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Great Taste No Pain will show you how to eliminate almost any kind of digestive problem by eating correctly.

The secret behind Great Taste No Pain is combining foods so that they don't overproduce digestive acids. When you start eating this way, your digestion will get better and your body will be able to eliminate wastes and toxins more efficiently. Your overall physical condition will improve; you will have more energy and feel healthier.

The Great Taste No Pain system includes 6 manuals:

  • Pain Free in 1 Day

This manual will lead you through the first 4 days of your new eating regime. It includes suggestions for every meal during these 4 days (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks). You don't have to plan anything as everything is laid out for you.

  • How To End Stomach Pain Forever, Even If Your MD Says, "No Way"!

Explains in great details everything you need to know about food combining, how and why it works. Outlines the three main principles behind proper fruit, carbohydrate and protein consumption

  • Foods That Create Acid, Foods That Take It Away

Outlines which of the commonly eaten foods are alkaline and which are acidic.

  • What to Eat With What

The manual lists almost all foods that you can imagine and explains what you can eat with any other food in easy-to-understand charts.

  • The Great Taste No Pain Recipe Book

The recipe book contains 112 recipes for cooking healthy and delicious meals. Each meal is well-balanced and highly nutritious. The cookbook includes recipes for breakfasts, salads, soups, starters, snack, desserts, main entrees, and more.

  • The Great Taste No Pain Pocket Guide To Pain-Free Dining Out

This guide is a great resource for making good food choices while eating out. It is in pocket format, so you can take it with you everywhere you go and enjoy Great Taste With No Pain.

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Just lost 15lbs. through this
posted this review on August 12, 2013

Somebody told me this morning that I lost a lot of weight, so I immediately weighed myself, and that’s how I found out that I’ve really lost about 15 lbs. I was already suspecting it, but I thought it could just be wishful thinking, until I went out with friends, and they were shocked at how much weight I lost in so little time.

My secret? Great Taste No Pain. I bought this book because I was having digestion problems. My stomach always felt so full and bloated, and I was constipated too most of the time. There were weeks when I wouldn’t go for 2 days straight. It was really uncomfortable for me. When Great Taste No Pain came along, I noticed results merely days after following the eating plan here. I kept on following it because it worked in relieving constipation and regularizing my bowel movement. I didn’t expect it to facilitate weight loss as well. My friend told me that it could be boosting my metabolism by aiding digestion. Whatever. The important thing for me now is that my constipation and bloating problem are gone, and it seems like I will be so much hotter too in the long run.

It's great for almost any digestion issue you can think of
posted this review on August 3, 2013

Just 1 day after being on Great Taste No Pain, I experienced a great improvement in my digestive system right away. The gassy feeling inside went away, and the acidity was also lessened. I used to feel too much stomach acid after eating, but with the recipes and food combinations here, it’s not that bad anymore. My wife makes sure I get to follow this special diet. This is really effective as long as you follow the eating plan completely. It is based on the chemicals inside you, so it’s important to follow the program without substitutes. This is highly recommended if you have any kind of digestion problem.

I feel like an expert...
posted this review on May 18, 2013

I live a generally healthy life. I don’t drink much, I don’t smoke, and I eat healthy foods most of the time. I’m just really unlucky to have a defective digestive system. I suffer from bloating and gas, there are times when I get indigestion and constipation as well. The first day I followed the eating style in Great Taste, No Pain, I started feeling a lot better. I ate a full meal then but I followed the tips in the book. There are certain foods that work together to keep the stomach working at its best. I had to keep that in mind all the time and follow everything. In time, I just got used to that way of eating. It became natural to me, so it isn’t too difficult anymore. Right now, my digestive system has improved so much. I rarely suffer from constipation now, and I don’t experience bloating and flatulence anymore. When friends or family members complain about digestion issues, I give them tips right away. I feel like I’ve become an expert when it comes to digestive health.

