Georgette Pann

Georgette Pann is certified boot camp trainer, fitness trainer, and sports nutritionist. She is one of the top females when it comes to boot camp operations, since she has 20 years of experience in the industry. Back when Georgette was starting out, there were very few boot camps all over the world, and none in their area. She, along with a business partner, decided that it is the right path to take in their fitness career.

Even before becoming a fitness professional, Georgette already had some pretty impressive qualifications when it comes to training and fitness. She has a BS Physical Education degree, and a an Associates in Physical Therapist assistant. She also has a number of health and fitness certificates under her name including ACE Personal Trainer, SCW Sports Nutrition, NESTA Outdoor Fitness and EZ8 Runner, and FiTour Certified Bootcamp Instructor.

Georgette set up a fitness company, NutriFitness LLC, which she personally runs with Tammy Greear. The website has a ton of weight loss and fitness resources that are either paid or for free. It has workout and health programs for people of all ages, sizes and body conditions. The resources range from articles to videos, depending on the trainees’ preference.

Aside from the resources in her fitness website, Georgette sells other workout eBooks, including Sure Results: Ultimate Book Of Boot Camp Workouts and The Sure Victory: Fitness BootCamp Kit. She also runs a community for fitness boot camp trainers, The Fitness Bootcamp Inner Circle. Other boot camp resources from Georgette include Customized Fitness Bootcamp Marketing Materials and Athletic Bootcamp Kit.


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The Sure Victory: Fitness BootCamp Kit is an effective resource for starting and managing your own fitness boot camps. This package of 4 ebooks is based on conditioning techniques of the U.S. military and the practices of the most successful fitness boot camps in the country. Inside Sure Victory guides you'll learn how to organize boot camps, attract clients, perform the actual...
Sure Results: Ultimate Book Of Boot Camp Workouts by Georgette Pann, Beth Middlekauff and Tracey Rodriguez
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Sure Results: Ultimate Book of Bootcamp Workouts Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 is an e-book that includes more than 260 workout techniques developed by experienced and elite fitness trainers from all over the world. If you are in the fitness industry and find that you don't have enough workouts to offer your clients, then this is the right book for you. It features ready-made, tested, and proven workouts...
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