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by Brenda King
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Master The Art Of Bread Making - The Easy Guide To Better Bread is an e-book by bread making enthusiast Brenda King. If you also want to learn how to make loaves of delicious hot bread in your own home using your bread machine, then this e-book is...
by Ben & Amy Holmes
(13 votes)
Frosted Dreams is an e-book that will help you take your cake decorating skills to a professional level. It's a fully illustrated guide to decorating all kinds of cakes for every possible occasion. You'll learn how to make beautiful cakes using...
by Ron Douglas
(4 votes)
FoodPals Cookbooks Collection is an incredible recipe library that's a must-have for everyone who enjoys cooking. Once you have these books, you will never run out of original recipes to satisfy any taste and suit any occasion. FoodPals Cookbooks...
by HCGGourmet
(3 votes)
If you're looking for delicious weight loss diet recipes and menus, then HCG Easy Gourmet Diet Cookbook is the perfect resource for you. This e-cookbook contains doctor-recommended recipes based on the HCG diet. Each low-fat, low-calorie recipe you'...
(8 votes)
Big money can be made from writing cookbooks. Everyone loves food, so cookbooks hold the second spot in best-selling genres. If you love cooking, and would like to earn some extra money from cookbooks, you need Cookbook Secrets. This eBook will...
by Maddy Pearson
(11 votes)
Maddy Pearson’s Cake Making Course is aimed at people who have zero to little knowledge in baking. She squeezed the best things she has learned from years of experimenting in the kitchen into this 14 video course. It covers the entire...
by Claire Gosse
(4 votes)
How many vegan desserts have you tried that you actually liked? Perhaps not many. That's why you need Claire Gosse's e-book Are you sure that's vegan? You'll get recipes for delicious vegan desserts that fully adhere to your dietary requirements....
by Michael Murray
(9 votes)
Do you often feel sick and tired? Michael Murray, one of the world’s leading authorities on natural medicine shares the health benefits of proper nutrition in ‘The Acid – Alkaline Diet Simplified’program. He says it’s a...