Complete Boot Camp Workouts Program

by Alicia Streger and Carrie Kukuda,

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Complete Boot Camp Workouts Program is a collection of boot camp workouts that can last for 3 months. This guide is designed by fitness professionals, Alicia Streger and Carrie Kukuda, to help other fitness pros create easy workout routines for their clients. The workouts included in the guide are guaranteed effective, so your clients will surely lose a lot of weight through your help. They are also fun, so your clients can have a great weight loss experience under your guidance. With Complete Boot Camp Workouts Program, your boot camp will definitely have higher retention, and you will be among the most trusted fitness professionals.

The 3-month workout program includes 38 workouts that you can alternately use for your clients. It also has a boot camp technique manual that comes with pictures and descriptions of boot camp workouts. To make it easier for you, you will get a master reference list of the different workouts included in the package, and a quick start guide to get you acquainted with the system quickly. Plus about 85% of the programs included are body-weight exercises, so you do not need to purchase expensive equipment to incorporate them into your boot camp program.

Complete Boot Camp Workouts Program is definitely a must-have for any fitness professional. It takes away the trouble of having to rack your brains for workout ideas, so you can focus on other important things for your business, such as marketing and client management. Your clients will never know that you have Complete Boot Camp Workouts helping you. All they will be able to see are your fitness expertise, and your enjoyable workouts.

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Great even for newbie trainers...
On-Site Review

I've been running boot camps for over four years. In that time I have grown my business slowly and steadily. My workouts are all neatly written in a series of notebooks, and to date there are nine notebooks!

This past June I purchased a personal training studio and I now have 20 employees which is a huge undertaking. One of my first challenges was to add my Body Basics Boot Camps program at the fitness studio.

In order to do that I have to be at the studio and I need help, so I am having the group fitness trainers teach boot camp. I also needed to hire two trainers to cover my classes at my original location, fifteen miles away.

How was I going to teach them my workouts? How was I going to help them with a system in less than a week? My goose was cooked! And then like a miracle, Alicia and Carrie showed up. The timing was unbelievable!

Even though I have great notes, I am the only one who can make sense of them. When I received Carrie and Alicia's email advertising their UBC workouts I signed up for the free download workout. That's all it took to convince me. I am now sharing the workouts with my staff of five boot camp trainers and we are all using the UBC workouts.

I find that the descriptions are clear and easy to follow and the photos are also good. I think it might be a bit easier for us as veteran trainers, but even a newbie trainer could (and should) use these workouts.

Press on! Larry,

I am now a boot camp master!
On-Site Review

I purchased Alicia and Carrie’s “Complete Boot Camp Workouts” package and immediately saw the results I was looking for. I own and operate a boot camp fitness company in Madison, Alabama called Back to Basics Fitness and have been fortunate enough to have many of my campers re-enlist. The only “problem” this presented was the need to constantly come up with new and innovative workouts to keep things fresh, and more importantly, keep them coming back for more! Complete Boot Camp Workouts has saved me so much time and energy in planning and creating new and inventive daily workouts and has helped me take my boot camp classes to the next level. Best of all, my campers appreciate the challenging workouts that have come straight from the Complete Boot Camp Workout book and have recently gone so far to say that I have “become a Boot Camp MASTER!” I highly recommend this product to anyone who is just starting out to the seasoned boot camp instructor looking to take his or her boot camp classes to the next level. With this product, you too can become a Boot Camp Master!

Lenn Le Febvre,
Owner and Instructor
Back to Basics Fitness Boot Camp

A Great Investment
On-Site Review

I am a busy fitness professional and trying to think of new boot camp workouts to keep my campers guessing becomes time consuming. That’s why I invested in Complete Boot Camp Workouts. Alicia and Carrie really created an awesome Plug and Play workout system that makes it easy to spend more time with my family and less time on work. I really enjoy the variety and the games that you guys provide. The best part is I always know with your workouts my campers will have fun, be challenged and leave happy!

Brandon Roggow, NASM-CPT CES,

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