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by Jules Clancy
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How would you like to have two high-quality health cookbooks for the price of 1? Jules Clancy of is offering you a chance to have two of her bestselling health cookbooks in a single bundle. The Stonesoup eBook Bundle is composed of...
by Patti Winker
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Patti Winker’s Memory Lane Meals is a collection of recipes that will take you back to the good old days. These recipes are guaranteed to bring you that warm fuzzy feeling you get when you remember the good times. The aroma alone from these...
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Negative Calorie Foods and Recipes is a complete food, recipe and diet guide for anyone who wants to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle. This e-book is packed with valuable information on how to quickly, safely and naturally lose weight by...
by George Bryant and Abel James
(10 votes)
Do you want get in the best shape of your life? There are various diet plans out there that you can follow. It's not guaranteed, though, that all of them can help you achieve optimal health and the body of your dreams. But there's the so-...
by Ron Douglas
(7 votes)
When you eat in fine restaurants, what are you paying for exactly? Is it the cost of ingredients that go into the dish or the name of the chef who made it? Well, I'm sure you know the answer to this one - the high cost of gourmet meals is mostly due...
by Jason Ferruggia and Michael DeSanti
(4 votes)
Renegade Recipe Guide is an e-book that contains plant-based recipes that are not only delicious, but healthy as well. If you're looking for a new recipe to help you build muscle, burn fat, look and feel beautiful, and improve your health, then this...
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Cakes and pastries never fail to impress the family. These sweets liven up a weekend or a holiday. If you want to learn how to bake delicious cakes and pastries that will have your family rushing home to your dining table, joining Keikos-Cake is a...
by Tracey
(3 votes)
Professional cupcake artist named Tracey shares with others the secrets to creating beautiful and delicious cupcakes in Wedding Cupcake Secrets. If you want to make wedding or special occasion cupcakes for your friends or loved ones like the pros,...