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Epinoisis Software is a website that markets novel software products that enhance individual creativity in the area of sound, music, and computer graphics. From ringtones and audio format converters to website templates and Flash web menu makers, Epinoisis Software sells a wide variety of novel software products in the aforementioned arenas.

Among Epinoisis Software's popular products, Digital Ear is its flagship. Recognized as the world's most accurate .wav to MIDI converter, it has earned the global endorsement of music professionals for its ability to analyze a live or recorded solo performance and convert it into a standard MIDI file. Once converted, this file can run on any other synthesizer with a different voice of your liking, or you can choose to import it to other processing programs.

The website is filled with other useful products like the MagicFlare, Kibisis, and Chatablanca. MagicFlare functions as a Flash text effect creator that you can use to make impressive add-ons to your website. Kibisis converts video files to flash format; once encoded into low bit rate Flash movies, you can easily stream them on the Internet. Chatablanca redefines the chat experience by allowing you to chat with multiple people while seeing their faces live on your screen.

These are just some of the ground-breaking programs that Epinoisis Software offers. Prices vary from program to program. Click on the "Go to the Product's homepage" button below to visit their product listing and learn more about their products. You can also read more about the following products:

Digital Ear

Flash Menu Factory

Magic Flare

Flash Photo Show

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Digital Ear® in 3DO™ Video Games
On-Site Review

I can't tell you how valuable Digital Ear can be to a sound
designer. You have to hear what this software can do...

Barry Blum,
Chief Sound Designer

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