category: Law of Attraction

by Eric Amidi
(35 votes)
In his book Secret Behind the Secret, Eric Amidi, a quantum physicist, reveals the science behind the law of attraction. Step-by-step he shows how you can apply the principles of the Secret in real life. Within the pages of Secret Behind the Secret...
by Mark Raymond
(27 votes)
Discover the secrets and techniques for attracting beautiful, sexy women in Mark Raymond's Magical Tactics e-book. This e-book will help you win the woman of your dreams regardless of your looks, age or financial status. With Magical Tactics,...
by Jeff Staniforth
(31 votes)
Sculptor 3 affirmations software was develop by a metaphysical scientist Jeff Staniforth. It uses 7 different processes (like affirmations, visualization, sentence completion and subliminal technology) to help you change your life and reach your...
by Bradley Thompson
(16 votes)
The Absolute Secret is a collection of eight inspiring books that reveal different aspects of the Secret. These books will help you discover the true nature of the Secret and show you how you can use it to materialize health, love and financial...
by Winsome Coutts and Jessi Hoffman
(5 votes)
Written by Winsome Coutts and Jessi Hoffman and illustrated by Anneli Asplund, Go for Your Goals is a three-part e-book that helps parents teach the principles of Law of Attraction to their children. Coutts and Hoffman are teachers by profession who...
by Randy Smith
(3 votes)
If you're struggling with the Law of Attraction, a positive mental attitude and setting goals, then maybe it's your "HeadPaint." That's what you'll learn in the e-book Your HeadPaint Is Wrong. You'll finally be able to understand these...
by Dr. Joe Vitale and Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len
(5 votes)
Zero Limits (Live from Maui) is a set of videos that will help you remove barriers and limitations that prevent you from achieving your goals from your mind. This course is created by Dr. Joe Vitale who's also the writer of the best seller, "...
by Hamilton Miller
(26 votes)
A master of persuasion and hypnosis, Hamilton Miller, released Elite Social Control as a guide to harnessing the power of the mind in order to create favorable situations. Hamilton has been transforming people from being, for lack of a better word,...