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If you're looking for a software product that can scan and completely remove porn files from your computer, Content Cleaner is that product. This software is offered by, a web site that provides products that detect and clean pornography.

Content Cleaner lets you investigate the content of each file, so you can decide which ones to delete. It has the power to detect and permanently delete porn images and videos quickly and easily. It wipes out the history, address bar, cookies and temp files, leaving no traces of the files you've deleted. This tool also frees up your disk space so your computer will perform better. With Content Cleaner, there's a lower chance of accessing objectionable or adult content.

Content Cleaner is considered an Internet filter and a good parental control tool because it makes any PC or computer system porn-free. You'll also get a pop-up blocker for free with this software. You can purchase Content Cleaner for unlimited usage on 1 PC for $19.99 or on 2 to 5 computers for $39.99.

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Easy to set and flexible
posted this review on May 27, 2014

Content Cleaner is awesome! My girlfriend uses my laptop when she comes to visit, so I always have to make sure to delete all of the traces from last night. It’s become a habit for me and Content Cleaner makes it automatic. The configurations here are easy to set and the software has so much flexibility too. I also noticed that since I got Content Cleaner, my computer has become so much faster. It’s probably because it doesn’t keep too many temp files anymore. It’s worth the investment if you’re on a shared computer. Not only keeps your machine fast, but keeps your girlfriend from hulk smashing your machine too!

Great for keeping the kids away from nasty sites
Eden Harwood (from Brewer, USA) posted this review on March 10, 2014

This is great for making sure that the kids don’t get to access your kinky stuff when you logout. These kids have a way of digging through stuff you don’t want them to see. That’s why we never leave our computer uncleaned – ever! We always clean it up using this software and it does work well and doesn’t slow the computer down.

It does the job
posted this review on April 28, 2013

This is good because it automatically searches for all traces of porn on your computer and then deletes them. It’s got keywords you can use to search for your porn files, so you don’t have to manually hunt them down in your folders. The result is a cleaner computer. This is most useful for those with kids in the home. I don’t have kids yet, but the gf is a little bit conservative. I don’t want to freak her out when she sees some of my good stuff in the laptop. The free pop-up blocker is also better than the one I used to have. That was also free but that had ads, this one doesn’t have ads. The main software along with the bonus software both get updated regularly for free, so you get the most value out of your money.

Must-have for those who share PCs with kids
Edward Hanes (from Shelbiana, USA) posted this review on April 26, 2013

We have a shared desktop in the study, and that’s where I watch my porn when I come home from work. The children use it too when their mom’s on the laptop, so I got this product to help me clean out all traces of porn from the computer. There are a lot other protective software there that block out porn when the kids try to access them, and I also got a monitoring software so I know what sites the kids are accessing. You know how kids love digging deep into folders and websites. They might actually find links to the porn I check out. I got 2 daughters and a 7-yr old son. I don’t want them to get started on these things early. What’s unique about this is that it can search for porn on its own. It has keywords it looks for, those that are common to porn and then deletes them. I get more than my money’s worth from this. It’s so fast and does the job well. It makes my life easier.

This helps keep our computer clean for the kids to use
posted this review on April 12, 2013

If you have a shared computer in the home, Content Cleaner is a good idea. You’ll never know when the kids will tinker with your files and everything else in the computer. My husband and I watch stuff on the computer that aren’t good for kids, and we don’t have the budget for another computer at this point, so we just use Content Cleaner to make sure that everything’s good before the kids get to the computer. They see only their games and files in it. The included pop-up blocker is also helpful because the popups in adult websites are really irritating. At least we don’t have to buy or download another product anymore. All in all, this is a good package. There is some room for improvement, but for 20 dollars, this is already worth the money you spend for it.


I feel more secure...

Not only do I feel more secure after purchasing the "Content Cleaner", but I would like to further state I feel it is reasonably priced as well! I thank ContentPurity for making this available.

Cheryl C.,

A great parental control tool.

I have four boys who are in age range from 2-15 who all enjoy the computer, I feel much better about them having access to the Internet since I installed Content Cleaner. It is a great parental control tool.


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