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Flat2Fem is a natural breast enlargement program for men. The program is based on a combination of herbs, nutritional supplements and massage techniques that together create the ideal conditions for breast growth.

Let's see what you will find inside the Flat2Fem program:

  • Scientific facts about male breast enlargement,
  • Step-by-step instructions for creating your own breast enlargement routine,
  • Dietary guidelines for boosting your breast growth,
  • Simple exercises that will increase your cup size,
  • Hidden hormone disturbances and how to protect from them,
  • Herbs that are proven to stimulate breast growth,
  • Little known breast enlargement massage techniques,
  • And much more...

In short, the Flat2Fem is a unique program that will show you how to permanently increase your cup size. It relies on all-natural techniques and brings results without dangerous side effects.

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I'm so happy with the improvements in my breast!
posted this review on June 26, 2014

I’m so happy with the improvements in my breast using natural techniques. I thought before that it was gonna be difficult for me to grow bigger breasts without the help of pills and other supplements. However, with the help of this guide, I got bigger breasts in just a short time. Right now, I am A cup and it’s so soft just like a woman’s. I love the guide a lot and I’m sure this will be able to help a lot of transgenders!

I'm almost a woman now!
posted this review on April 22, 2014

This is the best way to develop firm and lovely breasts for males. You really get a more feminine silhouette without opting for more expensive and possibly harmful ways. I love how this helped me look lovelier in my dresses and in general, the only thing that remains a man in me is my appetite.

I'm now wearing an A cup bra!
Sophie Frios (from Vancouver, Canada) posted this review on April 7, 2014

The program is amazing! Everything is so natural, so I wasn’t scared of using them. My boobies began to swell by the third week. I already noticed some changes after the first week, but it was only after the 3rd week that I saw noticeable changes. To give you an idea, I’m in my 30s, and for so long I’ve wanted to have bigger breasts but I was scared of all the side effects of other methods available these days. I wanted a natural method, but I couldn’t find one. While browsing this website, I learned about Lucille. She has a lot of high-rating products for transgender women, and so I downloaded this and got started on the system right away. I was really motivated because I saw some of the results on the website, and they’re amazing. So I gave it a try, and I didn’t regret trying this! The herbs, the massages, everything’s just perfect. After three weeks, I started having to wear a bra. It was just a baby bra at first, but now on my 2nd month, I’m wearing real A cup bra! I’m hoping to hit B cup. I’ve been promoting this breast enhancement method on transgender communities to keep others from using programs that have so many side effects.

Changes in as early as a month
posted this review on August 17, 2013

I started cross dressing only 3 months ago. I still have a lot to learn, and a lot of improvements to make. I’m currently working on my body’s shape. That’s very important for when I’m wearing revealing clothes. Right now, I’m using padded bras for my breast. I got started on Lucille’s program last month. So far, I’m already seeing some improvement. There is already a little lump I can call breast, but I’m going for something bigger. I’m not sure if I can get like a C cup from this program alone, but I’d be happy with a B. Of course, this will not be as fast as other methods, but at least it’s safer. I have a friend who got allergic reactions to breast implants, that’s why I’ll never have that surgery ever. I also had another friend who tried those breast enhancing pills, but she gained weight, and of course, her man boobs got bigger. Because of those horror stories, I’ve learned to be very patient with these natural methods. I’m also using a natural method to fix my voice, and I also got the book here, but that’s a different story. Going back to the topic, yes I recommend Lucille’s program, but only if you are patient and if you are really willing to spend some time for this.

This is the safest breast enlargement method for men
posted this review on July 20, 2013

I choose Flat2Fem Breast Enlargement Program For Men over other breast enlargement methods for men because it’s the safest. The results aren’t as quick as when you’re taking pills, and of course, surgery, but there is very little risk involved. Compared to other natural breast enlargement methods for men, this is the most effective. Most importantly, the effects here are permanent. You don’t have to keep doing the methods forever. Once you reach your target size, you’ll be fine just doing the maintenance stuff.

It's tough, but worth it
posted this review on May 12, 2013

One of my girls talked to me one day and told me about her success with Lucille’s book. I wasn’t that interested at that point because she still had prunes for breasts at that time. But 2 months after that, I could really see the curves! We don’t go for surgeries or injections or anything harsh to look feminine, so I was sure she just did the methods in the book. I got the book right away, but upon reading it,  I was disappointed because there are SO MANY things to keep in mind. Being a free-spirit, I had following books like this. But I really wanted those curvy breasts my girl has, so despite my irritation, I went ahead and followed Lucille’s methods. It’s been 2 months now, and I’m seeing the same curves I envied from my friend. She’s got like a B cup now or maybe C! I hope I got started on this earlier. It’s a pain the first 2 weeks, but when you get used to it and it becomes a regular part of your routine it just gets easier.

I look more like a girl now
Lea Wright (from Glendora, USA) posted this review on April 10, 2013

My new breasts make me look like a real girl, and I didn’t have to take BCPs to get this effect. They’re not too big yet, but they’re firm, they don’t look like fat. I also believe that this is safe because it’s all natural.

