How To Look Stylish

by Annette Welsford,

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Do you want to look stylish and make a lasting impression all the time? Regardless of your size, shape, and age and no matter where you are or what situation you are in, you can achieve the stylish look that you've always wanted. Sure, there are magazines, books, and shops that can give you ideas on how to be stylish, but what can truly help you is professional advice.

Annette Welsford knows so and she can guide you on your quest for a new stylish you through How To Look Stylish. This 55-page e-book is packed with the info, tips, and advice that you can use to transform your body, your look, and your life. With this international bestseller, you will find out exactly how you can create your stylish new look and take charge of your life. Inside, you will learn how to recognize and understand your body shape, ways to camouflage your worst bits and highlight your best features, the fashion do's and don'ts for each body shape, what your color style is, the clothes that you should keep and the ones you should toss out, how to change one outfit and create completely new looks by using accessories, and much more.

With How To Look Stylish, you will be able to get up to date advice from 8 top stylists from the US, Canada, Australia, and Singapore without having to spend tons of cash. They will provide you with a wealth of advice so you can start your personal makeover. With them, you can also get an international perspective on style. Just try and choose the style you want to go for and you can go out! Let the world see the new stylish and confident you.

You will also receive a couple of bonuses when you purchase How To Look Stylish.

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I feel different about myself now
posted this review on April 15, 2014

I look so pretty now that I learned some of the techniques here. I always thought I was just naturally not stylish, but with the techniques I learned here, I was able to look a lot better and more presentable to people. It’s like I’m getting more respect too because of the techniques that I learned here in dressing up and carrying myself.

This product's highly recommended
Vivian Bailish (from Kasota, USA) posted this review on March 3, 2014

Style’s never been my thing back in college, but now that I’m already working in a corporate setup, it’s important to look impressive. We get clients by looking our best and I can’t afford to lag behind just because I dress sloppily. How To Look Stylish has been very helpful in my transformation. It’s written for total style dummies like me. I feel better about myself now and look a lot better too. Thanks to this guide. It’s not about looking like a different person, it’s about knowing your style and playing it up a bit. I changed only a little bit and it didn’t even cost much, but I can see how differently people treat me now that I look better. I highly recommend How To Look Stylish.

I'm a stylish stay-at-home mom of 3!
Glenda Vinzons (from Donie, USA) posted this review on July 25, 2013

I’m a mom of 3 and I used to suffer from low self-esteem. I’ve been a fulltime mom for almost 14 years, and I’ve given up a lot of things for my family. For quite some time, I was happy with my role as a mom and wife. However, my husband started womanizing and that turned our life around completely. I almost fell into depression, and I was already considering divorce at that time. However, my eldest pleaded with me not to go through it. I was really down at that time. My husband tried to make up for his mistakes and promised he would change but the damage had been done, and I really thought I wouldn’t be able to forgive him anymore.  I also felt so ugly. I thought nobody liked me because of the way I looked. I blamed my looks for my husband’s womanizing.

My friend was the one who suggested this guide to me. She said it could encourage me to be more womanly again, and it did. I got excited the moment I read the tips here. They’re mainly about how to look great no matter how old and broken you are. It started as a hobby for me. I prettified myself when the kids are in school. I bought new clothes based on the suggestions in this book. I also bought new makeup. Rather than let my husband spend his money for women, I spent it on myself.

I’m a completely different person now. At first, my eldest was worried that I was going nuts dressing up everyday even if I’m not going anywhere, but I think he understands now why mom has to have time for herself. My husband also started treating me differently when I started treating myself a lot better.


I understand what I need to wear to look good.

The book has helped me understand what I need to wear to look good in a business setting and that has helped me get a much coveted internship with Rolls Royce. After all, you need to be able to look the part to play the part. Right?

S Choo,

It has really helped me...

Annette's advice has really helped me with my work wardrobe. My co-workers have even commented on how great I look.

C Moths,
Texas, USA

I enjoyed this book!

I really enjoyed this book! I especially liked that she used real people. It's the pictures that really helped me. I hope she'll be putting together another book soon . . .

G Dickson,

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