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Guilt Free Deserts is a guide to delicious, healthy desserts. The guide contains 40 all-natural, low-glycemic recipes, most of which can be prepared in 30 minutes or less. All the recipes in Guilt Free Desserts come with time-saving tips, estimated preparation time, and nutritional information.

Besides the recipes, the Guilt Free Desserts e-book also includes baking secrets from top chefs and dozen tips on healthy baking ingredients, substitutes and natural sweeteners. Here's a small sample of what you'll find inside the pages of Guilt Free Desserts:

  • The truth about ‘sugar alcohols' and how you can use them,
  • Top ingredients for adding sweetness and fiber to your desserts,
  • Why you should avoid artificial sweeteners,
  • All natural sweetener that can improve your immune system and lower your cholesterol,
  • Organic sweetener with zero calories,
  • Flour products from whole grains, almonds and pecans,
  • How to make gluten-free recipes,
  • Ways to lower the glycemic index of your desserts, while adding more nutrients,
  • And more...

All in all, the Guilt Free Desserts is a great resource for all who want to take care of their health, without giving up on their favorite sweets. All the recipes taste just like the real deal - you won't even know that while you are eating a chocolate cake, you are actually adding fiber to your diet and lowering your cholesterol at the same time. Like the name says, the desserts from this book are really Guilt Free.

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Finally, amazing desserts that I can prepare myself!
posted this review on September 21, 2014

You don’t always get a chance to cook and eat guilt-free desserts. For a long time, I thought there was no such thing as a guilt-free dessert. It’s great that my neighbor told me about this treasure. I kind of mentioned to her that I have high-blood sugar, so she told me about how this baby worked for her son who has, unfortunately, both diabetes and a sweet tooth. It took me some time before I downloaded this, simply because I couldn’t believe it at first. I only decided to download it because of my daughter’s birthday party. Now, I’m really happy with the recipes here. The ingredients are very easy to find, and the recipes are also simple too. I am not that good at baking, but these, I can follow because the instructions are very clear.

Amazing sweet recipes for the entire family
Karylle Montez (from Frisco, USA) posted this review on July 29, 2014

Guilt Free Desserts is heavenly! I have tried many of the recipes here and they’re amazing. The preparation is just the same as the usual dessert the only difference here is that you choose only healthy ingredients. I enjoyed reading the guide and baking the desserts here for myself, and for my husband who has diabetes. He still eats moderately, but he can eat more than what he could if it were the usual dessert. The kids also enjoy the recipes so much. I definitely recommend this guide to everyone who loves sweets but is afraid of the negative effects it has on the body. Better prevention than cure right?

Awesome health benefits
posted this review on October 5, 2013

I notice a slight difference in taste from when you’re using sugar as your sweetener, and honestly, I still like the sugar-based version. However, when it comes to being healthy this is miles and miles away from the sugar-based version. Here you will use only healthy sweeteners that don’t have the side effects of sugar, and some also have added health benefits. I didn’t know a lot of them until I got a hold of this book. I’ve always loved baking. In fact, baking school made me gain 20lbs! I’m on a strict diet and workout program now. Guilt Free Desserts gives me the cheat-day sweets I love so much. I always get 2 cheat days a week, and I always bake then. A lot of my friends love the recipes here for their “distinct” flavor. They have no idea that the slight difference in change is caused by the healthy sweeteners I use. I don’t know, some people will probably not be affected by taste, but since I have formal training in baking, I can actually sense those little differences. But all in all, these desserts are delicious, and their health benefits are amazing. They’re baked like regular desserts, by the way.

This is guaranteed safe for diabetics
Girly Poole (from Vail, USA) posted this review on July 29, 2013

I have been diabetic for years, and I’ve been denying myself the pleasure of eating sweets for that long. I’ve already come to accept that I’m a diabetic, but getting a treat once in a while is important, so I won’t feel too deprived. Through Guilt Free Desserts, I’m able to give myself treats without feeling bad. Before, I really avoided sweets in general because I was scared I’d get hooked, and it would make my condition worse. But because these are guaranteed perfect for diabetics, I bake or make some whenever I have time, usually on weekends. I’ve also started minimizing sweets in my daughter’s diet, but with this, we can both spoil ourselves from time to time. I bargained with her that she can eat sweets only when I made or baked them, and it was fine with her. I definitely recommend this to all diabetics, and to parents as well. It’s always best to start our children with healthy eating as soon as possible, and this is one of the best ways to do it. I’ve asked my doctor about this cookbook as well, and he said that it’s definitely ok to use it.

This saved me from hamrful desserts
posted this review on May 30, 2013

It’s true that these desserts are helping me lose weight instead of the other way around. How? By suppressing my cravings for more fattening sweets like commercial chocolate and ice cream. I usually get these insatiable cravings for sweets a week before and during the time of the month. These days are the toughest for me. I’ve been dieting for a few years, but haven’t been losing much weight because I regain them all when I hit these crucial days. Good thing Guilt Free Desserts came along. These goodies have their special spot in my heart and in my fridge. I always bake some whenever I have the chance and keep some of them for later. They’re not that difficult to bake, and most of them last a long time if you store them properly. They’ve made dieting so much easier for me.