B cup in just a few months
posted this review on February 9, 2013

One of my friends suggested I try Flat2Fem to grow bigger breasts instead of settling for those OTC birth control pills or surgery. I’ll be joining a big pageant this year, so as early as September last year, I started working on my breasts. It’s my biggest weakness. It’s the only part of my body that still looks like a man. I’m really pretty for a transgender, so I wanted to complete my transformation by using the most effective breast enhancing technique. Flat2Fem has got a lot of natural techniques for making sure your breasts will grow, without sacrificing your health. I love the results I’m getting from this so far. I’m pretty sure it will improve more before the pageant.

from 0 to A cup in a month
Sally Porter (from Jacob, USA) posted this review on February 2, 2013

I was saving up for a boob job when a friend introduced me to Flat2Fem. I don’t go to the internet much, so I didn’t have any idea who Lucille is, but judging from the comments on this page, I think she’s quite popular. Anyway, I’m already an A cup after a month of using the breast enlargement methods in Flat2Fem. These methods are natural, so don’t expect results overnight. You have to keep on doing them for about a month before seeing awesome results. After that I think it will be easier for you because you will already get used to the program. I make sure to do the massages and exercises as well as the suggested diet in the book for altering the hormones or something. I think the herbs are really effective! You don’t have to take pills and stuff, so it’s safe. You’ll be using all-natural methods. I’m happy with this program and everyone should try it! This just saved me a lot of pain and money.

You will really get lovely, feminine breasts
Kianna Delano (from Vickery, USA) posted this review on January 20, 2013

Flat2Fem has simple and natural ways to increase breast size for me. It’s not as quick as taking pills, but the effects are great and there are no side effects. You have to work on it, but at least it’s safe. I’ve tried other breast enlargement exercises in the gym before, and ended up having muscular breasts, instead of the round, curvy, soft, feminine breasts I’ve always dreamed of. Good thing I noticed it right away, and I stopped doing the exercises. I found out later that those exercises are only effective for women who want to have bigger breasts. They’re not cutout for men. Silly me. I found this next and tried the methods. They’re so different from the workouts I did in the gym before. These ones are easier. I was able to determine my body’s makeup and create a breast enlargement plan. It’s a complete routine you have to do everyday until you achieve the breast size that you want. Yes, it’s pretty challenging, and it’s hard to slip into a busy schedule, but that’s nothing a little prioritizing can’t fix. I find time for it everyday after work. After a week, I already saw improvements. My breasts became softer. The muscles I developed from working out started to soften, and then from there, my breasts started growing to look really feminine. It’s been 3 months now, and I’m already happy with my breast size. It looks so girly now that I can’t go out of the house without a bra anymore.

I started seeing results in just 2 weeks
posted this review on January 14, 2013

Flat2Fem is awesome! I’ve only been on it for 2 weeks, and my breasts are getting bigger and more feminine now. They’re firm! Unlike those breasts that are sagging and that just look fat. Mine look like the real thing. I feel so glam sporting them with low neckline shirts and dresses. I feel so sexy in them. Sometimes I just wear really tight shirts with no bra at all. Men go crazy! Lucille’s techniques are better than taking contraceptives. The results look more realistic, and they don’t have nasty side effects. Years ago, when I tried BCPs to blow up my breasts, I got cranky and emotional. Now I’m just pretty and sexy! Just be sure to do as the book says.

So many surprising facts and a lot of effective methods
posted this review on November 17, 2012

There are a lot of surprising facts in this book for the transgender community. I’ve been trying to naturally grow my breasts since I got off BCPs last year, but most of the methods I’ve found on the internet are phony. Lucille’s are the only ones that worked for me so far. I do the massages every morning and at night and I make sure to follow the suggested diet and lifestyle changes in the book. The instructions for creating a personal breast enlargement routine are very clear, so you can really customize the routine based on different factors and ensure it works for you. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all here, so having this personalization option is great. Don’t worry, weight gain isn’t part of the game plan. You will absolutely gain up to 3 cup sizes bigger with this. I’ve gotten better results now than when I was on BCPs and I’m not afraid of side effects anymore.

Grew boobies from this without gaining weight at all!
posted this review on November 1, 2012

The massage techniques are super effective, not to mention relaxing. You won’t feel like you’re working at all while you’re massaging them. I also follow the herbs, diet and other instructions to grow my pair, so I can’t tell you which ones work best because I do them all, but the effects on me are stunning. My boobs are not flat anymore and I didn’t have to gain weight to grow them. I didn’t have to take supplements or injections too. They just grew on their own! Loving this!

Safe way to grow those boobies
Alexandra (from High Point, USA) posted this review on August 13, 2012

I’ve been taking BCPs before finding this book. I wanted to grow large breasts, and some friends from the gay community told me that I should take them. They didn’t tell me about the risks. I’m 18 yrs. old, 16 when I started taking the pills, and after more than a year of being on them, I started developing cysts around my breasts, on my nape, and back. I visited a doctor, and told me to get off the pills as they could be causing abnormalities in my body. I did that, and just a few months later, my breasts begun to shrink. It was depressing. I didn’t want to go out, and I hid myself in my room. I broke up with my boyfriend because I didn’t want him to see me so ugly.

A friend told me about Lucille’s products and she told me to search for her on Google. I was taken to this page, and I immediately purchased the book. The exercises are much more difficult than popping a pill, but at least they’re safer. They also take a while to show results, but once you start growing your breasts, it becomes easy to blow them up to the size that you desire. I’m a cup B now after just a few months on the program. I know I will hit C soon!

Great job Lucille!
posted this review on July 5, 2012

I love Lucille even more for this! I’ve seen her other products for the gay and transgender community and I’d have to say she should be an honorary member of our association. She takes so much pride in helping us achieve our goals in looking and feeling more feminine. She stands up for us and I love her for that.

Her ebook saved me from having to take birth control pills to grow my breasts. I’ve read and heard a lot of horror stories about others who take BCPs. The side effects are just horrible. I don’t mind doing the exercises here as I see their effect. It is probably not as fast as taking pills, and of course, surgery, but at least it’s safe and natural. And with Lucille behind it, I definitely trust it completely.

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