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Psychic Sleep is a program that helps you achieve Zen-like meditation for just 15 minutes a day. It relieves stress, boosts the immune system, increases energy levels, and reprograms the unconscious mind in an instant. This meditation program can...
by Nathan Thomas
(5 votes)
Do you know what separates a superior hypnotist from a mediocre one? It's not knowledge or skill - it's confidence. If you want your hypnosis to work, you need to be confident in what you are doing. The Confident Hypnotist by Nathan...
by Steve G. Jones
(10 votes)
Do you want to learn how to hypnotically put anyone into a trance so they obey all your commands? If so, you will benefit from 101 Ways To Hypnotize Anyone by world-renowned hypnotherapist Steve G. Jones. This revolutionary audio course will reveal...
by Steve G. Jones
(3 votes)
Is money management has always been problem for you? Are you completely broke and avoid call from lenders? Are your rates of expenses more than rates of earning? Are you fed up and completely stressed due to your financial woes? If YES, then go no...
by Steve G. Jones
(7 votes)
If you want to become a certified and successful stage hypnotist, it's important that you get training and learn from someone who's credible and considered an expert. World-renowned clinical hypnotherapist Steve G. Jones is someone you can...
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HypnoSubliminals are audio recordings that target the mind. They leave certain messages to change beliefs in the subconscious mind, so you can start thinking in a certain way. The subconscious is responsible for habits, behaviors, and limiting...
by Steve G. Jones
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Miracles happen around us everyday. They come in different forms and sizes, changing millions of lives in surprising ways. One has probably happened to you sometime in your past, but you are too busy to notice it. You may not have witnessed it with...
by Andrew Parr
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Knowing and understanding your past lives can give you insights on how to live your present life. Past life regression can guide you and give your current life purpose. If you want to learn how to regress into the lives you previously lived,...