Eric Holmlund

Eric Holmlund is an online entrepreneur, artist, copywriter, and business consultant. He has written a number of resources on various topics including trading, online business, and affiliate marketing. Some of his most popular works are Trading Pro System, Affiliate Video Brander, and The Secret Classroom, which he co-created with David Vallieres, Michael Nicholas, and Joel Comm.

Eric is involved in a number of online businesses. He has earned millions of dollars from his online endeavors, and has also engaged in video and music production. On his personal website,, he offers services like copywriting, production, and consulting. His consultancy service includes starting a business, affiliate marketing, niche selection, and product development.

Since becoming successful online, Eric started giving back to the Internet community by going on mission trips and running for a non-profit online prayer ministry.

Offline, Eric is an artist who sees beauty in everything around him. He uses art as a form of self expression, and embraces it in its many different forms. Apart from this, he enjoys running windsurfing, eating ethnic foods, fishing, traveling, playing the musical instrument called hang, and spending some time with his wife.

At home, Eric is a child of God, a follower of Christ, a husband of one, and a father of five. He is a devoted Christian who loves helping other people. He considers it his life’s mission to love and serve his family.


Affiliate Video Brander by Eric Holmlund & Michael Nicholas
(9 votes)
Affiliate Video Brander is a software program, developed by Eric Holmlund & Michael Nicholas, which will enable you to brand videos with your own affiliate links. You can use this software on videos that you make yourself or on videos that were created by the product’s vendor. This is a great, easy-to-use tool that will greatly increase your affiliate sales, while simultaneously...
Trading Pro System by David Vallieres and Eric Holmlund
(5 votes)
Trading Pro System is a complete video course that will show you how to make profit from trading stocks and options. The package contains 41 video tutorials that feature over 24 hours of training. Trading Pro System videos are grouped into several modules: 1. Introduction to trading as a business & trading with confidence Helps you acquire the skills and knowledge, required to be a successful...
Push Button Marketer by Eric Holmlund & Micah Stover
(8 votes)
Push Button Marketer is a software package you can use to make your online business run on autopilot. Developers Eric Holmlund & Micah Stover came up with this software so you don't have to deal with the frustration of repeating the same tasks again and again. This software can automate a number of your online tasks, including e-mail handling, writing content, checking statistics, building...
Source Code And PLR Package by Eric Holmlund & Jeff Alderson
(3 votes)
Did you know that you don't need your own product to have a successful online business? Yes, it's possible for you to make lots of cash and succeed online by buying and selling private label rights products. All you need to do is take an existing product, tweak its source code, and turn it into a new product and a six-figure business. The Source Code And PLR Package will help you achieve that...
The Secret Classroom by Joel Comm & Eric Holmlund
(8 votes)
The Secret Classroom is definitely a unique product. It all started when Joel Comm and Eric Holmlund decided that they wanted to be the first to create a completely on-line reality show. They called it “The Next Internet Millionaire” and the idea behind the show was that they would take ordinary people, with no prior Internet marketing experience, and transform them into successful...
Real Coaching Club by Jeff Wellman, Eric Holmlund, Paul Counts
(19 votes)
Are you fed up with loads of the so-called ‘guru’ tactics and methods that are confusing altogether? Do you feel tired of the auto-systems and scams? Now you don’t need to plunge into heaps and heaps of e-books, blogs, or videos and simply throw your hands in the air out of frustration and info-overload. Such days are over. The Real Coaching Club will tell you straight up how to...
Instant Product Engine by Eric Holmlund and Naveed Peerzade
(4 votes)
Discover how you can create profit-pulling unique products and make real, serious money online with Instant Product Engine by Eric Holmlund & Naveed Peerzade. If you think product creation is difficult, time-consuming, and expensive, this revolutionary program can twist that belief. Because this simple yet powerful program will do the entire process for you…on autopilot. With Instant...
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