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eBookstoreBooks.com PLR Package is a huge collection of fully-customizable instant turnkey private label rights (PLR) e-books. If you're an Internet entrepreneur looking to start your own home business, an affiliate/online marketer looking for content and other resources, or a web developer who wants to deck out your website, then this package is perfect for you.

When you purchase eBookstoreBooks.com PLR Package, you will get access to 32 mega packs fully-loaded with e-books on a wide range of topics that you can rewrite, edit, customize, sell, and make money from. Some of the e-books included in this entire package are Baby Showers Revealed, Bass Fishing 101, Yoga Basics Plus, Growing Greenhouses, Wedding Savings, Make Your Home Energy and Cost Efficient, Bipolar Disorder Uncovered, Hypnosis Mania, Wine Tasting, Bonsai Tree, Debt-Free Lifestyle, and How To Boost Your Metabolism. You will also get Network Marketing Survival, Outsource Madness, Ghosting Riches, The Facebook Craze, How To Live Green, Instant PLR Author, Advertising Options, Blogging Quick Tips, Packing On The Muscle, Learn The Guitar, Feng Shui Made Easy, Natural Pain Management, and a whole lot more.

Most of the e-books from the eBookstoreBooks.com PLR Package come with professional sales letter and thank you page, e-cover, compiled ready-to-sell PDF e-book, and MS Word source file. Some books also include articles, keyword list, pre-written ads, and graphics.

In addition, this huge package will also give you access to over 125,000 high-quality articles written by top writers. This pack includes articles on Arts and Entertainment, Computers and Technology, Self Improvement, Home and Family, Health and Fitness, Vehicles, Travel and Leisure, among others.

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You'll never run out of fresh content
Marlon Gragen (from Rosston, USA) posted this review on March 28, 2014

This bookstore may look cheap, but it’s actually my favorite source of PLR products because of the quality and the wide variety. I discovered this a few months ago when I was looking for a quick and easy way to start an online business. I’d read a lot about PLR books and products, so this became an easy choice for me. I started downloading products from here right away, and editing the cover, just the digital cover so that they’d look entirely my own. I also started posting the articles all over the internet, editing them just slightly because other entrepreneurs might be using the same stuff. It’s very easy. I was surprised how flexible these downloads are. You can use them any way you want. They’re not strict when it comes to copyright and all that. The quality, well, as expected, it ranges from bad-very good. You get a huge number of products, so it’s really possible for you to get some bad ones. You just have to choose wisely. I really can’t complain about the quality, though because it’s really cheap and you get a lot. The database is still growing. They add content from time to time, unlike others that are stagnant. This can surely fuel an online business because you’ll never run out of fresh content.

My favorite source of written work
posted this review on March 9, 2014

eBookstoreBooks.com PLR Package is my top source for PLR packages. There are a lot of websites I’ve joined, but a lot of them offer trashy content. eBookstoreBooks.com PLR Package also has not so good ones, but it’s more consistent than other similar websites. It’s got more high-quality eBooks that I never have problems selling. For me, I’d rather look hard for an eBook with good quality than to break my back marketing a poorly-written one. The Internet already has a lot of useless stuff in it, so it’s important to contribute to the good ones. Here, you get eBooks that are actually worth paying for. You won’t feel guilty selling them even for higher prices than normal. There are also a lot of free articles here that are so easy to customize and post on different websites. I never post the articles as they are. I always edit them a bit to give readers a different experience. I’m sure a lot other marketers are using the articles here because they are better written than others. Most of the graphics here are good although their collection isn’t as big as I wanted it to be. I’ve already used some of them but for graphics, I have a better source, so this is mainly my source for written work.

Quality over quantity
Adela Carpio (from Mcville, USA) posted this review on March 4, 2014

eBookstoreBooks.com is my favorite source of PLR products. I have others but this one is the best when it comes to quality. Some PLR sites I’ve joined have so many products but they lag behind in quality. Sadly, most of these sites are more popular than eBookstoreBooks.com. A lot of people are beginning to think that the Internet is full of trash, and that’s because these PLR companies write rubbish content, and since they have fierce marketing strategies, they usually get more customers. That’s why I’m helping promote eBookstoreBooks.com. Another awesome thing about eBookstoreBooks.com is that they have a wide assortment of products. They cover so many different topics, and each of their books have unique content.  If you’d notice some PLR websites have only limited topics, and that’s because when you look through their products, they have the same content. They’re sometimes just rewritten or they just change images but they have the same content. I’ve never experienced that with eBookstoreBooks.com. It’s amazing seeing a PLR website striving to create high quality products. I think there are only a few of this online these days, and I really want to support them. I strongly recommend the multi-pack options on the website. You’ll see there an overview of the books and topics each pack covers, so you can choose which ones fit your business best.

Very high quality
posted this review on February 10, 2014

This is my one stop resource for high-quality PLR eBooks on various topics. It’s my first PLR website and I couldn’t be any happier with the quality of their eBooks. These eBooks aren’t common ones. They’re not like the mass-produced, slightly edited products you’ll see from other websites. I tried 2 other PLR websites within their 30-day trial period, and they’re nowhere near as good as this. If you’re planning to check out PLR products, go with this.

High-quality! Amazing!
posted this review on January 12, 2014

The PLR products I got here have really high quality. It’s amazing! They’re easy to sell and not embarrassing because people are gonna get something from them. You won’t feel like you’re scamming people. This is the best PLR package I have ever come across. I’ve tried other PLR websites before, but they were really disappointing because the products were poorly written. There are also so many topics here, so there are a lot of choices, plus you get sales letters and more. This is the perfect PLR course for me. It’s a complete business package and I’m really impressed.

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