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The Foolproof 30-Day Diet shows you how you can lose up to 25 pounds in just 30 days. This diet plan enables you to lose weight quickly without supplements or drugs. You also won't have to plan meals, count calories or drink awful-tasting drinks or...
by Danielle May
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The Sarcoidosis Freedom Cookbook is the product of intense research, knowledge, and experience of health consultant, nutritionist, and former sarcoidosis sufferer, Danielle May. It is considered the first cookbook dedicated to sarcoidosis sufferers...
by Ann Marie Johansson
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Certified bake lover and mother of gluten-intolerant kids Ann Marie Johansson reveals her baking secrets and recipes in The Easy Way To Gluten & Dairy Free Baking. If you are looking for a resource that will teach you how to bake delicious...
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Do you want to lose weight, burn body fat, and have the body of your dreams? Do you wonder how grown-ups like you can still sleep like a baby? Are you looking for an effective way to achieve optimal health? If you answered 'yes' to those...
by Bill Anderson from Chatham Artillery BBQ Team
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Competition BBQ Secrets from Chatham artillery BBQ is an e-book on barbequing. If you are thinking about entering a BBQ competition then this book is a must, but even if you are just an enthusiastic back-yard barbequer and want to impress your...
by Jonni Good
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The Easy-Does-It-Diet shows you that anyone can create nutritious and flavorful frozen diet meals without spending a fortune. This e-book includes more than a dozen recipes for frozen diet meals developed with the guidance of top nutritional experts...
by Dave Ruel
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Anabolic Cooking is a cookbook containing more than 200 recipes for delicious and nutritious meals that promote fat loss and muscle development. Thanks to Dave Ruel's e-book, you won't have to live on boiled chicken breasts, baked potatoes and...
by Leanne Ely
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Working moms will no longer have to struggle with everyday meal planning with the help of Working Woman's Cookbook. This cookbook, by author and founder Leanne Ely will help all of you busy, working women prepare quick and easy...