Crafts To Make And Sell

by Dusty Foster,

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Score: 8.8/10 ( 4 votes)

If you enjoy making crafts and want to make money from them, Dusty Foster's Crafts To Make And Sell is the perfect package for you. You'll learn all about the best-selling crafts and how to get people to buy the ones you make.

Crafts To Make And Sell consists of 4 e-books with more than 100 pages of craft variations, secrets, tips and techniques. You'll learn how to be a better craft maker and in case you have no experience selling, this resource will show you marketing methods you can use to start making money!

The main e-book has 43 chapters with tips on how to make your crafts unique, considerations about time and materials, how to look for outlets, pricing for your handmade items, selling at craft shows, on eBay and much more. It also includes printable patterns, a resource list and other helpful tools.

With Crafts To Make And Sell by Dusty Foster, you'll be able to make great crafts and make money by selling them. Plus, you'll get 2 bonuses with your purchase.

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Brought more fun and purpose to my crafting!
Regina Haas (from Jacob, USA) posted this review on September 15, 2012

Crafting became so much more fun since I found this book! Also, I learned a lot on how to manage a crafting business. It’s got everything from pricing to marketing and other business thingies I never thought about when I was just a merry little girl crafting my day away. Since I read this book, I felt more serious about the things I come up with, and I also enjoy buying more crafting materials from the money I earn from my business. I think it helped me make my hobby more worthwhile, which is exactly what I’ve been aiming for.

Lots of new ideas!
On-Site Review

We sell soap. This book validated something I was thinking - how to increase sales and make our product more unique. We sell to both locals and tourists. We do special gift sets that are packaged for easy travel.

The next step - here's the validation part - will be to offer wrap bands that can go over the bars of soap and be customized, such as for holidays, business promotions, etc. That will help us expand our marketing efforts.
I now see how that can lead to more customized products (non-soap). Lots of new ideas!


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