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DVD Copy is a unique software designed to rip DVD contents for easy storage and/or duplication. You can download the software directly from Quickdvdcopy.com and it really has minimal system requirements. It works on Windows ME, Windows 98 or higher, Pentium II or higher CPU, 64 MB of RAM, at least 4 GB of hard drive. Be aware, however, that the software is not yet available for use in Mac.

You can download the "DVD Copy" from Quickdvdcopy.com and install it on your Windows machine. Once installed, you can start using the software right away. The operation is as easy as loading your DVD into the drive, opening the software and start ripping. It works with movies, games, or anything you got on your DVD and you'll quickly have it saved to your hard drive or a backup CD or DVD in case you need a copy. This way you'll never have to carry racks of DVDs wherever you go or risk losing files because you got them all saved in your machine. DVD Copy even allows you to make professional looking CD/DVD covers to use on your backups.

Don't worry if your computer knowledge is limited because the software operation is simplified enough - just point the mouse pointer to the operation you want and click. A step-by-step user guide is also available in case you ever need it.

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Backuping files is easy in this software
On-Site Review

I've never been very careful with my DVDs, so I'm glad that I found this software. I used to have to replace my DVDs every few months, but now I just burn a fresh copy onto a cheap CD!

Chad Rivers,

I can bring my favorite movies anywhere!
On-Site Review

What convenience! Every time I buy a movie, I just copy it right to my laptop - I'll never be bored on the bus again!

Jonas Hendricks,

Files are safe, I'm happy...
On-Site Review

My kids are a terror with CDs. They treat them like Frisbees. I'm just glad that I can make backups cheaply and easily.

Jamie Crosby,

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