Canine Cancer Secrets

by Andrew Lewis,

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Canine Cancer Secrets is a breakthrough book by dog expert Andrew Lewis designed to help prevent and cure dog cancer. This book contains over 100 pages of information, which will empower you to care for your dog and beat cancer without the typical course of cancer treatment recommended by the veterinarian.

According to the author, nutrition is the most powerful weapon against cancer. And so with Canine Cancer Secrets, you will learn how to overcome cancer and make your dog healthy and happy using nutritional therapy. This means you can save your dog's life without spending a lot of money on vet consultation, lab tests, radiation therapy and chemotherapy sessions, and surgery. You can give your canine pal the best chance of survival and the best quality of life with correct cancer nutrition.

Inside Canine Cancer Secrets, you will get 9 main chapters covering various topics. You will discover what canine cancer really is, the causes of canine cancer, symptoms and treatments of the top 7 canine cancers, the mainstream and experimental treatments, additional canine cancer considerations like pet insurance, cancer nutritional therapy and supplements, nutritional therapy recipes, the recipes to reduce the side effects of chemotherapy, and other helpful raw recipes that your dog will love. This book also includes additional information and resources like puppy vaccination and worming schedules, online support groups, anti-cancer herb formulas, and others.

When you purchase Canine Cancer Secrets, you will also receive several bonuses. You will get access to How to Treat the Emotional Causes of your Dog's Cancer Audio and Transcriptand the Interview with a Vet About Canine Cancer Audio Recording and Transcript.

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Highly useful and inciting material.
On-Site Review

I don't think I could get enough time with my vet in order to receive this much information!

It answered a lot of the questions that I had. Everything from nutrition, to overall diet, vitamin and mineral necessities in the canine body, signs to look for in determining illness and disease - it's all there in black and white.

Kathy S.

Extremely informative...
On-Site Review

I received the cancer secrets & found it extremely informative. my poor old dog ben has gained the most from it though, the recipes have gone down a treat, he has more energy & it makes sneaking in his medication easier as he just 'woofs'(ha ha)it down without dissecting it first, as he usually does. touch wood, i won't need to refer to it again with my other dog

happy there is someone who cares enough to put the effort into such a publication. we've recommended it to all the dog owners i know.

peta b. benny & lobo

Very interesting and helpful...
On-Site Review

My beautiful Ridgeback Maya who at only 3 years old was diagnosed with a Mast Cell Tumour on her leg. I bred Maya myself and thought I had always provided the best of everything for her so it was a terrible blow to discover that the expensive dog food I fed her could have actually given her cancer.

I found the information in this book cancer secrets for dogs very interesting and it helped me to understand this horrible disease and the treatment Maya received.

Thankfully Maya has been given the all clear and I will certainly use the knowledge I gained from this book to help protect her and my other dogs from cancer from now on.

Julie & Maya

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