These desserts really keep me alive
posted this review on May 11, 2013

These desserts keep me alive. I’ve got high blood sugar. Not diabetes yet, but munching on two more chocolate bars would probably destroy my pancreas and get it into full-blown diabetes. For now, I’m staying alive eating these sweets. Living without sweets can kill me faster than diabetes, so the recipes here virtually serve as my supplements. They’re good! They have almost no difference from ordinary sweets, only healthier. I prepare them almost the same way I do ordinary sweets. I only use the ingredients listed here. The bonus recipes are just as awesome and as healthy as the ones in the main book.

We can now eat desserts without being guilty
posted this review on April 22, 2013

My desserts are now purely healthy desserts. This cookbook is great if you love baking because at least you can now serve healthy desserts for the family. Baking is something that I love doing, but my husband says I shouldn’t always serve these sweets for the family because they’re not healthy for the kids. Guilt Free Desserts came in and I can always serve these desserts to the family without worries. Some of the desserts I love serving are crème brulee, cheesecakes, truffles, and a lot more. I serve them on weekends when the kids stay home the whole day so the family can share them. Our weekends have never been better. We can sit in front of the TV the entire day and just eat these sweets. Although these are healthy sweets, it’s still important to eat them moderately. With this, I don’t have to choose between serving healthy food and serving delicious food for the family.

Myles S. (from York New Salem, USA) posted this review on March 4, 2013

These desserts aren’t actually all that super healthy, but they’re healthier than regular desserts, and they’re ok for people who want to lose weight, or those who need to control their sugar intake. The stuff used here aren’t bad for the body. They do not aggravate medical conditions like diabetes or obesity. If you have doubts on the product, it will still be best to consult your doctor, but I’m quite confident that these are ok for most medical conditions. I’m watching my weight right now, and all of my desserts, I get from here. They’re delicious, at least most of them are. There are some that I didn’t like but it’s up to you what you prefer eating. I still think eating these in moderation is important because the calories are still there.

This has really changed the way I look at desserts
S. Pollock (from El Monte, USA) posted this review on March 2, 2013

Years before, I couldn’t believe that there’s such a thing as a guilt-free dessert. I’m a little bit overweight, and my weight has always been my biggest concern. Right now I’m on a special diet and exercise regimen to get rid of the excess weight. I can control myself when it comes to other kinds of food but not when it comes to sweets. The sweet tooth runs in the family. Good thing I finally found Guilt Free Desserts. It’s changed the way I look at sweets and desserts a lot!

I don't have to give up sweets anymore
posted this review on January 21, 2013

I love Guilt Free Desserts! I’m on a special diet now because I’m trying to lose weight, and my sweet tooth is crying because of it. I researched online for some low sugar desserts, and I’m glad I found this! OOohhh I was overjoyed when I first saw the recipes. I tried some of them, and they’re good! You wouldn’t realize they’re low on sugar. Also, this doesn’t just strive to give you low sugar desserts, it’s also meant to help you eat healthy. Some recipes here are rich in fiber, there are some that are gluten-free, you can just take your pick. I’m so happy that I don’t have to give up eating delicious sweets anymore. I can lose weight, and still eat dessert in moderation. Yep, I still don’t pig out on these even if they’re low on sugar because they still got calories and they can still make me fat.

They're so delicious, you wouldn't realize they're sugar-free!
posted this review on December 16, 2012

I’m so glad I found this! My husband’s diabetic, but he loves sweets, so we used to fight whenever I caught him sneaking some chocolates or cake or even ice cream into our home. I’ve put the family off sweets when we found out that he’s diabetic but he’s just too hardheaded. Guilt Free Desserts really made my life easier. I’m a stay-at-home mom and wife with plenty of time to cook good food for my family, so I always make them sweets from here. They’re both healthy and delicious!

Healthy sweets can be this delicious!
posted this review on August 27, 2012

The desserts in this book are so delicious, you won’t think they’re for people with diabetes. I’m also sure that they’re safe for people who have blood sugar problems because I consulted my doctor about them. I’ve an abnormally sweet tooth, but sadly, my diabetes doesn’t let me enjoy all the sweets I’d love to eat. Good thing there is something like this out in the market! Sure, I still need to control myself when eating out, but at home, my wife makes all the sweets I want to eat, so I don’t feel deprived. My only concern is that there is only a few recipes included in here. There are just 40, while other recipe books have more than a hundred or something, but since it’s unique, I guess it should do. Still giving it a high rating for the taste of the desserts, and for the quality of the recipe book.

Our whole family loves this!
Posy V. (from Lloydminster, USA) posted this review on July 22, 2012

I so thank Kelly for this book! I have diabetes, and I should always watch what I eat. It was sad for me that I couldn’t enjoy sweets that I love so much. I really thought I’d never enjoy sweets for the rest of my life, until I found this book. I asked my doctor if the recipes are safe for me, and he said they are, so I immediately got my baking tools ready, and got the ingredients and started baking. They’re so delicious! They taste even better than ordinary sweets. I just couldn’t believe I’m eating sweet food again without worrying about my condition. Now the whole family loves my baked goodies. Whenever we dine out, we bring our own dessert. In parties, we still bring our own because almost all of us are diabetics. My sister suggested that we try setting up a business with the recipes we got from here. I’m still thinking about it, but I think it would be great!

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