Steve Roy

Steve Roy is a stand-up comedienne and highly-acclaimed author of comedy books. He is a retired Navy veteran, but his career in stand-up comedy began way back when he was still in service.

Just like most people who are starting out in the entertainment industry, Steve struggled for 9 whole months. He almost quit his dream of becoming a stand-up comedienne, until he developed his Killer Stand-up Comedy System, which allowed him to write his materials without relying on standard joke writing techniques.

Soon, Steve became one of the leading stand-up comedians on stage. He became an expert in material development ad performance enhancement.

After retiring from stand-up comedy he focused on helping other comedians develop their speaking style. He ensures that they can deliver funny lines with confidence in front of any kind of audience. As a trainer, he learned a lot more about going from zero to hero when it comes to stand-up comedy.

Steve also got into the Internet business, since he wants to help other people gain access to his knowledge in making people laugh. He wrote several materials on comedy including The Killer Stand-up Comedy System and Stand-up Comedy Fast Start Guide. He quit live performances for good in 2005, and focused his full attention on his writing.

Back in 2003, he invented a patent pending evaluation software system for comedians and speaking professionals. His Comedy Evaluator Pro is meant to help improve the performance of anyone who wants to learn stand-up comedy. This work has been featured in the new stand-up comedy documentary, I Am Comic, which was presented at the Slamdance Film Festival in January of 2010.

Steve’s other achievements in the field of comedy include winning the Camp Pendleton Comedy Contest and headlining 600-1500 seat venues in Southern California.


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