Forex Trading Machine

by Avi Frister,

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Forex Trading Machine, a 180-page trading guide, explains Avi Frister's famous Price Driven Forex Trading (PDFT) method and three of its most secure and profitable techniques: a swing trading Forex Cash Cow strategy, two-day trading Forex Runner, and Forex Flip & Go.

The author of the course, Avi Frister, a full-time Forex trader with 11 years of experience, says that no one can get good results from the Forex market unless he has a unique strategy. Unique means original, innovative, and different from others. That is, if everyone is trading using the same technique, then this technique is doomed to fail. His PDFT system is a synthesis of various techniques and analysis methods. This method is based on price and time. No trends, patterns, levels, or moving averages. This method is simple and absolutely mechanical. All you need is to follow the instructions and trading plan. The method's secret is the absence of decision making, interpreting, and emotions-the most common reasons for mistakes and losses.

The Forex Trading Machine course consists of a book in PDF format and nine bonus video lessons (three for each trading strategy). It covers Avi Frister's method and strategies and explains Forex trading from A to Z, including a market overview, rules and organization, trading psychology, money management, and technical and fundamental analysis. Even a beginner will understand the Forex business and be able to apply the gained knowledge in live trades after taking the course.

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Really unique system!
On-Site Review

I bought Forex Trading machine with great scepticism as I lost lot of money buying bogus trading systems those are not possible to implement in real life trading.
But I must say the systems are really GREAT and very simple to use. I started with cash cow strategy and it is a great idea to trade Fx market with this strategy, Forex runner is also GREAT. Now I will try the third strategy from today.
Just sticking to the rules of those systems consistantly and using proper money management will make every one succeed, I firmly believe.

Joydip B,

It is really great job
On-Site Review

For today's trade from 8-30 to 8-33 (3 minutes exactly) I nailed 127 pips in two pairs. Could be even 20-30 pips more, but I am rather
impatient than greedy :-}
The book is really great job.

Olga M,

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