How To Cut Hair For Beginners

by Julia Allison,

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If you want to learn how to cut hair like a pro and stop spending money on overpriced haircuts at the salon, How To Cut Hair For Beginners is a must-have resource for you. This step-by-step guide will teach how to cut hair (your own hair or others' hair) the proper and inexpensive way.

How To Cut Hair For Beginners contains step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow. This e-book will show you basic haircutting methods, techniques to create great cuts, the art of layering, mistakes that you should avoid, the secrets of the pros and more tips and tricks. With this e-book, you'll learn how to cut all types of hair. You can save money and you can make money, too, if you want to cut hair on the side to earn extra income. 

Whether you want to cut hair as a hobby, as a career or to avoid trips to the salon, How To Cut Hair For Beginners will teach you exactly what to do. You'll get 3 bonuses - 33 Modern Hairstyles Syllabus, 50 Natural Hair-Care Tips and The Haircut Encyclopedia - with your purchase. 

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I learned pretty quickly!
posted this review on October 10, 2012

I’m now making a good side income cutting people’s hair. I’m no expert in hairstyling, but I’ve mastered the most basic cuts from this book. I can even cut my own hair so I save money from that. Relatives invite me over to their place and I cut their hairs and their kids hairs, and oh my that makes me the family hairdresser now!

I enjoyed learning from this book!
Bianca Jennings (from Theodosia, USA) posted this review on September 23, 2012

I started out with this resource just for the family. I’m a stay-at-home mom of 2 kids, so just the hair styling costs for the 4 of us takes a huge chunk out of the family budget. Since I’m not that busy anyway, I decided to learn how to cut hair on my own. I practiced on my children first, since they’re not that conscious with their hair yet, and when I realized that I’ve done a pretty good job, I tried it on me, and I looked lovely! Now I do the hair of my whole family, and I also offer my service to other people for cheaper than what they’d normally pay having their hair done in the salon. The techniques in this book are very easy to follow and it’s written for the beginner, so I didn’t get overwhelmed with the lessons. I’ve now graduated from this book, and I’m moving on to styling for events like proms and weddings. I still owe this book  a lot for all the money I save and those I earn from my hair styling gigs.

This e-book is great.
On-Site Review

I am a single father of 2 boys. Regrettably my wife passed a couple of years ago, so it’s been quite a struggle trying to bring up my boys on my own. Money gets pretty tight and I must admit I used to cut my son’s hair with old pudding basin trick. It wasn’t stylish, I’m the first to admit that, but it did keep the growth in check and was clean.

A friend recommended this e-book to me (I think she felt sorry for my boys) and since reading it and learning about different cuts, my boys now look real trendy, even if I do say it myself. I’ve also learned how to cut my own hair too, so now even I don’t look quite so nerdy.


Such a fine e-book.
On-Site Review

Since losing my job I have been struggling to make ends meet and I have been looking around for a job I could do from home so I could look after my little 3 year old daughter. When I came across Julia’s e-book I knew that was the way forward; so with her e-book at my side, I practiced on me and my daughter and I was amazed at how well I actually did. I have to say the e-book is brilliant. It takes you through the learning process step by step and is easy to follow. I’ve already branched out and started cutting the hair of some of my little daughters play school friends.

My charges are a lot less than the local hairdresser and the other moms are pleased to save money but still get their kids a good haircut. It’s now developed into a great little business through recommendation.


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