The SelfGeek Manifesto: Computer Secrets Unleashed!

by Rich Pryor,

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The SelfGeek Manifesto: Computer Secrets Unleashed! by Rich Pryor is a set of 3 e-books (plus a couple of bonus e-books) that will tell you all you need to know in order to have your computer running smoothly, protect it from viruses, back up all the important information and connect it to a home or a small office network.

Rich Pryor worked in the IT industry for over 20 years, fixing other people’s computers. But even though he was a computer expert, he realized that the majority of what he does could be done by anyone provided they had the right information. So he gathered all his knowledge and created a comprehensive easy-to-understand guide entitled "The SelfGeek Manifesto: Computer Secrets Unleashed".

The Computer Secrets Unleashed guide will show you how you can do all those things that IT professionals charge big bucks for. You will learn everything from the start. First, you will learn how to buy a computer that is right for your needs. Than Rich Pryor will give you a list of simple maintenance routines you should perform once a month to make sure your computer is always running smoothly and at its optimal speed. You will learn how to set up automatic backups of your system, so you will never again have to worry about loosing important files and how to protect your computer from any possible treats, such as viruses, trojans, spyware, adware, etc.

In a second part of Rich Pryor’s guide (The SelfGeek Manifesto Volume 2) he will show you how to set up a home or small office network. This way you will be able to share files between different computers, print on any computer inside the network and access the internet from all computers at the same time. You will be even able to access your own computer from wherever you are. This way you can easily open your files or check email massages on one computer from another.

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The first part has amazing quality
posted this review on March 16, 2014

I’ve never had much interest in these technological things. I grew up playing tag with my friends in the park, and never felt that I lacked anything, even if a lot of other kids during my time were already getting addicted to Sega. Then there came the computer. I didn’t initially see its beauty but because these days, you can’t really survive without the computer, I had to give in. Although I’d rather be playing ball with the boys in some field, I still needed to learn basic computer operations for the job. But computer maintenance is expensive if all you can do is get on Facebook and Excel. I’ve already taken this machine to the tech 7 times and it’s only about a couple of years old. It’s irritating. Since I use it for work, I really have to have it working smoothly all the time. That’s why I got this guide. The guide is very informative and definitely made for beginners. It’s not flashy, most of the words are everyday words, so you don’t have to keep checking for the meanings of big words that most tutorials coat their articles with to impress. I’m just on the first part now, since I don’t really have to learn networking yet at this point, but if that’s what you want, the book also covers it. I’m not sure about the quality of the 2nd part, that one about networking, but the first part, the basic one rocks.

This is the best course so far
posted this review on January 26, 2014

I’ve had so many other courses on computer repair, but The SelfGeek Manifesto is by far the best. I now manage a small home network of computers, mine, my wife’s, and 1 for each of our two kids. Before, it was terrible when we encounter computer problems because we had to take them to the repair shop and that cost us a lot of money. The SelfGeek Manifesto taught me how to work on most computer issues so that I won’t run to the repair shop for every little problem. I suggest having an old dummy computer to practice with. I used the old one that we had in the stock room for a few years to practice with. I got it to work again and it’s ok now for basic tasks.

Good job
posted this review on May 20, 2013

I learned everything I know about my computer from this guide! The SelfGeek Manifesto managed to explain everything to me, and make me understand. I have 0 techie-ness, so this book is pretty special coz I can manage my own comp now.

Basic, but useful
posted this review on May 20, 2013

I don’t have to take my machine to the tech regularly because of The SelfGeek Manifesto. These is a course on basic computer maintenance. What I like about it is that it’s very easy to follow. You’re not gonna have to face dreaded jargons, and complicated instructions. They also limited the course to the absolute must-knows when you’re maintaining your computer yourself. I’m just learning new stuff along the way, but I’m not afraid to tinker with the machine anymore now that I already know how to fix it.

I rarely need the technician now
Gerald Bermudez (from Los Angeles, USA) posted this review on September 10, 2012

I’m glad there is a book like this! I learned about computers quite late, so it’s hard for me to learn it just by tinkering with it. I was scared I might blow it up or something. This book taught me everything I needed to know about computers to give me just enough confidence to experiment on it. I’m sure this book doesn’t have everything, as in all the information there is about computers, but it’s got enough information to cover all the basics. This is the only guide I learned from because my friends, even my son and my wife refuse to teach me because I look panicky in front of the computer. Through this guide, I’m able to play around with our desktop, and I learned that it’s not gonna self-destruct if I push the wrong button. Right now, I can use the computer on my own and I’m learning how to setup a small home network, so I can connect our desktop to my son’s desktop so we can play games on weekends. I also have the knowledge to fix our computers whenever they have problems, and it’s great not having to spend money for the technician.

I'm now a computer wiz!
posted this review on August 4, 2012

I used to know nothing about computers, but after getting this guide, man, I turned to a computer genius! I never visit the tech now, and my computer is always running smoothly. My friends ask me to repair their computers too. I’m now called ComputerMan!


Well worth the money!

I have gone through this report and I feel it is underpriced for the information it contains. Explanations are clear, theory just deep enough without being too complex. If you are at all practical, do it yourself and save a fortune on labor costs. Once you have installed a network yourself perhaps do it for friends and make a small profit.

Jim Burney

You are bound to learn something from this ebook

I have read this ebook and I think that it is invaluable to ALL computer users! I have a computer science degree as well as many years of experience in the computer technology industry and even I learned some things with this product. If you are anything short being Michael Dell himself, you are bound to learn something from this ebook about computers, their maintenance, and security measures. You should definitely learn from this product so that you don't end up with a crashed machine and years of lost data.

Ian Harbaugh

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