The only thing that got rid of my constipation
posted this review on May 9, 2013

Constipation has haunted me since I was young. It’s caused me so much pain and hassle. I’ve worked with several doctors on getting rid of it. I was told to just eat foods with fiber, or just eat this kind of food and that, and don’t eat this and that. Those techniques didn’t work. Great Taste No Pain is the only one that got rid of my nasty constipation. Right now, I go every morning before work, and it’s easy. I learned the right way to eat, and how my body will respond to certain foods, so everything became a lot easier for me.

I don't suffer from constipation and flatulence anymore
Martin Edson (from Nolanville, USA) posted this review on April 30, 2013

I used to suffer from constipation and flatulence before. It was so embarrassing. And then I occasionally got gastritis as well. My whole digestive system was pretty screwed up for quite some time. And then I got Great Taste No Pain, and it worked for me. My digestion improved a lot. I do a number 2 every morning when I wake up, and I don’t have to hold farts in for the rest of the day while at work. Sometimes I couldn’t concentrate with work because I have to use up all my energy holding em in. Hahahha! I also haven’t gotten a single bout with gastritis since getting acquainted with this program.

The trick here is eating foods in the right combination. There’s a certain combination you need to follow, so the chemicals from each kind of food balances each other out. It’s a very smart strategy. I’m glad some dudes thought of this.

It's the right way of eating
posted this review on April 17, 2013

I was 24 years old when I was rushed to the hospital for a week’s stay. I had a really bad heartburn before that and tons other stomach problems. I usually feel bloated and gassy, and there are times when I just don’t want to eat anymore. I was already going crazy with eating bland “healthy” foods that my doctor put me on. I’ve been eating mostly those for 3 years, and it was getting on my nerves. There are also 2 meds I need to take, one before each meal, and another after. Imagine having to do that for 3 years every single day of your life. It was irritating, but I was too scared to stop because I tried once and the heartburn, gassy, painful feeling in my stomach after meals returned. Great Taste No Pain came along and it helped me enjoy food again despite of my unlucky tummy. I can now eat delicious foods whenever I want. It’s not just a “cheat day” treat, and I don’t worry anymore while eating delicious foods. There is still some level of discipline needed as you really really have to stick to the food combinations discussed in the book, but yeah, it’s a lot better than being trapped in a bland diet, and having to take two kinds of pills every meal. I’m so thankful that people came up with this way of eating. I’m pretty sure this has also helped a lot other people.

I can enjoy eating again
posted this review on March 21, 2013

I used to have hyperacidity. I used to feel this burning sensation in my tummy all the time. It was so annoying. Great Taste No Pain is heaven sent. It lets me enjoy most of the food I want without the excess acids. Hahahaha! I never thought I’d enjoy eating this much again.

This book is my savior!
posted this review on January 26, 2013

Great Taste No Pain is my savior! My stomach used to act up just before my period. I either get diarrhea, or I get that bloated feeling. Something like you’re always hungry but your stomach feels full kinda thing. I don’t know how to explain it but it’s a horrible feeling, and it’s something that contributes to my crankiness while on PMS. Through Great Taste No Pain, I learned how to eat during that time of the month. Actually, I try to stick to the program as much as I can on other days too, but I’m really obedient when it’s PMS time. I follow the food combination ideas here, and so far, it’s been working for me. I can also manage what I eat better. I don’t get hunger pangs out of nowhere, and I feel like my tummy has become so much healthier. The best thing about this is that you don’t have to spend so much on weird food. They’re just ordinary food eaten in a certain way or combination.

