Hair Loss No More

by Jonathon E. Phillips,

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Hair Loss No More is an e-book that will help you put an end to your hair loss for good. Author Jonathon E. Phillips discovered a breakthrough method that cures a variety of problems related to hair, including hair loss, weak hair and thin hair. This method addresses the underlying reason for these problems so you can effectively put a stop to them.

To get this amazing technique to work for you, you won't have to take drugs, undergo special procedures or use expensive shampoos that don't really work. The method in Hair Loss No More focuses on restoring a healthy balance throughout your body and curing the conditions that seem to have nothing to do with hair growth, but actually affect it from within. You'll learn how to naturally prevent and stop hair loss and restore its growth, how to significantly improve your hair and scalp condition, get access to the secret Hair Power Workout and Hair Power Diet as well as much more advice that will help both men and women develop strong, thick and beautiful hair.


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This is like a miracle for me
posted this review on July 8, 2014

I started having falling hair when I was just in my 20s. I don’t remember exactly how it started, but I remember seeing chunks of hair falling off whenever I was in the shower. I talked to my doctor about it and I was given some meds and some special kind of shampoo to manage the hair loss, but those didn’t work. And then the next thing I did was consulting a dermatologist for scalp problems, but that also didn’t work. My last attempt at saving myself from getting bald was rubbing aloe vera onto my scalp, which also didn’t work at all. At the age of 28, I think, I was already completely bald. Recently, my friend told me about Hair Loss No More, and how it helped him get his hair back. I’m already 34 years old now, and at that time, I wasn’t hoping anymore that I would get my full head of hair back. I only tried this because my friend insisted. The good thing about this is that it totally worked. It has done for me what all other products failed to do for me. I am very happy with my results and would gladly recommend this to anyone who is having hair fall problems. It is better to use this while your hair fall is just getting started than to wait until all your hair is gone then start taking action. My hair is growing back now for some miraculous reason, and I look and feel so much younger. Thanks to this for all its help!

The effectiveness depends on the person
posted this review on February 8, 2014

I think the effectiveness differs from person to person. My brother claims that this is 100% effective for him. Like it worked in just 3 weeks or so, but for me, I think I had to wait about 2 months to see some baby hairs sticking out of my scalp. It took much longer than I expected, so I got a bit disappointed. Right now, the change in my head isn’t that obvious yet. You can see the baby hairs there, but they’re not visible enough yet to make people comment on how much younger I look. For my brother, we were so surprised because we saw him with really thin hair and then the next month, he looked so much younger and his hair was a lot thicker. The methods are natural, but they do take some time, so just be ready for that.

I can safely say that this changed my life
posted this review on February 6, 2014

My hair started falling out when I was 24 years old. I struggled with hair loss for a really long time. I’ve tried so many different concoctions to keep my hair from falling off but it was next to impossible. I’ve tried herbal shampoos, boiled leaves of different plants, various oils rubbed to my scalp. It was so difficult. It took me about a thousand dollars or more on visits to various dermatologists and hair experts. They did not help. Some helped a bit, but not enough to make me feel confident in myself again. Some of my scalp still showed through my hair, and it made me feel conscious specially when I see people staring at me like I have some sort of contagious disease. My mom told me that I was making the problem bigger than it was, but if you had the same problem, you’d understand me.

After 4 years of struggling with my falling and thinning hair, I found Hair Loss No More, and it gave me a chance to enjoy a full head of hair again. It felt so great seeing my hair thickening again after so many years of covering my head with caps and scarves. My confidence has increased so much! It’s amazing how much change this has done to my self-esteem and to my life!

Our hair is growing back!
posted this review on January 25, 2014

Effective anti-hair loss methods for both men and women. My wife and I used something on our hair before, which resulted to severe hair fall. This really helped in reversing that problem. We both feel so great now that our hair is growing back again.

There is some improvement, not as fast as it claims
Diana Clark (from Brackney, USA) posted this review on September 11, 2013

My husband is 11 years older than me. He started losing hair in his late 40s, and I didn’t want him to look so much older than me than 11 years. 11 years is enough. Right now, he’s using the methods here because I told him to. He couldn’t care less about the way he looks, but as a wife, I want him to look his best all the time especially since he has direct contact with clients. This method is great for prevention of hair loss, but it’s quite slow for re-growing lost hair. There is some improvement. I’ve already seen it, but for those who aren’t closely observing, it’s probably gonna take more time to notice. The important thing is that he’s stopped losing more hair and that there’s some growth. The methods can also be carried out very cheaply, so there’s nothing to lose here.

