Carol Foster

Carol Foster is an ovarian cyst sufferer and author of the eBook, Ovarian Cyst Miracle. In her eBook, she shares how she personally dealt with ovarian cyst, and how she was able to completely eliminate it.

Carol discovered her condition when she was 31 years old. She was living life at its fullest at that time, keeping herself busy with the children and with her responsibilities at work. Sometimes, she’d find time for her spouse, but due to the demands of her lifestyle, that wasn’t too often. Being a modern woman, she handled stress well, and felt in total control of her life.

However, one evening, her life changed completely. On a dinner with friends, she suddenly felt a sharp stabbing pain in the lower portion of her abdomen. Little did she know that it was the start of her long and painful battle with ovarian cyst. Weeks later, the other symptoms of her condition kicked in. She had severe bloating, missed periods, and painful sex.

Carol jumped from one doctor to another looking for someone who could ease her pain. A few trips later, she was asked to undergo tests, and they found out that a small ovarian cyst was the culprit. However, the diagnosis did little to ease her suffering. After being given birth control pills and pain killers, she was merely watched to monitor her condition. The pain was rising and there she was simply hoping for the best.

After the observation period, Carol was told that the only way to cure here would be through a surgery. She dismissed that idea, since she did not want to go under the knife, and decided to take matters into her own hands.

Carol did her own research and went through 14 years of trial and error, until she found a complete cure for her chronic recurring ovarian cyst. She read all the materials she could get her hands on and worked with all sorts of natural medicine practioners. Ovarian Cyst Miracle is the culmination of everything she learned through her long, painful, yet fulfilling battle with ovarian cyst.


Ovarian Cyst Miracle by Carol Foster
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Ovarian Cyst Miracle introduces a holistic, 3-step system that helps cure ovarian cysts and eliminate the symptoms of polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) permanently within 2 months. This system is safe for women with very large ovarian cysts, women who have endometriosis, menopausal women and women who have dermoid cysts or multiple cysts. If you suffer from this condition, Ovarian Cyst Miracle...
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