Healthy Or Not

by Nick Pineault,

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Smart food choices are very important if you want to burn fat and live a healthy lifestyle. But do you really know what types of food are good and healthy for you? Do you want to learn exactly what foods you need to eat and to ditch to achieve your fat loss and health goals?

The whole food industry may be hiding the truth from all of us and the so-called "healthy foods" you used to buy may actually be screwing up your health. Hiring a nutritionist to guide you with your food choices can be quite costly, but good thing, there's a guide like Healthy Or Not to teach you how to make the right food choices and get positive results fast. This simple handbook by Nick Pineault will show you the truth about the foods around you, how to burn more fat and build more muscles, and what you need to do to take control of your health. This makes food choices easy, you'll decide to fire your nutritionist (in case you have one now).

Inside Healthy Or Not, you will discover all about smart food swaps. This means changing the foods you eat for their high-quality, nutrient-rich version. You will also learn where to buy healthier foods, whether it's really ok to cook with olive oil, the worst practices in the food industry, the biggest dietary myths a lot of people still believe in, the kind of salt that regulates your blood pressure, the fish you should never eat, facts about organic foods, how to prepare chips that you can binge on without guilt, and much more.

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This definitely helped me lose so much weight
posted this review on July 7, 2014

Healthy or not helped me so much in achieving the kind of body that I’ve always wanted. I am just a small girl and fat, so I look a lot rounder. It was hard for me to lose weight because I was eating all the wrong foods. With the help of Healthy Or Not, I learned which foods to eat and which to avoid. It really helps my meal planning big time. I have never been this pleased with an online product. Healthy Or Not definitely did it for me.

This opened up my eyes!
posted this review on June 1, 2014

This opened up my eyes about the many conspiracies in the commercial food world. I live alone and I usually buy “healthy” stuff from the grocery. I tried to make instant and healthy go together, but I guess that just won’t work. But don’t worry because in Healthy Or Not, you’ll learn the easiest way to eat healthy. It may not be instant, but it sure is healthier than what you’re eating now. I was considering getting a nutritionist then because I wanted to lose weight and be healthy in preparation for getting pregnant. Thanks to this guide, I don’t need a nutritionist at all. Another thing that I like about this guide is that it simplified everything. No jargon and ingredients that are impossible to find. I notice a lot of similar stuff requiring totally alien ingredients. That’s a pain in the butt especially when you can go to the grocery for only a couple of hours a week. Here, all of the foods listed are realistic. You can prepare them in your average kitchen with simple grocery products. Most importantly, a lot of them are so delicious that you won’t even realize that you’re on a healthy lifestyle. You won’t feel trapped when you try this. Definitely recommended to anyone who wants to start embracing a healthier, yet still delish life.

This is my good nutrition guide
E. Border (from Victorville, USA) posted this review on September 12, 2013

I started embracing the healthy lifestyle after my bout with ovarian cysts. My doctor said that these diseases are usually caused by an unhealthy lifestyle, particularly a bad diet. I was guilty of having a bad diet. I tried the healthiest diet of all – all organic, all raw. After 2 weeks on that eating style, I gave up. There are people who have amazing self-control, so this is ok for them, but not me. It’s not sustainable for me, so I decided to just get on the healthier diet rather than the healthiest. I got Healthy Or Not, and I learned so much about food that I didn’t know before. I also learned the kinds of food I need to eat in exchange for an unhealthy one that I’m craving for. They call it food swapping and it’s great. The body craves when it needs a certain kind of vitamin or mineral, but often, we think of the most delicious options even if they’re packed with empty calories, and some other unhealthy stuff like msg or wax. I learned how to avoid all of these completely with the help of Healthy Or Not. I didn’t just feel better about my body, I also lost a lot of weight I’ve been trying to shed the past few months.

This is something I’d recommend for parents too, so they can give the best nutrition for their children at such an early age. I think it’s important to start them young.


Very impressive.

This is an easily implemented program for people to eat healthy - eat this, don't eat this…Very impressive.

Sean Schniederjan

A fantastic resource

This book is easy to apply immediately and a fantastic resource for anyone trying to make healthy changes, particularly beginners. Excellent, thorough dissection of the research and simple to follow layout.

Kate Vidulich

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