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by Michael Evje
(3 votes)
How to Reduce Your Electric Bill (For Almost No Money) will help you solve your power problems, reduce your electric bills and save you money. You'll learn simple, practical and effective tips that will show you the big picture about electricity and...
by Bill Keene
(4 votes)
Building A Chicken Coop is an e-book that will teach you how to build an inexpensive yet attractive chicken coop that will not only ensure the safety of your chickens, but will also guarantee them optimal health. Author Bill Keene shows you how to...
by Alexander Hughes
(15 votes)
At present times, everybody wants to take part in making the world "greener." We all want to do something to preserve mother Earth. One thing that we can do is to conserve energy. And building your own, instead of buying expensive solar...
by William Miller
(5 votes)
Sky 4 Energy is a DIY kit created by inventor and alternative energy enthusiast William Miller based on the findings of Nikola Tesla - the father of electricity. This easy-to-use kit will guide you in building your own energy receiver that generates...
by Peter Lindemann
(4 votes)
Discover how you can save energy throughout your home, lower your electric bills, save money and do your part to save the environment with Save On Home Energy. Author Peter Lindemann has 35 years of experience in the alternative energy field, and in...
(23 votes)
The Complete Battery Reconditioning Report is a 46-page guide that will show you how to rejuvenate dead batteries, keep your batteries healthy and extend their run time up to 5 times. The book is fully illustrated and comes with clear and detailed...
(2 votes)
For anyone that has ever dreamed of building their own shed, Shed Plans are an excellent choice. They offer a wide variety of shed blueprints that can fit your every need and budget. For most people, building a shed is left to a contractor and their...
by Stephanie Roberts
(7 votes)
Fast Feng Shui is a popular and critically-acclaimed manual/e-book by veteran feng shui consultant Stephanie Roberts. This easy, step-by-step guide contains great feng shui advice and information about the mystical practice of contemporary feng shui...