Gary Nugent

Gary Nugent is a marketing professional, technology business developer, and self-confessed beer and scotch lover. He started out in the online marketing business back in 1997, but wasn’t too serious with until 3 years ago.

Gary setup and ran his own software contracting business for 10 years. Some of the companies he has worked with are IBM, Banks, And The European Space Agency. Although Gary was an independent contractor, he remained responsible to report for the clients he worked for, and as a result, he was constantly a part of office politics. Also, even if he had a flexible schedule, he was still required to commute to the office and complete 8 hours everyday.

In 2004, Gary decided to setup his own Internet/affiliate marketing business. He was very good at building websites, so it wasn’t difficult for him. Before long, he already had his first site running, and then followed it up with a few more. His longest running website, the Night Sky Observer, has been up since 1997.

At that time, he did become successful selling his own software products, but traffic generation remained a challenge for him. He relied mostly on Adwords, but ended up losing, so he never worked on it again. He has also tried AutoSurfs, High Yield Investment Portfolios, online poker, and a lot other money-making schemes that were hot at that time.

After playing around with the Internet, he decided to get serious with it, so he put up Home Based Business Directory, which is a site that provides information for different aspects of affiliate marketing and other online earning opportunities. After its success, he launched a few more websites and digital products including Internet Marketing Help, Site Builder Elite, Affiliate AdWizard, and Clickbank Elite.


Site Builder Elite by Gary Nugent
(8 votes)
Site Builder Elite by Gary Nugent will allow you to quickly create large websites, containing hundreds or even thousands of pages, which are optimized for your chosen keywords and are showing your Adsense ads. These pages are dynamic and completely unique. They are optimized for search engines (with titles, descriptions and metatags) and feature RSS content that is related to your keywords. Gary...
Clickbank Elite by Gary Nugent
(5 votes)
Clickbank Elite is a software program that will tell you which are the hottest products on the Clickbank marketplace to promote. All you need to do is select some parameters and you'll get a list of popular products. You no longer have to spend hours and hours searching Clickbank's marketplace to locate the most sought-after items. You can use Clickbank Elite and save lots of time.  In...
Affiliate AdWizard by Gary Nugent
(4 votes)
Gary Nugent's Affiliate AdWizard is a must-have product for all of you affiliate marketers looking for an easy way to advertise your affiliate products and links. With this revolutionary software, you can earn a great income from AdSense and also monetize your web sites, sales pages and newsletters.  You can definitely make the most of your virtual real estate with Affiliate AdWizard. This...
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