A scientific approach to eating
Meredith Haven (from Olmito, USA) posted this review on January 14, 2013

Great Taste No Pain is basically a scientific approach to eating. This isn’t just for people who have stomach and digestion problems. I think it will also be helpful for everyone. If you want to protect your digestive health this will do you a lot of good. It has the basic combination of foods you should eat to make sure that your digestive system doesn’t go out of balance. There are people who can eat whatever they want, and not feel anything in their stomach. That’s a good thing, but they could be damaging their internal organs without them knowing. Great Taste No Pain isn’t just for curing heartburn, hyperacidity, GERD, and other digestive issues. It’s also perfect for prevention of these problems. You will get 6 manuals in this program and all of them are informative and helpful. When you finish all of them you won’t eat the same way again.

I get to trick my digestive system easily
posted this review on January 6, 2013

Great Taste No Pain features an awesome way to trick your digestive system. I’ve had digestive issues since I was a kid. I always get hyperacidity when I eat certain kinds of food and when I eat too much. I’ve learned to live with it, and I just became extra careful with what I age. When I found Great Taste No Pain, I realized everything I’ve been doing wrong. It helped me eat the right way, and get rid of the pain I get. I can now eat a full meal, as long as I follow the combinations suggested in the book. I didn’t imagine  I’d finally be free from nasty hyperacidity. I eat in parties without worrying now. I have generally more freedom when it comes to eating because I know that as long as I get the combinations right, my stomach won’t act up!

Everything you need to have a healthy digestive system!
posted this review on December 12, 2012

The combination of foods in Great Taste, No Pain never fails me! I’ve been on this way of eating since February this year, and it just keeps on impressing me. Two thumbs up for this book! if you want to end your hyperacidity, bloated feeling, gassy stomach, constipation, and other digestive issues, this has got everything you need.

Taught me everything about eating right
posted this review on December 8, 2012

I’m so happy that I can finally enjoy eating any kind of food that I want. Even if there is a certain combination to keep in mind, it’s ok as long as I don’t get acid reflux the way I used to before. Great Taste No Pain has been really helpful for me. It helped me understand why I feel pain when I eat certain kinds of food, and it’s also taught me how to eat right, when eating healthy is not enough. It’s a well written, well researched and very informative book that everyone with digestive problems should get their hands on!

The healthiest way to regulate stomach acids
posted this review on December 1, 2012

I suffer from hyperacidity, so I used to be really careful with what I eat. One wrong move when it comes to eating makes me suffer from pain for the whole day. I’ve had that since I was a kid, and I just learned to live with it, but it was really uncomfortable especially when I’m eating out with friends. I also steer clear from parties because I couldn’t help but eat a lot, and my stomach gets hell painful after. I can’t drink too much alcohol, sometimes I don’t drink at all because I get too scared of the pain. Great Taste No Pain gave me workarounds for these problems. I got to  learn how to eat properly, so the foods in my stomach regulate its acidity well. It’s doing really good on its own now. I don’t have to take meds anymore. I regulate my stomach acids through food, and I think this is the healthiest way to do it.

The eating formula is very smart
posted this review on November 22, 2012

In Great Taste, No Pain, you will get a diet program that’s not restrictive, but it’s certainly controlled. You can eat anything you want, but there are combinations required, and there are also certain portions needed for each meal. The good thing about this is that you will immediately feel the results. I’ve been suffering from hyperacidity for a long time, but I don’t get it anymore as long as I follow the eating plan in this book. It was difficult at first because there is something like a formula you need to keep in mind, but you’ll surely get the hang of it. There are meal suggestions included in the book, but as you go along, you’ll learn how to “formulate” your own meals. There are charts included in the book, so learning will be easy. If you’re not up to the challenge of figuring out how the formula works, you need to stick to the premade meal plans in the book.

For those who are not gifted with good digestive systems
posted this review on November 18, 2012

Judging from the comments on this page, I think there are really people who aren’t fortunate enough to have good digestive systems. I think I’m one of those people. I get digestion problems from time to time, like constipation, and then it’d turn really bad and I’d get stomach pains from time to time. I also do not poop regularly like other people do. Sometimes it takes 2 days, sometimes 3. And there are times when I get too much acid inside my stomach, and it rumbles and I seem to have some bitter fluid going up my throat to my mouth. It’s terrible. One time I went to the doctor because I got a tummy ache, I was told that I should be careful what I eat because I have really bad digestive system. I wasn’t told what to eat and not to eat though. Just the general eat healthy, avoid junk food script.