I've already regrown more than half of the hair I lost
Jack Pierre (from alberta, canada) posted this review on May 30, 2013

I’m still a bit far from recovering the hair that I lost, but this is working great for me. I lost half of my hair, and I got a huge bald patch in the middle of my head. It’s a hereditary problem because my dad also turned bald at a really early age. I think he was in his 30s when he lost most of his hair. Luckily for me, there is already more information on how to prevent baldness these days. I’m growing back my hair now using the methods in this book. The natural herbs and massages seem really effective. I’ve already regrown more than half of the hair that I lost in just 4 months of use.

Stops hair loss fast
posted this review on March 29, 2013

I started losing hair 2 months ago, and because baldness is a trend in the family, I immediately acted on it and got Hair Loss No More. This was recommended to me by a cousin. He’s a little older than me and lost a lot of hair, and regrew them because of this. I saw the result on him, so I didn’t hesitate to use it. It worked really fast for stopping further hair fall, but re-growing lost hair is a different story. I’m growing some hairs now, but I think it will take a few more months before I regain the thickness it once had. These are natural hair growth methods, so you can’t really expect it to work quickly. You need to give it some time. You should act now if your hair loss is just starting. As I said, it’s easier to stop hair loss than to regrow lost hair.

results after just 2 weeks
posted this review on February 22, 2013

I’ve regrown much of the hair I lost over the past 3 years after just 2 weeks of using this. They’re just baby hairs right now, but I can see much growth already. It’s very fast! The methods are also natural, so they’re guaranteed safe. There are no dangerous chemicals used here. I highly recommend it although the effects may vary from person to person.

Stopped hair fall, and helped grow lost hair back
posted this review on December 24, 2012

I’m happy that I gave Hair Loss No More a try. I’m a woman in my 30s, and for some reason, my hair started falling off. I tried many products to stop excessive hair fall but none of them worked. I ended up consulting a dermatologist, but that didn’t help either. At 37, I’ve already lost most of my hair on my top scalp, and there was already some bald spots showing. Hair Loss No More saved me from that horrible condition. I tried the natural methods for battling hair loss, and got more than what I expected. I think it took just a few weeks to stop the hair fall, and a few months to regrow the lost hair.

Natural treatments that really work
posted this review on December 15, 2012

Hair Loss No More is very effective. The treatments are natural, so they’re safe for any skin type. I have sensitive skin and scalp but this works just fine for me. I made the mistake of having my hair straightened in a cheap parlor. They said the chemicals they will use on my hair are imported from Asian countries, so I can get the same soft, straight, and shiny hair of Asians. I ended up losing more hair than usual. When I noticed that my hair has thinned significantly, I took action, and got this. Now, it’s going back to its original thickness. I’m never using anything artificial for my hair again!

3 Seals of Approval from our Family!
posted this review on October 15, 2012

I started losing my hair when I was in my 30s. Two other brothers suffered the same fate. We were just a year apart from each other, and we were all losing hair at a rapid rate.  When I found this book, and tried it, they were laughing at me calling me desperate, but after a month, when they saw the improvements in my hair’s thickness, they changed their mind, and used the techniques in this book too. I’m now 33 years old, but my hair’s as good as that of a teenager! This book has got my two thumbs up and those of my brothers too. I also read tht this even works for female baldness, so if you’re a lady suffering from the same problem, I also urge you to give this a try. This has alredy got three seals of approval from a family with bald genes, so if it worked for us, I’m pretty sure it will work for others too.

Looking 10 years younger and feeling better than ever
Raffy Glock (from Louisburg, USA) posted this review on August 23, 2012

I look 10 years younger now because of this book. My head’s full of thick, healthy dark brown hair that I haven’t seen for ages! I started losing hair at an early age, probably when I was 27. Since then, I’ve been looking for an effective solution for it. Now, after so many years of research, I’ve finally found the only cure that works. I guarantee that this program will work for you too if you give it a chance!


It is really working

I couldn't believe my eyes.
My heart skipped a beat. After years of exhaustive study researching all aspects of hair loss I had stumbled onto the holy grail - so simple - so real - so effective.

Jonathon E Phillips,

The bok saved my hair, literally

My hair had always been so important to me and when it started becoming thinner and finer I felt so thoroughly depressed. Now my hair feels like it did when I was younger, thick, vibrant and healthy. There is just no way to adequately explain how much better I feel.

M.A Skates,

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