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Instant Baby Sleep is an mp3 soundtrack designed to put your baby to sleep in 20 seconds. It is safe to use, and backed by scientific facts. Due to its effectiveness, a lot of hospitals, clinics, and independent pediatricians use it on their...
by Brett Spottke
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Kitchen Remodeling Help gives homeowners valuable tips on how to plan, design and organize a kitchen remodeling project using Ikea cabinets. The remodeling is easy, affordable and professional. You'll get expert advice on how to get the kitchen of...
by Edward Fowler
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Efficient Planet is a great do-it-yourself pack for people who would like to start generating their own power. Maybe you just want to save some money on your electricity bill or maybe you want to do something to help save the planet. It really doesn...
by Charles Kirkland
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Have you ever wanted to build you own pergola, but were daunted by the high price of the pergola plan kits? It's interesting to know that while many people dream of putting up their own pergola outside their homes, most of these people pay...
by David Hall
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Earth Energy For Home is a complete resource on residential solar and wind power systems. This electronic manual will help you easily and affordably build your own alternative electrical source in a stepwise manner, all from the comfort of your own...
by Mike Whyte
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If you're a cat owner and you're frustrated by your pet's refusal to use the litter box, Thinking Outside The Box is a must-have resource for you. You'll learn everything about your cat's inappropriate urination and what you can...
by Stephanie Roberts
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Clutter-Free Forever is written by the author of a popular series of books on Feng shui who has helped hundreds of families organize their homes and their lives. Now, the same information she has shared with these families is available to you in...
by Donald J. Berg
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If you want to build your own shed and don't really know how, then Shed Building 101 is the product you're looking for. It will tell you everything you need to know about building your very own shed and take you through the process step-by-step. You...