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Endometriosis is a gynecological medical condition that affects roughly 176 million women. It is formed when the tissue from the uterus (endometrium) travels to another part of the body, usually the ovaries. Due to their lack of knowledge, most doctors dismiss endometriosis as normal menstrual pain. This leaves a lot of women suffering excruciating pain, or much worse, permanent infertility.

If you are one of the approximately 10% of women all over the world suffering from endometriosis, you should grab a copy of Zoe Brown’s Endometriosis Bible & Violet Protocol. Like you, Zoe Brown has gone through a battle with endometriosis. She suffered for a long time before she found a permanent cure for this disease.

Endometriosis Bible & Violet Protocol is a 303-page eBook that tackles everything you need to know about endometriosis. Of course, it is important to fully know your enemy before you start battling it. Aside from endometriosis facts, this heaven-sent eBook also contains the 5-step Violet Protocol, which is the alternative treatment that cured Zoe Brown. It shares with you the miraculous substance that will rid you of your endometriosis forever. Also, it helps you understand what causes your disease, so you can totally eliminate it from your life.

Violet Protocol is so much better than taking pharmaceutical medicine, or having surgery. As we all know, the kinds of medicine doctors prescribe cause side effects that sometimes, even worsen your condition. Being an alternative treatment, Violet Protocol gives you total control of your disease, while letting you enjoy your life.

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The most effective plan against endometriosis
posted this review on June 5, 2014

Endometriosis took its toll on my life. I thought it was gonna be simple for me to get rid of the pain using the medications given by my doctor, but it just got worse with each passing month. It was terrible. My only consolation at that time was that it wasn’t life threatening, but even that didn’t keep me from questioning why I was afflicted with such a horrible disease. It was really painful whenever it attacked in full force. It was terrible! I am happy that I found Endometriosis Bible & Violet Protocol because this has been the only effective cure for me. All of the cures here are natural, so you won’t have to spend much money on them, but you do have to be disciplined enough to follow the course. If you’ve ever experienced endometriosis, I’m sure you’d be willing to sacrifice some pleasures just to get rid of the pain for good. I’ve been pain free for almost half a year now, and I got myself checked the last month, and the doctor said it looks like I’m healed! This is partly a miracle for me, but the Violet Protocol did most of the job. It’s the most amazing anti-endometriosis treatment plan ever! This is just amazing!

Worked right after the first month
Marina Ross (from Corpus Christi, USA) posted this review on May 5, 2014

Endometriosis has taken away much of my youth. It’s put me into so much pain, and even now, when I think about everything I’ve gone through because of endometriosis, I feel so scared that it might get back again. I found this protocol when I was searching on the Internet, and a group of concerned naturopathic doctors were discussing it on a forum. I joined in and they convinced me to give it a shot. The pain was becoming unbearable back then, so I went ahead and gave it a try. Surprisingly, it worked within the first month. I got off my meds right away. I noticed my menstruation become more normal after that and not as painful as before anymore. My boss was surprised when I didn’t have to be on leave on the first day of my period. I’d already discussed my condition with office colleagues because there were times when the pain crippled me and I couldn’t do anything. Generally, I highly recommend Endometriosis Bible & Violet Protocol to all women who want to get rid of the pain and suffering that comes with endometriosis. This is a natural treatment so you can feel a general improvement in your body. I started feeling a lot more energetic because of this program too and my skin seems to have improved. It’s funny how doctors couldn’t give me an effective cure, but one Internet search was able to solve everything.

This guide changed my life completely
posted this review on November 6, 2013

I think my life would have been so different if I hadn’t found this book. I found out that I have endometriosis when I turned 22. I went to the doctor because of severe menstrual pains and a series of tests showed that I have this disease. I was given pain meds for it and all sorts of other medications but the doctor warned me that it was gonna be a long and hard treatment. I suffered for years from irregular menstruation, severe back pains, and a lot other symptoms associated with endometriosis. It was very difficult for me, and it affected the way I performed at work. I was given Danazol, and the doctor said it was effectively shrinking the nodules, but I was experiencing too many side effects. I was even gaining weight, so I stopped taking it and decided to go on an all-natural approach. Endometriosis Bible & Violet Protocol helped me totally get rid of the nodules without having to take drugs. It took me 3 months to see results, but my ultrasound after that 3-month period showed significant decrease in the size of nodules. Some were completely gone. I also didn’t experience any negative reactions while on this program. My body seemed to like it! I’m now off the violet protocol, but I’m still maintaining a very healthy lifestyle.

