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Edwin Botein's AutoPress is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create websites in just a few clicks and a few minutes. If you want to make real money online, the ability to put up websites in just a short time is essential. It covers everything you can think of when it comes to Internet marketing, such as niche articles, csv and datafeeds, private label rights articles, rss feeds, eBay auctions, Amazon products, YouTube videos, and a lot more. With the power of AutoPress in your hands, website building will be one less thing to worry about, so you can focus more on traffic generation, and other ways of monetizing your website.

AutoPress has two versions, the basic version and the pro version. The basic version comes with articles from directories, private label rights articles, datafeeds, rss feeds, Flickr images, YouTube videos, Yahoo Answers, Yahoo News, Twitter, and Clickbank. This package is enough for simple websites that focus more on affiliate maketing. On the other hand, if you want to get deeper into e-commerce, you need the pro version. This one comes  with additional support for eBay auctions, Amazon products,, Linkshare, Shareasale, Groupon Deals, and updated CSV feeds. As an additional upgrade, you can purchase a developer’s license, which will allow you to flip websites made using AutoPress.

All in all, AutoPress is a useful plugin for anyone in the Internet marketing industry. This smart, flexible, and all around plugin will be the last of its kind you will ever need for any business that requires websites and web development. With a bit of creativity, you will definitely find more ways to earn using this plugin.

AutoPress Basic for $67 and AutoPress Pro for $97.
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You'd be crazy not to buy it!
On-Site Review

We found out about the AutoPress plug-in because we'd bought one of Edwin's earlier products, WP AmaNiche.

We'd tried several different Amazon-based auto-posters before, but AmaNiche was by far the best - it worked perfectly and has loads of features that none of the others have (e.g. custom menus, previews of the products it found, automatic price updates, and the most targeted method of finding Amazon products there is). And that's why we're using AmaNiche on many of our sites.

So when Edwin emailed us to say that he was releasing his latest plug-in, AutoPoster, and he showed us the list of features, we were ready to buy even before the demo video was posted.

It's hard to imagine how one plug-in can cram in so many content sources (e.g. Amazon, CJ, ShareASale, LinkShare, articles, RSS, data feed files, and many, many more), and when Edwin says he wants this to be the best plug-in of its kind, we believe him. It probably already is, in fact, but that's clearly not good enough for this guy, who takes over-delivering to a whole new level.

And the support he provides is top notch too - he replies personally and promptly to emails, with none of these outsourced support ticket systems where people take days to answer a question.

We're therefore going to be using AutoPoster on all of our new niche sites from now on.

We can highly recommend AutoPoster (and anything that Edwin creates), and at this price, you'd be crazy not to buy it.

Rae & Mark,

Set a new standard...
On-Site Review

AutoPress by Edwin Boiten has undoubtedly set a new standard in raising the bar for wordpress automation and blog's just been released but already has proven to be light years ahead of it's competitors and will only improve with the lifetime free updates included with purchase.

As an online marketer of 8 years and after receiving high praises from a couple very well respected internet mentors who know Edwins successful history, I decided to purchase AutoPress to include within my arsenal of tools. I can now honestly say it's been one of the top 3 products I've purchased in my 8 years online...and believe me, if you only knew how many products I've purchased and tried over the years.

This plugin is a true "Technical Masterpiece", "Innovative and Cutting Edge", "Diamond in the Rough", and "High Quality in every way from A-Z"

Everything about this plugin is first rate....the plugin functionality, updates, forum support, PDF's and training videos. It's amazing that a plugin with so many features(and new ones added all the time) can be so simple to use. But then again I'm sure thats how Edwin designed this baby....user friendly with all the complex functions happening automatically behind the scenes.

As you can probably tell I can't say enough about AutoPress...if you decide to get AutoPress yourself I guarantee you'll feel the same. In addition to the plugin itself, I quickly learned that Edwin Boiten is one of the nicest and most responsive guys in the industry. It's obvious he cares about his customers and wants them to succeed. His email support is next to none and he listens and implements suggetions quickly. As you've all probably heard before...."This is a real no brainer"

Gary Pettit

I am extremely happy...
On-Site Review

I really believe that Edwin has done it again! I am an extremely happy user of one of his previous Amazon Wordpress Plugins and when he asked me to check out AutoPress, I was very happy too. I've been a long time user of other autoblogging Plugins and I found that Edwin is bringing some interesting features to the table that will rival his competitors. Things like being able to access and probe the Google Wonderwheel, is a great feature to be sure! Also, some of the advanced spinning techniques are really great. So, if you've been thinking of entering into autoblogging you should definitely consider AutoPress!

Frank Thomas,

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