Great Taste No Pain gave me a solid understanding of the foods I should eat and how to eat them. Actually, there are no banned foods here. You’d just learn how to properly eat them, and in what portions. You get a clear eating plan, so you’re not left in the dark as to what causes your pains and constipation and all that. I poop regularly in the morning now, and I rarely get stomach pains. I only get them before my period when my whole body starts acting up. This is something I’d recommend to those who are not gifted with a good, fully-functional digestive system.

Thanks a bunch!
posted this review on November 17, 2012

I used to feel bloated all the time, and I feel like farting on the inside. If you’ve experienced that I’m sure you’d know how embrassing that is. Sometimes I wonder if other people are hearing those little farts that seem to be happening inside my tummy. My husband told me to try Great Taste No Pain, so I did. It’s easy to follow because the suggested foods are deliciouys, and you don’t have to go hungry at all. Plus, it worked for me instantly. In just a few days that little farting inside me was gone!

Just my thoughts
posted this review on November 9, 2012

I’ve had acidic stomach since I can remember. It probably runs in the family because my father and 2 uncles had the same problem. One of my uncles had ulcer in the long run. My dad had to be careful with what he eats his entire life. He had a very restrictive diet, which is something I don’t want for myself. Great Taste No Pain has eating techniques that allow me to enjoy the foods I want. It’s something like strategic eating. I just make sure to follow it as often as I can. Sometimes I fail, but I don’t get stomach pain anymore probably because it’s mostly balanced now. I can’t really give a medical analysis of this program because I’m not a medical professional. This comment is just based on my experience on it. Not getting paid to do this. Just thought I’d share.

Got rid of my pains in about 2 weeks
posted this review on November 2, 2012

I don’t know why I’ve been having too much acid in my stomach the past few months. I didn’t have digestive problems before, but it must be aging that’s causing it. My wife put me in the special diet featured in this book, and it got rid of the pains. It took about 2 weeks to show results, but at least it’s good now, and the diet isn’t too restrictive so I can stay with it as long as I need to.

Controls my hyperacidity
posted this review on November 2, 2012

I love this program for getting rid of hyperacidity. I’ve had that for a long time. I had to quit drinking because of it, and my doctor always tells me that it can lead to ulcer if I don’t take serious effort in taking care of my digestive system. Yikes! Before I just steered clear from foods that are obviously acidic, but that wasn’t enough. A good friend told me about this diet regimen. She said it works for her heartburn. I tried it without consulting my doctor, but I wouldn’t suggest you do the same thing if your case is really bad. I’ve been on this for 4 months now, and so far, I’ve never had an attack, so I’m sure it works. The manual is also very easy to follow as you get specific instructions, and you also get a recipe book with it!

No more bloating and pain
posted this review on October 22, 2012

I’ve had digestion problems for so long that I initially thought the only remedy would be surgery. I got this just months ago, and didn’t expect it to be the miracle I’ve been looking for. It cured me pretty quickly. I’m now free from pain and bloating and can eat almost anything I want in moderation.

The only natural treatment program with permanent effects
Colby Jeffers (from Bledsoe, USA) posted this review on October 7, 2012

This still takes a certain level of discipline, like all other natural treatment methods, but it works better than any other I’ve tried. I’ve long been into natural medicine, since I got problems with my digestive system, but this one is the only one that works great. Most relieve pain and other symptoms, but I doubt if they have any long-term effects. I’ve tried this system for more than 3 months now, and I haven’t had any heartburn or acid reflux attacks since I’ve started. That’s a pretty good record since I used to have attacks everyday. It really tortured me for 2 years before I got started with natural treatments. But as I’ve said most of the treatments have only temporary effects, and this is the only one I got that has long-term help.

