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Are you looking to start your own business? Or do you already have a business, but still trying to find reliable wholesale suppliers? Whether you're a newbie or an experienced entrepreneur, you will likely benefit from the Blue Marble Wholesale Directory. This comprehensive resource will not just provide you with a list of suppliers, but will also give you other tips and tools that can help your business.

With Blue Marble Wholesale Directory, you will get access to thousands of wholesale suppliers worldwide. According to the Blue Marble Wholesale Team, their directory has the best wholesale sources that sell by case, pallet, or one product at a time. They also give you the best manufacturers that dropship one product at a time and have the best wholesale price. Whether you want to buy small volume or large volume, this directory has the sources for you.

Aside from Blue Marble Wholesale Directory's list of suppliers, this resource will also teach you how to build a successful business from start to finish. You will be provided with detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to sell products, make money, and be successful. You will also learn how to find Chinese wholesalers who won't rip you off, facts about dropshipping, ways to find hundreds of people to sell your products for free, newest wholesale and dropshipping trends, thousands of products at real wholesale price, and other useful articles and information.

When you purchase Blue Marble Wholesale Directory, you will also get free access to a membership forum, as well as free wholesale tutorials.

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The best supplier database
posted this review on April 1, 2014

This was my savior when I was panicking trying to find good suppliers for my eBay store. I had a supplier of factory garments before. I had Cotton On, Forever 21, H&M garments, which I sell on eBay both locally and abroad. For some reason, my supplier shut down, and I thought my eBay business was gonna go extinct. But with the help of Blue Marble Wholesale Directory, I found some suppliers again that are much better than the one I had before. I found suppliers not just for clothes, but also for shoes, accessories, makeup, so many stuff that it was hard for me to choose which one to focus on. I made a separate eBay store for makeup and beauty products. I also get them at much lower prices now, and my garment supplier is just a couple of hours away from my home, so I can drive there anytime I want to look at new stocks. It’s amazing! If not for this, I’d probably have shut down my eBay store. Blue Marble Wholesale Directory is also so much cheaper than other similar directories. If you search this website, you’ll see other similar directories that are much more expensive, but this probably has the same suppliers listed in their database. I’ve done my homework, and I’ve discovered that this is indeed the best supplier database.

Cheap directory, great support
posted this review on March 24, 2014

This directory is the driving force of my business. I got a lot of leads through here, and my business is now going on full-blast. If not for this, I couldn’t have gotten my eBay business where it is now. Blue Marble Wholesale Directory is also one of the cheapest online. It’s cheap, but I bet it has the same contacts as those more expensive directories. Most importantly, they offer support. You can just shoot the guys an email, and expect an answer within 24 hrs. Every time I buy an Internet product, I check their support first. If they don’t reply, I get a refund right away. Simple as that.

So many awesome suppliers here
E. Rankin (from Irma, USA) posted this review on October 11, 2013

I’ve always wanted to have suppliers from China but I’m scared of the many different scams that they have on the Internet. I’ve learned from a friend that even those that have high reviews and ratings could be scam companies. She was scammed by such a company before, and that’s why she shutdown her business. I’ve read many good reviews from other friends who are into online selling about Blue Marble Wholesale Directory. They’ve met a lot of awesome suppliers from this website, and so I tried it too. Right now, I’ve really expanded my business to cover other products too because of the many suppliers here. They have very high quality products and the website guarantees their legitimacy, so I can buy with more confidence. Most of my suppliers are also based here in the country. They probably get their stuff from China and other countries at very low prices, so they can sell them here at wholesale prices. For now, I’m happy working with these suppliers. It’s less risky than others.

There are so many awesome suppliers from all over the world
posted this review on July 10, 2013

Blue Marble Wholesale Directory is filled with the most professional suppliers I’ve met in my 3 years as a retailer. I run a physical clothing store as well as an online one. I get most of my suppliers from this website. I’ve already expanded to gadget accessories for women, as well as bags and shoes for women, and a lot other similar things. The new suppliers that I got are also from Blue Marble Wholesale Directory. Almost every supplier you need is available in this website. I’ve proven the legitimacy and reliability of these suppliers over the years. This website has been the driving force of my business. Whenever I need anything or my regular clients ask for a certain product, I just look for a supplier here. The database is constantly updated with new suppliers, new contact information, and other important details. The Chinese suppliers here are the best. I was too scared to transact with foreigners before because I’ve read and heard of scams, but I’m glad I tried because now I already have a lot of trusted Chinese suppliers, so I get my products at rock-bottom prices.

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