Jeff Staniforth

Jeff Staniforth is a world renowned motivational and self-help expert. He is also a famous metaphysical scientist who has helped thousands of people worldwide achieve their desires. Since Jeff focuses on philosophical, psychological, and spiritual factors, his teaching approach becomes more empowering and effective than others.

Jeff has created a number of resources that help people manifest their wants, set goals, and put the power of their mind to work. Back in 1994, he established the company Affirmware to help people make their dream lives come true.

Upon establishing Affirmware, Jeff released his affirmations and goal-setting software, Sculptor 3. The unique software utilizes 7 processes, such as visualization, affirmations, subliminal techniques, and a lot more. Jeff designed his unique software to bypass the conscious mind, and target the subconscious directly. These methods ultimately help users improve their lives and reach their fullest potential. Since its release, Sculptor 3 has been a mainstay in New-Age bookstores in Australia, and has been used in mind, body and soul conferences. It has also been downloaded by thousands of users all over the world.

Following the success of Sculptor 3, Jeff released other online resources that are meant to free the mind. Some of these resources are WealthBible, SubliminalEzy, and HypnosisEzy. These resources carry the same tested and proven principles of Sculptor 3, but are used for different purposes.

Aside from his eBooks, Jeff is also a well-known article writer of free resources online. His motivational writings can be accessed in different public websites for free.


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Sculptor 3 affirmations software was develop by a metaphysical scientist Jeff Staniforth. It uses 7 different processes (like affirmations, visualization, sentence completion and subliminal technology) to help you change your life and reach your maximum potential. Sculptor 3 uses computerization to amplify the power of affirmations. It is designed to, quite literally, bypass your conscious mind...
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