I'm so lucky this worked for me
Jessica Mahon (from Pemaquid, USA) posted this review on November 2, 2013

The Violet Protocol may not be endorsed by doctors, but it’s the most effective treatment for me.  I am still on the treatment plan as I’m not completely well yet but my improvements have been amazing! These past 3 months that I’ve been in the program, I felt my body getting better and better. My doctor also agreed that I’m improving. My tests have been coming out a lot better than before.

3 years ago, when I found out that I have endometriosis, I thought I’d never get better. The doctor said that it will be a long treatment procedure and it might take years to see improvements. I was really down. I just recently found out about The Violet Protocol and this guide through some friends who had the same problem. I met them through an online discussion board for women with endometriosis and other reproductive system problems. A lot of them have been cured by the Violet Protocol through this guide.

I’m really thankful that I’m one of the women who respond positively to this treatment program. There are some women who say this didn’t work for them, so I must be one of those blessed girls. I’m giving this 2 more months to completely get rid of my endometriosis. My doctor predicts that too.

There's hope for women suffering from endometriosis
Ingrid Jackson (from Rosston, USA) posted this review on May 30, 2013

My battle with endometriosis started when I was in my 20s. It was extremely painful, and when I was diagnosed with it a few months later, I was told that it could make me go infertile. I was really devastated, I couldn’t eat for days. I chose not to have surgery at that point because I was scared and the doctor was very honest with me about the scar it would leave both physically and emotionally. I really thought there was no hope, and I was worried about getting into a relationship. How could I possibly tell the man I’m with that I couldn’t bear a child? Month after month, I endured the pain that came with menstruation. Pain pills were barely enough. Like a miracle, I found Endometriosis Bible & Violet Protocol one day, and it was like a voice was telling me to try it. That voice was probably hope. That month, I noticed that my menstrual pain wasn’t as severe as before. My mom said it could be just placebo and I should go to the doctor again, but I insisted on giving the Violet Protocol more time. The pain lessened gradually. By the 3rd month, the doctor said I’ve somehow cured myself. My heartfelt gratitude to Zoe Brown for sharing this natural cure for endometriosis. All women suffering from endometriosis should try this.

I feel a lot healthier because of the Violet Protocol
posted this review on May 27, 2013

Call me weird and all, but from now on, I’ll choose natural treatment methods over the standard ones. I’ve been a victim of those pharmaceutical meds for a long time. I had a small growth in my ovaries, and I was given meds to “melt” it. I took the meds for almost 3 months, but I was still in pain most of the time, especially before the time of the month. I was on pain meds for so long that I think my body’s probably gotten some long-term damage from it.

I learned about the Endometriosis Bible & Violet Protocol through research. I researched my meds first, their side effects, and a lot more about them. I was shocked at how damaging the meds are! They’re practically different forms of poison. I researched on natural cures for endometriosis after that hoping to get good answers from articles all over the internet, but no good free information, so I ended up getting Endometriosis Bible & Violet Protocol.

The Violet Protocol is not as easy as popping a few pills after meals. It’s a general lifestyle and diet change that needs so much self-control and discipline. I’m not the most disciplined person, but the thought of being free from the pain forever kept me on the plan. Within a month, I already reaped the rewards. The period I got after that, there was almost no pain. Just the usual warm, bloated feeling in the lower abdomen, but that’s all. I also don’t get the recurring pains I used to get before. I’m so glad that the Violet protocol worked for me so quickly.

A million thanks to Zoe
Yolanda Clark (from Rosston, USA) posted this review on May 12, 2013

I wanna thank Zoe for all the help and the encouraging words. I got her book, and was on the Violet Protocol for 2 months. I’m not that good at following instructions, so I had to email Zoe several times for help. She’s so nice! She kept encouraging me to fight my sickness. During those times when I was in pain, I always hoped for someone who understood me. Sure, my husband was there and my kids too, but they didn’t understand the kind of pain I was through, and then Zoe came with her words from someone who knows what terrible suffering endometriosis brings. I am doing well now, thanks to Zoe’s natural treatment methods. It’s almost miraculous that I was healed that quickly. A million thanks to Zoe again!

The Violet Protocol works
posted this review on April 29, 2013

I first read about the violet protocol on a blog. The blogger was a former endometriosis sufferer, and she chronicled her treatment program on the blog. It was like a support blog. I followed it for a few months before I grabbed this book. I had doubts then3that the blog was just a promotional strategy, but I saw that most of her posts are about healthy living in general, so I thought I might as well try.

