Caveman Feast

by George Bryant and Abel James,

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Do you want get in the best shape of your life? There are various diet plans out there that you can follow. It's not guaranteed, though, that all of them can help you achieve optimal health and the body of your dreams. But there's the so-called Paleo diet that's worth trying. It's a plan that follows the eating habits of ancient cavemen, who are known to have fit and healthy bodies.

If you're interested in the Paleo diet, but you don’t know how to get started and what types of meal you can eat, the Caveman Feast can be a good resource for you. This e-cookbook by George Bryant and Abel James contains over 200 simple, easy, and mouth-watering Paleo recipes that you can prepare, cook, and eat. It even includes step-by-step instructions and color photos of each recipe, so you can see what each meal will look like and how to present them the best way possible.

With Caveman Feast, you will get access to 8 categories of tantalizing Paleo recipes. Inside, you will find beef entrées; pork entrees; poultry entrees; seafood entrees; recipes for breakfast; sides, condiments, sauces, butters, dressings, rubs and blends; and grain-free goodies. Each recipe is 100% Paleo, which means it does not contain grains, potatoes, lentils, dairy, processed sugars, and preservatives. The recipes have 100% real, fresh, and simple ingredients.

When you try the Caveman Feast's Paleo recipes, you too can experience amazing results like what others who have tried it saw for themselves. You can lose weight, increase your energy, have clearer and smoother skin, have stronger immune system, and look and feel younger. Special bonuses will also be yours when you purchase this e-book.

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I lost 50 lbs. all in all
posted this review on September 1, 2013

Caveman Feast helped me lose almost 50 lbs. in total, and I’m still losing weight now. My body hit plateau for a short time, but I recovered through exercise, and I’m now working on the last 25 lbs. I need to lose. It helped me get to just the right weight to start moving around and exercising. I’ve never felt this good about myself, and I feel like I’ve extended my life by 20 years!

It'll take quite a long time before I get bored with these recip
posted this review on June 27, 2013

The Paleo Diet is excellent! I’ve been struggling with weight loss before because I couldn’t live without carbs. I was in love with cakes and pies. I got a really sweet tooth. When I committed myself to Paleo, everything changed. I had better self-control. It was depressing the first month, but after that I got over my addiction to sweets. The only problem I had before was lack of recipes. My first Paleo guide had only 20 recipes and some general information on how the Paleo diet goes. I used those recipes for about three months, and by the third month, I got bored with them, and I really really spent so much time looking for a good Paleo cookbook. Luckily, a Paleo blogger told me about Caveman Feast. I found the title amusing, so I chose it over other Paleo diet resources around. It’s got a lot of recipes! There are some that are quite difficult to prepare, I only use them for special occasions. There are also some everyday meals included here. It’s got more than 200 Paleo recipes! It will take a really really long time before I get bored with these.

Wonderful, easy to make and delicious!
On-Site Review

George is hands down my favorite caveman and Marine! The recipes that he has created and shared are wonderful, easy to make and delicious.

I often refer friends of mine that are new to the Paleo life-style to his website Civilized caveman creations as a go to site! Also still one of my personal favorite sites for good clean food. My preferred caveman meal is the Caveman chili and “rice”.


On-Site Review

George is an amazing and incredible young man. He is the most giving and caring person I have ever met. How can you not like a guy that simply wants to make the world a better place through kindness and giving to others. He has on more than one occasion offered words of advise and encouragement to me and has never expected anything in return. I am truly lucky to have him as a friend. I wish him all the success with his ebook.

Like George himself, I am sure it will be an outstanding addition to the Paleo community and the world.

Chad Potteiger

They kick some major booty in the paleo-sphere!
On-Site Review

This awesome cavey-dude sure knows how to kick some serious gluten butt in the kitchen. George’s recipes have time and time again saved me from the purgatory of my own “everything but the kitchen sink” cooking tactics. His creativity, and use of flavors makes every recipe exciting. Plus, those photos?! Excuse me while I mop up my keyboard… I always know when I try a C4 it will be a sure-fire success! I am lucky enough to call George a dear friend now, and my only regret is moving back across country where it means he’ll never cook me dinner again!

This is one stand up dude who deserves nothing but the best as he puts everything he has into helping others. I wish him and Abel the best of luck with their ebook, but I have no doubts they will both continue to kick some major booty in the ever-growing paleo-sphere!

Emily Dewey

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