Hair Loss Black Book

by Nigel Thomas,

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Medical researcher and former hair loss sufferer Nigel Thomas shares with others his discoveries and knowledge about hair loss causes and treatment in Hair Loss Black Book. This e-book contains 157 pages of information on how to stop hair loss and re-grow your hair naturally without expensive and painful surgery, hair loss treatment centers, and OTC products.

With Hair Loss Black Book, you will discover the facts, the science, and the solution to eliminate hair loss and re-grow thick, full hair effectively and permanently. It will show you how to reverse DHT hair loss cycle by cycle. This e-book will help you develop a program that's unique to your specific condition. Inside the e-book, you will learn things about your body's ability to re-grow hair, the foods and eating habits that are causing your body to generate more DHT, the detox plan for hair re-growth, the video games that can increase your DHT levels, recipes for a non-DHT diet, the best shampoo for your scalp, the vitamins and supplements that are good for you, and much more.

The Hair Loss Black Book will teach you how to put the "stop and grow" 2-step process to work for you. With this e-book, you will get a long-term maintenance for your hair, scalp, and body so you will never have to suffer from hair loss again. You will also receive special bonuses when you purchase this e-book.

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Excellent natural methods
posted this review on March 14, 2014

Dad started losing hair a few years ago. We got them this several months ago as a joke. We never expected it to work. A lot of internet products aren’t of very good quality, we expected this to be one of those. It was really just a joke, so we didn’t expect that email from dad saying that he got most of his hair back. He even sent us a picture, and he has no idea about Photoshop, so we believed him right away. When we met a few months after we got the email, I was shocked to see how much thicker his hair has become. It was literally a sight to behold! The patch on his scalp, which used to be so prominent, was nowhere to be seen. When I touched his hair, it was very healthy too. The strands were thick, and they were shiny. I was surprised. Since I was having hair fall issues too because of my thyroid problem, I decided to check this out too. Only been on it for a few weeks, but I’m already seeing improvements in the thickness of my hair. It’s amazing! I highly recommend Hair Loss Black Book for so many good reasons. Whether you just want to strengthen your hair or you need to grow back lost hair, this is surely gonna help.

I'm already seeing some improvements
Lisa Dames (from Round Rock, USA) posted this review on March 21, 2013

My hair started falling out mid last year. I’m a woman, so it’s really depressing seeing my hair so think and with some of my scalp sticking out. It used to be my asset. It was blond and thick when I was younger. I don’t know how it happened because we don’t have a history of female baldness in the family. My mom still had healthy hair when she was in her 60s. I’m just in my 40s but my hair’s already losing its grip. It was so devastating that I tried different hair regrowth products from here and from abroad. Yep, I ordered a lot on the internet! I’ve been jumping from one product to another for quite some time now. Good thing I found Hair Loss Black Book. The simple and natural techniques in this book helped me stop hair loss. It takes time for my hair to regrow, but I’m already seeing improvements at this point.

I regained my thick, shiny hair through this
posted this review on October 16, 2012

I used to have really thick hair, but on a charity mission to another country, I contracted head lice, and when I got back here, I started using shampoo to kill the lice, and that probably caused the horrible hair loss I suffered from for so many months. I was really scared that I had it checked by a specialist, and I was told that it could be an allergic reaction to that product I used. I was given a special shampoo to help stop the hair loss, but it didn’t work that well. I was still having so much fallout. My hair was so thin then that it looked like it’s just been some brown cloth draped over my head. I was already losing hope then when I found this book. I was skeptical at first, but I thought there’s nothing to lose since I’m gonna end up just losing all of my hair anyway. Surprisingly, the simple methods here stopped my falling hair. I kept using it in hopes of growing back thick hair and it also worked! In just two months, I regained my hair’s original thickness. There are also tips in here on how to maintain healthy and beautiful hair. I’m still doing them right now because I’m determined to take better care of my hair now that I almost lost it! Two thumbs up for this book!

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