Frosted Dreams

by Ben & Amy Holmes,

customer rating:

Score: 9/10 ( 13 votes)
Score: 9/10 ( 13 votes)
Score: 9/10 ( 13 votes)
Score: 9/10 ( 13 votes)

Frosted Dreams is an e-book that will help you take your cake decorating skills to a professional level. It's a fully illustrated guide to decorating all kinds of cakes for every possible occasion.

You'll learn how to make beautiful cakes using icing, frosting, marzipan, fondant, ganache and gum paste. You'll also learn how to create dozens of different border patterns and floral arrangements as well as advanced decorating techniques, including figure piping, lettering, sugar molds and more.

You can use the skills you'll learn from Frosted Dreams to decorate all kinds of desserts. There's also a special section that will teach you how to make 22 different delicious candies with your own hands.

Plus, you'll get hundreds of cake decorating ideas and lots of inspiration for your own delectable masterpieces. You can browse through vast galleries of wedding and special occasion cake illustrations, choose from dozens of pre-designed patterns or use everything provided in Frosted Dreams to come up with your own unique items. 

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My first investment
posted this review on November 2, 2013

The cake decorating designs in Frosted Dreams are amazing! I was overwhelmed when I saw the designs in the collection. The instructions are also very clear. I have other cake decorating books but this has the most unique designs for every occasion. I think it’s perfect for new cake enthusiasts like me. I’ve only started baking 2 years ago. I attended a baking course briefly but I didn’t finish the entire decorating module because it was too expensive. I got everything I needed form Frosted Dreams. The part on fundamentals has a lot of tips and tricks that weren’t discussed during my formal training. I now feel sorry for spending too much money on that. Once I master cake decorating, I will surely make a business out of this. Frosted Dreams is a valuable first investment for me.

I don’t usually recommend products like this, so I don’t know what else I need to include in this review, but all I can say is that this should be more than 20 bucks. Heck, I’d buy this even if it were a hundred dollars!

Check this out... it's a steal!
posted this review on February 14, 2013

I love Frosted Dreams! I’ve always wanted to learn how to decorate cake because I’m quite a good baker. It’s the presentation part that I had problems with in the past, but now I can come up with lovely cake designs too. Frosted Dreams has a lot of cake design ideas for newbies. They’re really easy. I didn’t end up wasting materials because the instructions are really easy to follow. I now also do my own designs using some of the designs from the book as inspiration. If you’re into more advanced designs, there are some here, although there are more newbie-friendly designs, so I wouldn’t really recommend this for advanced cake decorators. There’s also a bonus section on candies. I had no idea that making candies would be this fun. I think I got more than my money’s worth from this guide. Check this out! I’m sure this will be money well-spent.

The tips and designs are awesome
posted this review on February 6, 2013

The guide has so many topnotch cake decorating tips and ideas that range from very easy to more advanced ones. It’s a really good guide for beginners. I’m a fan!

You'll learn the basics from here!
posted this review on November 25, 2012

I’ve been good at baking for the longest time, but I sucked at decorating. I thought I just didn’t have the creativity for it. Good thing I found Frosted Dreams. I learned basic cake decorating techniques here that I now use. Learning these basic skills allowed me to experiment, and come up with my own decorations that look professionally made. The book has very clear instructions and it has a lot of pre-designed patterns I got to practice with. It’s great because I just played with these patterns until I learned the basics, and that’s when I started making my unique designs. I never thought I could come up with such pretty works of art when I have shaky hands, and 0 knowledge in art. Now my cakes aren’t just delicious, they’re presentable too. Actually, I’ve become more interested in decorating than in baking now. I definitely recommend this book to those who are self-taught bakers like me who are struggling with cake decorating. It will surely help a lot.

Great great course!
Cindy Lam (from Vail, USA) posted this review on September 19, 2012

I’m quite a good cake baker, but when it comes to decorating, I suck big time. I tried attending a seminar before, but it ran for 5 hours and we only got an hour hands-on to try and apply everything we learned, to ask questions and all that, which didn’t really teach me much at all. Because of that experience, I never attended another seminar again, and I never considered going to a baking school because I’m afraid to throw away that much money for something that might not work for me anyway. Buying this book seemed more appealing to me, and I was right in that decision. It did work great for me, the only thing I had problems with is that I couldn’t get expert feedback on my work. My family only knows how to eat cake, but they have no idea what looks good, what doesn’t, and what looks professionally made and all that, so it’s quite difficult for me figuring out which aspects of cake decorating to improve on. I hope they setup a community for those who are learning using this resource so we can all just take pictures and then upload them on the forum for everyone to judge. Other than that, this is a great great cake decorating course I’d recommend to everyone.


Great book.

This book is excellent. I especially liked those colorful pictures of every step and every decoration in the book. Everything is clear and to the point.

Mary G.,

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