Sharda Baker

Sharda Baker is a renowned eBook and article writer about dogs and dog care. She has a specific guide for most popular breeds, which newbie and longtime dog lovers will find helpful. Aside from dog care, her eBooks also touch topics like dog training and choosing the best products for dogs. Her biggest passion in life is taking care of dogs, and she is blessed with the opportunity to earn a fulltime living from it.

Some of Sharda’s breed-oriented dog care guides that are currently available online are Golden Retriever Guide, Guide To The Lhasa Apso, Border Collie Complete Guide, and Bichon Frise Dog Ebook And Audio Package. Most of these products came from her personal experience with these breeds, as well as the experiences of other dog enthusiasts around her.

Aside from these guides, Sharda also has other works that discuss general dog care and dog training. The Complete Dog Potty Training In 7 Day Guide – A Proven Product!, The Complete Dog Food & Nutrition Guide – Ebooks & Audio Package, and Dog Grooming Ebook & Audio Collection are just some of her works under this category. These feature time-tested methods in ensuring that dogs live happy lives with their owners.

Sharda’s products are built around her core belief that it is every dog (or any other animal) owner’s responsibility to ensure that they meet the needs of their dogs.


DIY Dog Training by Sharda Baker
(15 votes)
Do It Yourself (DIY) Training by Sharda Baker shows you how you can train your dog by yourself from the comfort of your home. The guide offers step-by-step solutions to all the common dog behavior problems. It covers barking, separation anxiety, potty problems, aggression management, problems with walking on a leash, basic and advanced obedience training. The DIY guide also includes crate...
(8 votes)
Complete Guide to Your Dog’s Nutrition is an easy-to-follow ebook that covers everything you need to know about healthy diet for your dog. The guide includes an overview of 12 best commercial dog foods that are available on the market today. In the Complete Guide to Your Dog’s Nutrition you will learn how to understand the labels on dog food, specific feeding instructions, diets for...
(6 votes)
Do you love your dog but hate the mess he or she makes? Are you tired of cleaning up after your best friend? Do you want to potty train your dog in less than a week? If you answered "yes" to these questions, then The Quick & Easy Foolproof Potty Training Dog Guide is what you've been waiting for. The Quick & Easy Foolproof Potty Training Dog Guide will show you how to housebreak...
(8 votes)
If you own or are thinking about owning a Bichon Frise, there are very important things you need to know about this unique dog breed in order to make sure your pet is happy, healthy and well-behaved. That's where Insiders Guide To A Happy, Healthy & Well Behaved Bichon Frise will help you. Bichons do require special care, but it's not very hard to learn. Once you learn to give this cuddly,...
(4 votes)
Discover the easy, fun, inexpensive and earth-friendly way of grooming your dog in The Secrets To Easy Dog Grooming. This e-book, by dog owner Sharda Baker, contains top-notch dog grooming information that will help you save time and money. With The Secrets To Easy Dog Grooming, you'll learn tips, steps and techniques for making your dog look beautiful and keeping him or her in top physical and...
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