My first month under the violet protocol, I already felt a less painful menstruation. The pain I used to feel around my pelvic area before my menstruation comes also lessened. My doctor was already pushing me to undergo surgery to save my fertility and to get rid of the pain once and for all. I’m glad I didn’t grab that the first time my doctor offered it. I had my checkup done again a week ago, and the doctor said there are no traces of misplaced tissues anymore. In other words, I was already free from endometriosis.

I want to share with everyone how the Violet protocol helped me get rid of tht condition. I’m encouraging you to try this, but I’m not a medical professional, so this is definitely not medical advice.

The Violet Protocol is a gem
posted this review on April 12, 2013

I have so many good words f or the Violet Protocol. The other information in this book I’m already familiar with, but the Violet Protocol is a gem. It cured me in a month!

I didn't have to visit the doctor anymore
posted this review on February 23, 2013

I was feeling some symptoms I suspected to be endometriosis, so I did further researched and got me this book. I wasn’t sure yet, so I preferred to do alternative treatment methods. And a part of me is really into going natural. I prefer it over treatment programs that are harsh on the body. There are a lot of treatment programs like that, and sometimes, or oftentimes, they do more harm to the body than good. Yikes! I followed the Violet Protocol for about a month, and within that period my symptoms gradually subsided. I think it was really endometriosis, although it wasn’t confirmed by a doc. I think I just saved myself hundreds of dollars, and I also saved my kidneys a lot of trouble. I highly recommend trying this out, but I still think others who have weaker bodies or special conditions should go see a doctor first. I’m pretty healthy for my age, and I don’t have other illnesses, so this is safe for me. It’s not for everyone though.

I'm a fan of the Violet Protocol!
Laura Pawnet (from Cedar Vale, USA) posted this review on November 26, 2012

The Violet Protocol cured me! I’ve consulted two doctors for my horrible menstrual pain earlier this year. Both of them gave me pain relievers and gave me instructions on what to do before my period, so I won’t suffer from too much pain. I followed everything, but the pain remained. One of my friends suggested that I might have endometriosis, and that I should go see a doctor for it. I researched about it first, and found out about the violet protocol on a discussion among women. I downloaded Endometriosis Bible & Violet Protocol a few months ago. I finished reading everything in just a few days, and got convinced that I have endometriosis. I started with the violet protocol right away, and it worked! I couldn’t believe the pains were gone doing just those simple, entirely free methods of the violet protocol. This is indeed a life-saver!

Violet protocol saved my life
posted this review on November 11, 2012

I found out that I have endometriosis 5 years ago. Way before that I’ve already been experiencing pain, but dismissed them as simple cramps. 5 years ago I passed out in the office because of the excruciating pain, and that’s when the office doctor told me that I probably have something going on in there, and I should get an OB’s opinion. I went to the OB and was given meds. I was given painkillers, but no permanent cure for my sickness. I was devastated because it was just so painful when it attacks and I couldn’t imagine living on painkillers for the rest of my life. My husband suggested alternative treatment methods, and so I got this book.

The Violet Protocol saved my life. The book has a lot of interesting information about my sickness, but it was the detailed explanation of the Violet Protocol that really helped me get rid of my sickness forever. I bravely dropped all the meds the OB gave me for the Violet Protocol, and that’s what cured me in a month. The first week, I already noticed improvements and before the first month was up, I wasn’t getting any attacks anymore.


Better Than Hormonal Treatment

My endometriosis was never severe, I always had mild symptoms and I would never have been diagnosed if there weren't for appendix surgery. I thank God for that, because from what my doctor told me, my lesions, small as they were, were on such a spot on my fallopian tubes that they could make me permanently infertile without me even realizing. I started hormonal treatment and that would make the symptoms go away for a while but they would always return. I found this eBook in January this year and I have not had an onset of pain since March.

Klara Ursull,

This book saved my life.

Now that it's all behind I have no problem saying that I was a virgin for a very long time. Just how long will remain my little secret. And it was all because of endometriosis. I suffered from depression and had issues with anybody touching me. I was always tired... Zoe's book released me and now at the age of 30 I have 2 beautiful children and just occasionally think about the time when i was a local "weirdo."

Wanda Bailey,
Brisbane, Australia

This Ended My Battle With Endometriosis

Ever since my teens I was battling with endometriosis. My life was always revolving around pain and my illness. I tried all there is to try. The side effects of some of the drugs that I tried are not be wished upon the worst enemy. I always wanted a family, but at the age of 22 my doctors told me that my fallopian tubes were so distorted that my chances for conceiving are almost non-existent. I have bought this book 3 and a half years ago and I am now in complete remission and I gave birth to a healthy little girl by the name of Emma 2 years ago, contrary to all my doctors' prediction.

Natasha Page,
Sherman Oaks, LA
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