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Dr. Charles Livingston's Cellulite Factor is a system package that provides information and tools on how to get rid of cellulite the easy, natural, and safe way.  It reveals an unusual secret to melting cellulite away in record time using a discovery found in the Amazon or in East Africa over 1,000 years ago.

The secret you will discover in the Cellulite Factor system has nothing to do with a thousand dollar liposuction treatment, a special cellulite massage session, ridiculous anti-cellulite shoes, self-tanning to hide cellulite, and popular creams with L-Carnitine. It is something related to what you usually use to wake up with every morning.

The complete Cellulite Factor system comes with the Cellulite Factor Daily Meal Plans, a Food Diary and Exercise Log, a Grocery List, the Toxin Avoidance Handbook, and the Cellulite Factor Cookbook. Inside the system, you will learn the underlying causes of cellulite, why women are affected by cellulite much more than men, the reasons popular cellulite reduction methods don't really work, and much, much more. Through this complete system, you will know what you need to do to fix the causes of cellulite and finally get rid of it.

Dr. Charles has seen dramatic effects from the tips and methods taught in Cellulite Factor. This system might work well for you too. You can say "goodbye" to cellulite and "hello" to the nice and smooth legs, butt, and thighs you've always wanted.

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It's so worth the trouble!
posted this review on August 17, 2014

After so many trips to the gym and the spa and not getting the results that I want, I decided to get Cellulite Factor. I was skeptical about it but I went right ahead and tried it because of its great reviews on the Internet. At first, it was really difficult for me following the techniques here. They required quite a bit of discipline, which I didn’t have yet at that point. But as you go along, you really get more and more used to it. I learned how to find time for the simple exercises included in the guide, and how to discipline myself, and now, my thigh cellulite has become a lot less obvious than it was before. I couldn’t wear shorts and miniskirts before because of the lumps on my thighs, but now I can even wear a bikini. There is still some cellulite left, but nothing alarming. The results aren’t as dramatic as what they’re claiming on the website, but with time and dedication, you will really enjoy smoother thighs and legs. I have also lost a bit of weight doing only the simple exercises in the guide. I have also found a lot of great things about Cellulite Factor that affect not just my physical body but my health as well. It’s really worth checking out. It’s surely gonna work for everyone at some degree with the right amount of dedication and discipline. Good luck getting rid of those jelly thighs!

Natural and effective way to get rid of cellulite
posted this review on August 17, 2013

Who doesn’t want to get rid of cellulite the easy way, right? Been battling cellulite for more than 3 years now, and this is the first one that really showed results. Best part here is that the techniques are all natural. No injections (I’d rather die than face the needle), no weird creams, no dangerous pills. They’re purely natural. This may be a pro or a con for different people. Some are more into those quick fixes, but I’ve no problem working hard for something I really want, and getting rid of cellulite is within the top of that list.

The whole program became a part of me
posted this review on July 24, 2013

Cellulite Factor helped me get rid of cellulite after birth. I still have some right now, but it doesn’t bother me anymore because it’s barely noticeable. I gained a lot of weight after childbirth, but it’s ok with me as long as I don’t have cellulite to worry about. My legs are generally smooth now, although not as skinny as they were before. The methods themselves aren’t east, but when you get used to them and the whole program becomes a part of you, it will take no effort at all anymore. The first 2 weeks or so will be a struggle, though.

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