 670 videos, 166 graphics packs, hundreds of articles packs, and around 50 tutorials. What's great is that you can do a lot of things with these PLR products. You can combine several products and sell them for a low price, offer one product as a bonus, arrange profitable joint venture with other marketers, etc. There's a lot of possibilities, so you can make as much money as you want.

You have 3 options for signing up with the Mega Package. You can get the 3-month access, 1-year access, or the lifetime access. Mega Package Gold Membership costs $47 for 3 months access; $97 for 1 year access; and $147 for lifetime access. Click the "Order Now" button below for more info.
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Great database!
posted this review on July 14, 2014 Mega Package is a huge package! I got started with Internet marketing just 2 months ago, so I have no idea yet how to make content or do any of these stuff. I am glad that I found Mega Package because now, I don’t have to bother about content creation anymore. I can’t write. I don’t have that creativity. Here, I get thousands of resources to choose from. When it comes to quality, it’s mixed. I get some that have excellent quality, and some that look like they were made by kindergarten students, but all in all the package is worth the money. I don’t think you will see anything as big as this for the same amount. There are thousands of eBooks in this database! You have to check them out one by one to see what is good to promote and what’s not. I have already picked 6 products to promote initially, and I also got my graphics from this website. I just mix and match them, put them together to make my campaigns unique. There are also so many videos here, so if video marketing is more your thing, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this program as well. There are so many possible uses for these products! You just have to be creative with what you do with them. The products are surely going to pay for themselves in just a short time. I am very happy with this database so I haven’t checked out any other PLR database yet, but if you have any suggestions or ideas please hit me up at [email protected]

It's worth investing in this website
posted this review on May 30, 2013

Like others, I started with their free membership. I liked their PLR products so much that I went Gold a month after. Now, I’m running my own online business. It is difficult for me to get a job after the 2nd baby, so working from home is my only option, or more like running a business from home. The PLR products I get from this website are very easy to sell because they are of good quality. You may have probably encountered a few of the products I’m promoting on different websites. There are thousands of eBooks in their database to choose from, so they’re not really that overused even if the website already has a lot of members. And the good part is that with a bit of editing here and there, you can make the products entirely your own, like what I’m doing to mine. I did tons and tons of research before I got into this business, so I really know what I’m talking about, and trust me, I wouldn’t pay almost 150 bucks for something I can get for free. These PLR products are worth investing on, and I’m enjoying 10x or more of that amount every week now. 

I'm very impressed!
On-Site Review

I just joined the membership, and from what I've seen so far, I'm very impressed! From a newbie's point of view, this site is very easy to navigate around.

Looks like I have been wasting too much money looking for totally fresh resell rights products from other websites, which is exactly what really sets this apart from the rest!

Glad I joined this on time!

Clint Filsane,
New York, USA

ID plr package really blew me away!
On-Site Review

Not only do you get hundreds of the best PLR ebooks I've ever seen - you also get software and graphics that'll be worth thousands. If your not inside you're missing out big time!

I highly recommend it!

Mark McDonald,

Membership site of the year!
On-Site Review

It's so good to not see another membership offering junky content. The massive amount of resell rights and (my favorite of all) private label rights is totally mind blowing!

Right now, I have so many ideas popping in my head as I browse through the membership area. And I can't even get them down on paper fast enough!

I have enough content from this membership to make at least 5 to 10 new ebooks, and 5 new websites for making TONS of Adsense revenue!

This is probably membership site of the year!

David Trohar,Massachusetts, USA

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