Russell Brunson

Russell Brunson is a successful web marketer from Boise, Idaho. He started out in Internet marketing when he was in college, and now he has already lunched the program called 12 Mont Internet Millionaire. A year after finishing college, he has earned more than a million dollars from his online products. He is also a software developer and a renowned public speaker.

12 Month Internet Millionaire came from Vincent James’ work. When Russell was on a cruise with his wife, he read James’ book and applied his wealth building tactics. Using these strategies, he made more than $50 million dollars upon turning 28.

When Russell launched his 12 Month Internet Millionaire program a few years back, it quickly climbed to the top of Clickbank’s bestsellers list. It held the number 1 spot for quite some time, which prompted Russel to release 12 Month Internet Millionaire 2.0. His new program was reinforced with hours of audio, and more strategies for Internet success. Also, he backed the new program with a 14-day access to his private membership site, and a phone call for a customized consultation with a millionaire development coac.

Aside from his program, Russell is also known online as the founder and president of his multimillion-dollar business, DotComSecrets. Here, he provides people with strategic ways to make money online. His program includes various resources, such as private coaching, online membership groups, and webinars.


12 Month Internet Millionaire by Russell Brunson and Vince James
(14 votes)
The 12 Month Internet Millionaire is an audio course on internet marketing. It consists of six-hour coaching sessions with marketing expert Vincent James. The lessons are in mp3 format, so you can download them immediately and later listen to them whenever you want to. All lessons come with transcripts in pdf format. 12 Month Internet Millionaire is a get-rich-quick course. The author, Brunson,...
20 Minute Payday by Russell Brunson
(6 votes)
Do you want to make money online without spending hours in front of your computer and exerting a lot of effort? Well, that is possible. And Russell Brunson will show you how his two friends, Xan and Jenn Spencer, have done it by using an automated system that they discovered after joining and winning Russell's contest called, $100,000,000 Challenge. You will discover everything about this simple...
Grinch by Russell Brunson
(3 votes)
Russell Brunson's Grinch is a package loaded with products that you can use for your online business. If you are serious about marketing on the Internet, then this package is a must-have for you. The Grinch contains the Invisible Squeeze Pages Software; the Instant OTO Software; the 24 Hour Affiliate; the Affiliate Product Formula that will teach you how to quickly create your own product as an...
Micro Continuity by Russell Brunson
(4 votes)
Are you looking to make a real income online? Regardless of your Internet marketing knowledge, skills, and experience, there is a chance for you to succeed. If a stay-at-home mom named Joy Anderson, was able to do it, so can you. Joy is not a marketing guru yet she was able to make more than $13,000 in one month just by giving away free CDs. Discover how Joy managed to do it in Micro Continuity....
Instant Traffic Systems by Russell Brunson
(9 votes)
Do you have a website, product, or service that you want to promote? Are you looking for a way to get visitors and customers to come to your website? Have you been wondering where can you get the traffic that you need to generate sales and profits so you can succeed online? If you've answered 'yes' to those questions, then Instant Traffic Systems by Russell Brunson is a great resource...
Internet Marketing Illuminati by Russell Brunson
(10 votes)
How would you like to be part of the hidden society of online millionaires? As an Internet marketer, you would think that's amazing, especially if you've been marketing online for some time now, but still don't succeed. It's an opportunity nobody would want to miss. But how can this be possible? There really are some people rising in the ranks of Internet marketing in multiple...
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