Belly Fat and Cellulite Exercise Program

by Rumiana Ilieva,

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Women have been waging war with belly fat and cellulites for a long time. These two culprits are a problem to women of all sizes. It is very common to see a skinny girl with a large belly or a shapely babe with a lot of cellulites in the leg. If you are among the thousands of women who are haunted by belly fat and cellulites, you need Belly Fat and Cellulite Exercise Program. This program was created by Rumiana Ilieva, a personal trainer and nutrition specialist. It is guaranteed to help you lose your bulky belly and your embarrassing orange peel skin as long as you exert serious effort on the exercises, and stick to the meal plan.

Belly Fat and Cellulite Exercise Program includes 10 full-length exercise videos that are guaranteed to help you constantly lose weight. These videos include 5-day workout plans, which you can do alternately until you get the kind of body you want to have. They cover all parts of the body, so you can sculpt your and tone all of your problem areas every week.

Aside from the videos, you will get a meal plan, which is entirely different from diet plans. This eBook has full menus for 28 days, with foods that supply you with your much needed nutrition. Unlike other programs, it does not promote drastic dieting, which can be terribly damaging to your health.

All in all, Rumiana Ilieva’s Belly Fat and Cellulite Exercise Program is a good resource for anyone who wants to look sexier through serious effort. It is based on time-tested facts, and does not promote weird diets and programs that can harm you in the end. With this program in your hands, you can kiss your belly fat and cellulites goodbye permanently.

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My thighs and belly have gotten way better!
M. Polster (from Dwight, USA) posted this review on October 13, 2014

I have a nasty eating habit which leads to a lot of fat around my belly and cellulites in my thighs. It wasn’t a pleasant sight. I already have two children so my husband says it’s alright to have some imperfections here and there, but for me, I want to still look good even if I’m already a mom. I tried dieting but I didn’t get the results I wanted so I tried this program instead. It took me about three months to get the look I wanted. I am still pretty flawed in my thigh and belly area, but I’m getting there! I am on my way to wearing a bikini to the beach again. I have also started wearing the miniskirts and super short shorts I have stopped wearing before because they’ve gotten too tight and because I wanted to hide my ugly thighs. It’s liberating being able to wear whatever you want!

Very honest, doesn't sugarcoat
posted this review on March 1, 2014

I chose Belly Fat and Cellulite Exercise Program over others because first and foremost, it’s an honest program. If you read the website, it says there that it’s not for lazy people and it’s definitely not. I’ve always known and I’ve accepted that if I want to have a flat tummy and lose the nasty cellulite in my thighs, I have to work hard. This course does not sugarcoat. It shows just how difficult it is to achieve results, but it also presents a clear and real plan to follow. In a month, I already saw minor results, but the big change came by the third month. It’s worth all the hard work especially when you hear people saying just how good you look, and when you start feeling more energetic. It’s amazing!

Excellent exercise program
Martha Gruther (from Crisfield, USA) posted this review on February 17, 2014

I got both cellulite and belly fat so this is perfect for me. I’ve only been on the program for 2 months, so it’s still too early to tell whether or not it can get rid of my belly fat and cellulite, but I’m seeing good results right now. My belly has become significantly smaller and I’m sure because I can now wear some pants that I couldn’t wear anymore before. My hubby also says my thigh cellulite seems to have lessened. Belly Fat and Cellulite Exercise Program is excellent if you’re willing to allot some time for the exercises. It’s not that easy, though, especially if you’re not really the active type like me.

Exactly what I needed!
posted this review on May 20, 2013

Belly fat and cellulite are two of my biggest problems, so when I saw this website, I immediately downloaded it. There are very smart, targeted exercises here, and I’ve proven them to work so great. There are also diet tips to help you reduce fat and cellulite the easy way. If these are your problem areas, I highly recommend this program because it really worked so well on my body. Good luck on your battle against the bulge!

My cellulite is gone forever!
posted this review on November 23, 2012

After giving birth my tummy blew up and the cellulite on the back of my legs got worse. It looked terrible, so I tried every spa treatment there is to get rid of it, including machines and saunas, but none worked. One treatment actually worked but it was way too expensive, and you have to keep doing it weekly or your cellulite will be back with a vengeance! I tried using pills and creams too like most other people who are desperate to get rid of their lumps. Of course, none of them worked. Just a few months ago, I found this book, and although my butt is not too excited to go exercising, I just had to give it a try. In just a few weeks I already started seeing results. I had to be serious about it and really change my lifestyle, but it’s ok because at least my cellulite isn’t coming back! I can wear the shorts and skirts I used to wear before, and it feels so good!

Not the easiest but defnitely works
posted this review on September 26, 2012

My tummy’s really terrible. It’s got orange peel skin, and although I’m not too fat, it’s quite big for my body. I’ve seen a lot of other fitness and weight loss programs online, but this is the only one that targets fats and cellulite in the tummy, so I got it. it’s been working great for me so far, and a lot of firneds have already commented on how much weight I’ve lost. The best thing is that I lose more fats in the belly area than in other parts of my body, so I’m quite sure that it will be proportionate to my body once my battle with the bulge is over. if you’re looking for an instant remedy, though, this isn’t for you. It takes some time to see results from here, and it also requires work from you! You really need to want to lose all those fasts if you want to see effects.


My baby fat changed to a more feminine, pleasantly-plump look

It’s 4 weeks I got into “Fat burning workouts” and my baby fat changed to a more feminine, pleasantly-plump look. Former exercise methods exhausted me and creams and lotions are costly choices.


My photos now look good!

I’ve suffered varied degrees of weight gain and falls that made my thighs lose shape and wobbly also. My belly was also big enough to draw smirks; thanks that I draw admire smiles nowadays. I never expected results from “Fat burning workouts” to show within a month, other techniques didn’t simply work at all. My photos now look good.


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