I'm back to my old self!
Randal B. (from Quinlan, USA) posted this review on October 4, 2012

A few months ago, I went to a cousin’s sendoff party and I really pigged out. I ate a lot of oysters and seaweeds, and was punished for that the next day. I suffered from acid reflux and diarrhea, and I really thought I was gonna die. After a week the abnormal pooping stopped, but since then, I get acid reflux whenever I eat a little more than the usual. Sometimes when my wife cooks really delicious food, I get to eat a little more, and then it’d flare up. I feel like all hell’d break loose everytime it strikes. Good thing my wife found this book and downloaded it for me. The cures are just so effective. Since I followed this book, I never had an attack. I can eat a lot now and not worry. I also join the boys again for a few bottles of beer every weekend. This is great stuff! Definitely try this if you suffer from the same problem.

I can now eat any food I want
posted this review on October 1, 2012

This is a great book for anyone who has digestion problems. I’ve been suffering from different digestion issues, and my doctor said before that I should be careful with what I eat because I have a weak digestive system. This ended my suffering, and I can now enjoy pretty much any kind of food. My lifestyle has also changed for the better.

Eliminated my digestion problems in just a few days
posted this review on July 2, 2012

I’ve been on this program for more almosts 2 weeks now, and I have to say that it is effective. I am generally unhealthy, and at the age of 42, I suffer from more diseases than most 60 year olds.

My digestive system is probably the most problematic of all. I usually have gas, which is quite embarrassing, and at other times I’d have constipation, and I also noticed that my breath stinks even after I brush my teeth. I have visited several doctors to have my condition treated, but they all told me that it will go away in time, and gave me some pills to pop for a few days. Maybe they thought that my condition was just embarrassing, but not life threatening, No one dies from embarrassment after all.

A lot of friends always tell me that there must be a problem with my diet, but I shoved away their ideas because my doctors never mentioned that to me. When I saw Great Taste, No Pain, I finally decided to try it. A few days into the program, I have become more energetic. A few days more and my gassy, bloated feeling went away. Also, I noticed that I haven’t been constipated since I started.

I am planning to continue the program, since the recipes are all delicious and my family also enjoys eating them. I have also recommended the book to friends who suffer from digestion issues.

A Real Duh Moment
OtherWyse (from Ozark, United States) posted this review on January 18, 2011

The DUH moment was mine! After reading only the first chapter and the A-B-C page, I realized I could eat foods I'd avoided for years IF I combined them properly.

The whole concept makes perfect sense ... if you have any condition or medical problem ... start here!

Elizabeth W.
Ozark Alabama

Raju (from Kolkata, India) posted this review on May 26, 2010


It Really Works !!
dog810 (from Greenfield, USA) posted this review on March 6, 2009

I've been on this program for the past 5 months and have found it to REALLY WORK. I've suffered GERD, gastritis,esauphagus inflamation, sliding hiatal hernia,polyps in esauphagus and colon, have had a 'scope' at both ends and I'm done with all of it. Since I've been on GTNP plan its changed my health that will last forever. I'm 65 and never felt this good! Food bill has dropped, also my weight by 20 lbs, no acid reflux or health problems. No more cholesterol pills, that test proved to drop it 93 points and no more PRILOSEC. I've got a 'glow' that people comment on all the time by asking " What are you done?" I just tell them about GTNP, simple, it works. My hair has never been so manageable, and I've never had so many comments on that before. Thanks to this plan. I recommend it to everyone, my husband is a much healthier, slimmer person also.


I feel great

I have been using the system for the past three weeks, and I feel great. No bloatedness or acid and the recipes are very tasty. I can't believe that I can eat almost anything I like as long as I combine the foods properly. I have also lost 3 kilos. Before I couldn't lose any, although I am a very healthy eater.

Sue Lee

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