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by Michael Sullivan
(6 votes)
Discover the secrets to living a happy and stress-free life with the Paleo Mind system by Michael Sullivan. This collection of powerful meditation and relaxation audios will help you banish stress from your life in no time, so you can live a life...
by Steve G. Jones
(7 votes)
Your mind has great powers in creating wealth and abundance in your life. You might be wondering how some people manage to become successful in an instant, while you stay on your couch in front of your TV, wondering why success eludes you all the...
by Stephen Ladd and Bill Gladwell
(6 votes)
Renegade Triathlete Psychology System, by Stephen Ladd and Bill Gladwell, is a mental training program designed to help triathletes gain confidence, set personal records, and get in the zone any time they wish. It is guaranteed to eliminate pre-race...
by Nathan Thomas
(6 votes)
People with awesome persuasion skills usually have an edge in social gatherings and at work. However, there are a lot of people who don’t know how to influence others the right way. For example, some salespeople can render potential clients...
(5 votes)
Are you a talented hypnotherapist struggling to get clients? Do you wonder why your competitors have their appointment books filled weeks in advance? If you want to become a popular and prosperous professional hypnotherapist and find out how you can...
by Steven B. Schneider
(7 votes)
If you’re about to give up on your hopes and your goals in life, you probably need the power of hypnosis to get you fired up again. However, you need to be careful which hypnosis audios to try because not all of them are the same. Some are...
by Joe Vitale and Steve G. Jones
(6 votes)
Do you dream of becoming a millionaire? Are you looking for a way to stop your struggle in trying to make money and start achieving financial freedom? Don't you just wish that you are wealthy? Discover how you can safely reprogram your mind to...
by Paul Mascetta
(5 votes)
Gain control over the thoughts and actions of other people with the help of Hypnotic Language Patterns by Paul Mascetta. Paul is a certified hypnotist and he’s been teaching people about persuasion and hypnosis for many years. In Hypnotic...